February 27, 2005

Predator UAV 'Battle Lab' Just North of Las Vegas

'The next time you take a swat at a pesky flying insect, you might want to take a closer look. A new generation of bug-sized robots is being developed by the military, and soon enough they will be in...
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February 25, 2005

Third UAV flight demonstration planned

'The third demonstration of multiple unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems will be held June 27 at the Webster Field Annex of Naval Air Station, Patuxent River. The event will be sponsored by the Program Executive Office for Strike Weapons...
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February 23, 2005

Robo-Copters Get Mean

Defence Tech reports that Robo-copters are getting mean 'For those of you worried that the Defense Department might have decided to bail on the idea of building an armed, robotic helicopter, don't fret. The dream of unmanned killer copters...
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Turkey pushes button for national UAV programme

'As tensions mount between the United States and Iran over Tehran's nuclear activities, there are reports in the U.S. media suggesting that U.S. drones, or unmanned small aircraft, have been carrying out reconnaissance missions over the Islamic republic's territory....
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February 21, 2005

India Has Plans For New Jet, Long-Range UAV

'India is planning to develop a new jet fighter and a long-range version of an unmanned aircraft, defense officials said Feb 11. The Lead-in Jet Fighter is at the drawing board stage and would be a natural progression from...
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PST Announces the UAV-Miniature Surveillance Aircraft and the Aeriel Unmanned Surveillance Paradrone

The UAV and Unmanned Paradrone are to be used as part of an aerial surveillance system of oil refineries and pipelines. Pipelines often traverse difficult terrain and security issues may occur in hard to reach areas. By simply equipping...
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Northrop announces expansion of coast UAV plant

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems announced Friday it will expand its unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing facility that is nearing construction on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Officials broke ground about a year ago for the plant that will produce the Fire...
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February 18, 2005

Hirth launches world's first 45kw lightweight UAV

'Goebler-Hirthmotoren of Benningen, Germany is launching the worlds first 45kw fuel efficient heavy fuel aircraft engine for the global military UAV market. The Hirth heavy fuel aircraft engine project was started in June of 2004 in response to NATOs...
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February 16, 2005

Robotic Bombers Flying Off Carriers

'The U.S. Navy has invested over a billion dollars, so far, in developing combat UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that can operate from aircraft carriers, and replace some of the manned aircraft on carriers. Final design and construction of the...
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February 14, 2005

US UAVs over Iran

By Dawn's Early Light links to an article in the Washington Post on the US usage of UAVs in their watching of Iran's nuclear program from Iran....
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February 13, 2005

Indian Army buying 12 Nishant UAVs for surveillance

'The Indian Army is buying 12 'Nishant' unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for reconnaissance and surveillance operations, while the Indian Air Force has also expressed interest in acquiring the indigenously developed UAV, a top DRDO official said today (Feb 11,...
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February 11, 2005

Northrop Grumman Begins Demo Flights For Army UAV Program

'Northrop Grumman has begun ground and flight demonstrations of the new Hunter II medium altitude endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) it has proposed as the U.S. Army's next generation UAV system. The flights are being conducted at Libby Army...
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February 05, 2005

Swarming UAVs

'Naval engineers are honing in on their goal of developing a swarm of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with the capabilities needed to carry out key reconnaissance and other missions but at a cost low enough to make them...
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February 02, 2005

The Ascent of the Robotic Attack Jet

'Compared to many aeronautical curiosities that have taken wing at NASAs Dryden Flight Research Center at Californias Edwards Air Force Base over the years, the latest military test stunts did not appear very remarkable. Last April, a low-slung aircraft,...
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Vigilante UAV fires rockets while under control of UH-1 command helicopter

'Under the Armed VTOL UAV Technology Integration program, AATD has been using the Vigilante UAV to explore concepts of operation for armed manned-unmanned helicopter teams. UAVs may be used to scout ahead of manned helicopters, finding and watching threats,...
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