January 31, 2005

NASA Biomorphic Explorer UAV Update

'A new NASA Tech Brief Technical Support Package (PDF format, free reg required), has been released containing new details and photos of the NASA initiative to develop insect-inspired flight control systems for UAVs. Among the list of techniques discussed...
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January 30, 2005

Israel chooses American UAV over Indian Lakshya

'Israel is backtracking on its commitment made to India over 'reciprocal procurement' of defence-related items, wavering over the purchase of Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTA), Lakshya, and Advanced Light Helicopter , Dhruv. “The Indian UAV (Lakshya) was one of the...
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January 28, 2005

Bear UAV for the home

'Imagine a world with flying robots buzzing around overhead mapping traffic, or even searching for survivors during a natural disaster. This sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but it is also the basis for research...
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RQ-1 Predator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

'The RQ-1 Predator is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which the U.S. Air Force describes as a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle system. The aircraft can carry, and use, two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. The aircraft has been in use...
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January 23, 2005

Russia completing tests of unmanned spy plane

'The new modification of the Stroy-PD air reconnaissance system, fitted with the Pchela-1K UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle], is about to complete state tests. "The Defence Ministry is expected to return a preliminary conclusion on the feasibility of fielding the...
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January 19, 2005

U.S. Navy May Adjust UAV Plans

'The U.S. Navy is trying to harmonize its unmanned aircraft plans and is preparing to tweak its intelligence system in the coming months in response to guidance issued by the service's top officer. In a message to troops, Adm....
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January 18, 2005

UAV flocks to be operated against terrorists

'Elad Kivelevitch, who is working towards his M.Sc. at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology under the guidance of Dr. Pini Gurfil of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, has developed an innovate and unique method of fighting terrorism, using...
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January 16, 2005

High Altitude Glider Project

'A small, self-guided glider, designed to fly at very high altitudes. The glider is carried up by its tail with a helium weather balloon to altitudes of up to 85,000 feet above sea level, and then released to fly...
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First Flight True UAV Autonomy At Last

'Melbourne, Australia, 6th July 2004. In a world first, truly autonomous, Intelligent Agent-controlled flight was achieved by a Codarra Avatar unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Avatar was guided by a JACKTM intelligent software agent that directed the aircrafts autopilot...
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January 13, 2005

Germany Plans to Offer GCC New UAV

'A leading German defense firm plans to market its new unmanned aerial vehicle to Gulf Cooperation Council members. Rheinmetall Defence Electronics plans to brief Gulf Arab and other potential clients on a new micro UAV for tactical military and...
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January 11, 2005

Boeing Tests Broadband In-Flight Communications For Military UAVs

'Boeing has demonstrated high-speed wireless communications technology developed by Harris aboard the ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) it is producing with The Insitu Group. According to sister publication Defense Daily, the ScanEagle, enabled by Harris Type 1 classified SecNet-11...
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DARPA Losing Control of Killer Drones

'For decades, Pentagon mad science division Darpa as been at the forefront of robotics research -- including, and especially, the development of killer drones. But there are signs that agency's work on armed robotic planes and copters could be...
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January 10, 2005

Honeywell Begins Flight Tests Of New 13-Inch Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

'Honeywell announced last Thursday that it has begun flight testing a new 13-inch autonomous surveillance aircraft that a foot soldier can carry on his back. The flight tests are demonstrating that this aircraft performs as designed and will provide...
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January 07, 2005

Wireless Recon Airplanes

'Netcom announced today that it has been approved by General Atomics to design and develop a Ku-Band Transceiver for the SAR-GMTI communication system, which is designed for the Lynx Fine Resolution Real-time Synthetic Aperture Radar project. A Synthetic Aperture...
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January 06, 2005

L-3 Communications Acquires Tactical UAV Maker

'L-3 Communications announced Wednesday that it completed the acquisition of BAI Aerosystems, a maker of tactical UAVs for the US Marines. The transaction was completed December 21, 2004, financial terms of the were not disclosed. Headquartered in Easton, Maryland,...
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January 05, 2005

U.S. UAV Crashes in Pakistan

'A U.S. military unmanned aerial vehicle crashed in Pakistan over the weekend leading to speculation about why the plane was there. The speculation points squarely to a U.S.-al Qaida showdown. The plane crashed in the tribal region of northwestern...
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January 01, 2005

Firebee Drones - Teledyne Ryan AQM/BQM/MQM

'The Firebee series of targets drones and RPVs (Remotely Piloted Vehicles) is one of the most successful and versatile unmanned aircraft developed so far. The latest versions are still in wide-spread service more than 50 years after the first...
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