August 30, 2005

Mission Critical Unmanned specializes in providing autonomous unmanned aircraft

Mission Critical Unmanned specializes in providing autonomous unmanned aircraft and aviation infrastructure to agencies and organizations with exacting data needs, but lacking aviation expertise. When fully operational, UASTD will comprise a camera payload in an unmanned aerial vehicle, flying...
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Northrop Grumman Wins U.S. Navy Contract to Study Maritime Surveillance Concepts

'Northrop Grumman has won one of several contracts from the U.S. Navy to study and recommend solutions to the service's requirement for an around-the-clock, worldwide maritime surveillance capability. The study contract, named Persistent Unmanned Maritime Airborne Surveillance (PUMAS), is...
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August 29, 2005

BAE Systems Australias JP129 Tactical UAV boosted by recent US Army decisions

'BAE Systems Australias JP129 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solution has been given a boost thanks to recent contract awards made by the US Army. AAI Corporation, a lead partner on BAE Systems JP129 team has been awarded a...
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August 28, 2005

Iran says wreckage of UAV crash found

'A plane without pilot crashed in a mountainous area in the west of Iran and its carcass was found by the Iranian armed forces. According to a daily newspaper of the country, it is undoubtedly about a spy plane....
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Top gun in UAV training: Fort Huachuca is now the home of the world's largest UAV facility

'FORT HUACHUCA - This Southern Arizona Army post now boasts the world's largest unmanned aerial vehicle training facility. With the ribbon-cutting Friday afternoon officially opening the more than $10 million, 25,000-square-foot UAV System Training Center Annex, there is now...
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Evolution in Unmanned Vehicles

Red Nova has a good article on the Evolution in Unmanned Vehicles: 'Specialized unmanned vehicles continue to emerge, for use on land, at sea, and in the air Unmanned ground vehicles like the Talon, shown here equipped with an...
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Beale's Global Hawk mission extends worldwide

Airman with the 12th Reconnaissance Squadron here are part of the Air Force's only operational Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle unit. The $35-million Global Hawk is used to provide Air Force and joint battlefield commanders near real-time, high-resolution intelligence,...
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August 25, 2005

A-160: Test Flight Incident Under Investigation

'An A-160 Hummingbird, a rotary wing UAV prototype lost power coming into land in Victorville, Calif last Thiursday. Sources said the engine shut down prematurely duirng the approach phase following a successful long-endurance flight. The accident is under investigation.'...
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Northrop Grumman Unveils Newest Target For U.S. Navy

'Northrop Grumman has unveiled its BQM-74F which is the U.S. Navy's next-generation subsonic aerial target that can fly longer distances at much higher speeds and with increased maneuverability than before. Aerial targets are the Navy's most realistic means of...
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August 24, 2005

Teledyne Awarded FCS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Contract

'Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) todayannounced that Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc., was one of threecompanies awarded a multi-million dollar contract by The BoeingCompany (NYSE:BA), the Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) for the U.S.Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program, for phase one...
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Airborne Drones, Mimicking Gulls, Alter Wing Shape For Agility

'The military's next generation of airborne drones won't be just small and silent they'll also dive between buildings, zoom under overpasses and land on apartment balconies. At least, that's what University of Florida engineers are working toward. Funded...
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Japan plans high-speed plane launch

'Japan's space agency plans to launch an arrow-shaped aeroplane at twice the speed of sound high over the Australian Outback as early as next month in a test of the country's push to develop a supersonic successor to the...
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Taiwan wants to arm tactical UAV

'Government-controlled CSIST unveils Chung Shyang II mock-up and hopes to develop strike version for military. Taiwans Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) has unveiled a new tactical unmanned air vehicle and hopes to develop a strike version...
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August 23, 2005

Special Operations Command Get Predator UAV Squadron

'SOCOM (Special Operations Command), is getting its own Predator squadron. Normally, a Predator Squadron has twelve MQ-1 Predators assigned to it. The number of troops assigned varies, depending on how intensively the Predators will be used. SOCOM is gearing...
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Predator UAV Fleet Coming to Ellington

Twelve Predator UAVs will be coming to Ellington in Texas to replace the current fleet of F-16 aircraft present there now. The Predators will be used to patrol the Texas cost as well as watching the Mexican border for illegal...
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August 22, 2005

Forest officials test civilian spy planes to fight wildfires

'Firefighters across the West are getting a high-tech ally in their battle against wildland flames: A remote-controlled spy plane that doesn't mind smoke, can see in the dark and never sleeps. Scientists have been testing whether flocks of the...
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Proxy Aviation Systems Unveils SkyWatcher at UAV Demo

