December 26, 2004

Robocopters dodge obstacles and each other

University of California is developing technology that will hopefully allow helicopters to fly themselves and negotiate obsticals. 'The Berkeley Aerial Robot (BEAR) project passed a significant milestone earlier this month, when a 130-pound model of a helicopter successfully guided...
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December 22, 2004

India deploys Israeli-made spy drones in IHK

'The Indian army has deployed for the first time Israeli-built spy planes to track freedom fighters in Indian Held Kashmir, officials said. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were first used over the Kishtwar mountain heights in southern Kashmir on December...
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December 20, 2004

UAV sent after militants

'For the first time ever, security forces involved in counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir have pressed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to track down militants in Doda heights of Jammu region. Sources said the UAV was...
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December 19, 2004


'The New York Times is reporting that lawmakers opposed to the highly classified $9.5 billion stealth satellite program alluded to by Senator Rockefeller are arguing that the United States should rely much more heavily on high-flying unmanned aircraft to...
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December 15, 2004

1,500 robotic submarines now tracking the world's oceans

'Scientists' dream of creating a network of floating robots to observe the temperature and salinity of the oceans has now become reality having hit a key milestone, says the Met Office. The international Argo Programme began in 2000 with...
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December 14, 2004

Two Boeing X-45A Unmanned Jets Continue Coordinated Flights

'Two military jets flying together may seem routine, but when they are pilotless, tail-less aircraft, routine goes out the window and science fiction springs to mind. Boeing continued to turn science fiction into reality when two X-45A technology demonstrator...
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UAV technology spurred by its expanding roles

'EXPANDING roles and operational requirements have spurred technology development in almost every aspect of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems, observed Malati Limary, Group Director of the Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE). On the second and concluding day of...
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December 12, 2004

Researchers Experiment With Solar Underwater Robots

'A collaborative group of researchers are conducting experiments with underwater robots at Rensselaer's Darrin Fresh Water Institute (DFWI) on Lake George, N.Y., as part of the RiverNet project, an NSF-funded initiative. The group is working to develop a network...
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December 10, 2004

Robotic planes tested for firefighting

'U.S. engineers working to develop unmanned aerial vehicles that can help detect and fight forest fires. Engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory are testing the use of flocks of small UAVs equipped...
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December 09, 2004

NASA Takes UAV Flight Tests To Idaho Desert Lands

'Hundreds of miles from the legendary California research centers where pioneering aircraft like the supersonic X-1 were put through their paces, National Aeronautics and Space Administration representatives are pushing the envelope in the Idaho desert with a very different,...
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December 08, 2004

Team GoldenEye To Develop Organic Air Vehicle For DARPA

'Aurora Flight Sciences announced today that an industry team it leads has been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for an award under the Organic Air Vehicle - II (OAV-II) competition. The OAV-II program will develop...
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Cost of unmanned aerial vehicle program triples

'Development costs for the Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle program have tripled as the Defense Department has sought additional capabilities for the aircraft resulting in the production of fewer units than originally planned, according to a Government Accountability Office...
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Team GoldenEye to Develop Organic Air Vehicle for DARPA

'Aurora Flight Sciences announced today that an industry team it leads has been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for an award under the Organic Air Vehicle - II (OAV-II) competition. The OAV-II program will develop...
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Global Hawk plan hit

'The Pentagon has embarked on a chancy strategy to quickly roll out a new generation of Global Hawk reconnaissance planes, the Government Accountability Office says in a report released Monday. The GAO wants the Defense Department to delay Global...
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December 02, 2004

Texas to get unmanned aerial vehicle squadron

'The Air Force today announced it's placing a squadron of Predator unmanned aerial vehicles with the Texas Air National Guard. Putting the drones in Texas is an effort by the Air Force to modernize active duty forces, while winnowing...
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December 01, 2004

DARPA kicks off UAV prototype project

'The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded $8.7 million to three vendors to build prototype unmanned aircraft for the Armys Future Force unit. Honeywell International Inc.s defense and space electronics systems unit of Albuquerque, N.M., received $3.9 million;...
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