Proxy Aviation Systems has unveiled the SkyWatcher unmanned aircraft system. The SkyWatcher is designed for long endurance, low and medium altitude, multi-payload intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The SkyWatcher system consists of four main components: highly autonomous air vehicles;...
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August 21, 2005

The General in a Hurry Now Buying German Spy Planes for Millions

'After failing to push through a dubious $85 million deal for night vision equipment for tanks from a French company in late June, as the deal was exposed in time by the South Asia Tribune, the same ambitious top...
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August 19, 2005

Unmanned aircraft capabilities expanding in war on terrorism

'Once used only for remote reconnaissance, unmanned aircraft technology has rapidly evolved in recent years. Such systems now feature strike capabilities and are being used for force-protection and signals-collection missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unmanned aerial systems have helped...
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Pentagon renames UAVs Unmanned Aerial 'Systems'

'The military has begun informally referring to unmanned aerial systems rather than vehicles, a change that will soon become official and in part is designed to stress the idea that the aircraft are just one facet in a complex...
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Indoor Mini UAV Steers Itself

'Swiss researchers have built a robotic aircraft with an 80-centimeter wingspan that flew indoors for about four minutes, detecting walls and automatically turning away from them, thanks to two one-gram cameras, a gyroscope, and a small microcontroller onboard. Why...
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Australia investigates many different UV avenues

'Australia's future military operations will be supported by forces of robots and unmanned vehicles which will be highly integrated and controlled by defence personnel from a distance, Defence Minister Robert Hill said today. Speaking at the opening of the...
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August 16, 2005

Cyber Defense Systems commences shipment of CyberbugTM UAVs

Cyber Defense Systems, Inc., a designer and developer of next generation unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) and an operating subsidiary of Proxity, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PRXT), today announced it has begun shipment of the CyberBugTM to both US and international...
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Customised Fireant UAV touted in Taipei

'Taiwanese companies Pegasus Aviation and Space Tek signed a partnership agreement at Taipei Aerospace Defence Technology Exhibition (TADTE) with Taiwans Aerospace Industrial Defence Corporation (AIDC) to offer a micro unmanned air vehicle to Taiwanese military and civilian customers....
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Northrop Grumman's Fire Scout UAV Demonstrates Communication, Imagery-Relay and Logistic Capabilities

Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE: NOC) MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) completed data and image relay, video transmissions and supplied delivery to a remote location during a series of tests and demonstrations Aug. 1-3 at Arizona's Yuma Proving...
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August 15, 2005

Unmanned remote sensing aircraft takes flight

'China's first high-end and multi-functional remote sensing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made its successful test flight on Monday in Huangguoshu Airport, Anshun City, southwest China's Guizhou Province. The remote sensing system, jointly developed by Peking University and Guizhou Aviation...
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Surveillance technique taking flight

'The noisy little plane sitting on the catapult at Camp Atterbury was not much bigger than radio-controlled planes enjoyed by hobbyists. As its gas-powered engine whined before take off Aug. 8, Staff Sgt. Dave Denton joked that its a...
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Four FCS UAV Sub-Contracts Awarded

'Lead Systems Integrators (LSI) Boeing and SAIC awarded four contracts to three premier industry partners for the first phase of development for two classes of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as part of the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS)...
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General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to develop UAVs

'General Atomics Aeronautical Systems recently won a $214 million contract to develop the Army's new unmanned aircraft system. The San Diego-based company, which maintains test sites in the Antelope Valley, already produces the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV,...
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August 13, 2005

General Atomics wins $214 US Army UAV contract

'General Atomics Aeronautical Systems said Monday the US Army had awarded it a $214 million contract to deliver an Extended Range Multi Purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system (ERMP). The contract launches a three-year system development and demonstration programme with...
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Aerosonde launches Mk 3.2 UAV

'Australian UAV company Aerosonde Pty Limited has launched a new version of its highly successful Aerosonde Mk 3 Unmanned Air Vehicle. The Mk 3.2 involves major structural changes, with the wing, fuselage and tail now constructed primarily from pre-impregnated...
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$50M for A-160 Hummingbird UAV Concept Demonstrators

'Boeing Co. subsidiary Frontier Systems Inc. in Irvine, CA received a $50 million ceiling-priced indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract for an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) of the A-160 Hummingbird Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to assess...
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Army awards 'Warrior' long-range UAV contract

'The Army has awarded a $214-million contract for development of an Extended-Range Multi-Purpose unmanned aerial vehicle named the Warrior. The ERMP Warrior will have the longest range of any UAV system in the Army, and its diesel-powered air vehicle...
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August 12, 2005

U.S. loses spy drone as Iraqis make off with wreck

'Iraqis in the northern city Mosul have made off with a top secret American spy plane. The U.S. military in Iraq said in a statement on Thursday that one of its unmanned aerial vehicles -- otherwise known as a...
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Vought Delivers First Enhanced Wing for RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV

'Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. delivered its first enhanced wing to prime contractor Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC) on July 21 for the U.S. Air Force RQ-4B Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle (UAV). This wing was successfully tested to 100 percent limit...
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Taiwan's AIDC To Develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

'The government-owned Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) announced Thursday that it will cooperate with two local companies to develop the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). AIDC Board Chairman Sun Tao-yu made the announcement during the signing of a letter of...
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August 11, 2005

Global Aerial Surveillance Announces Successful Test Flight for Its Wraith XD-04E Drone

'Global Aerial Surveillance (OTC: GARS), a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for both commercial and military applications, announced today that it has successfully flight tested the Wraith XD-04E drone. The Wraith is an all-purpose reconnaissance UAV...
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Northrop Grumman to Deploy Two More Global Hawk UAVs in Global War on Terrorism

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has received a contract from the U.S. Air Force to deploy two production RQ-4A Global Hawk aerial reconnaissance systems early this fall. The air vehicles will join an advanced concept technology demonstration version of the...
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General Atomics nets UAV contract with Army

'In the end, it was between the Warrior and the Hunter. Two companies - General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Northrop Grumman - were betting their aircraft had the capabilities to become the Army's Extended Range Multi-Purpose unmanned aerial vehicle....
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August 10, 2005

Russia to buy submarine rescue vehicles from UK

Russia will buy from Britain two Scorpio underwater rescue vehicles of the type used to rescue a stranded Russian mini-submarine from the Pacific last Sunday, Itar-Tass news agency reported on Tuesday. It took less than four hours for the...
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Northrop Grumman Conducts First Flight of Modernized, Multi-Mission MQ-5B Hunter UAV

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) has taken a significant step toward modernizing the U.S. Army's fleet of Hunter unmanned systems by conducting the first engineering flight of an enhanced, multi-mission variant of the current RQ-5A air vehicle called the...
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August 09, 2005

UK seals Thales UAV deal

'The UK Ministry of Defence and Thales UK have signed the long-awaited 700 million ($1.2 billion) contract for the development, manufacture and initial support of the Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle system. The system is due to come into service...
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Surveillance drones poised for takeoff?

'If Billy Robinson has his way, unmanned spy planes like the ones buzzing above Baghdad may soon be darting around the New York skyline. Robinson's Cyber Defense Systems made a splash earlier this year when it announced a demonstration...
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British UUV saves seven Russians trapped in submarine

In a telephone call to the Defence Secretary John Reid, the Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Ivanov, today paid tribute to the work of the British team in the rescue of the crew of a trapped Russian submersible off the coast...
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August 06, 2005

Failed Pilot Bearing Caused UAV Predator Crash

A failed pilot bearing caused an MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle to crash in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility March 30, according to an Air Force report released Aug. 4. The Predator, assigned to the 57th Wing at...
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University of North Dakota Receives Grant for UAV Projects

The University of North Dakota has received two grants totalling $270,000 (USD) to research unmanned aerial vehicles. The grants came from the Federal Aviation Administration's Center of Excellence for General Aviation. Graduate students and faculty will research the ability of...
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August 04, 2005

WindTracer Breaks New Ground in UAV Market

News Release: CLR Photonics, Inc. -- a world leader in the development of lidar-based remote-sensing solutions designed for airport, meteorological, and homeland security applications -- recently unveiled WindTracer(R) to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market. Making its UAV market debut...
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UAV launched from Submarine

'The first-ever launch of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from a surfaced submarine July 20 was a great success, proving the expanded utility of a technology already being used by United States Marines in Iraq. Despite its small size, the...
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August 03, 2005

AUVSI and ONR's 8th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition

The competition starts today, more details here....
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UAVs - Eternal planes' to watch over us

The BBC has a great article on UAVs as 'Eternal planes' to watch over us: 'But observing Earth from afar is not just about battlefields and spy missions, the type usually done by expensive and heavy craft like the...
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Homeland Security and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

PHX news has a features on Homeland Security and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 'The current generation of unmanned aerial vehicles has been under development for defense applications since the 1980s, and as the Department of Defense transforms its military operations,...
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August 02, 2005

$129M for 48 More RQ-7B Shadow UAVs

'AAI Corporation, the defense subsidiary of United Industrial Corporation, has received a $129 million award from the U.S. Army for 12 additional Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) systems. Each system includes 4 advanced RQ-7B air vehicles, 2 ground...
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Lockheed ready for morphing UAV tests, but waiting for FAA approval

'Flight testing of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works morphing unmanned air vehicle is being held up awaiting approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to fly the radio-controlled subscale model. Repaired after being damaged in high-speed taxi tests in...
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