June 29, 2004

UAV Competition

'Naval Air Station Patuxent River's Webster Field Annex in St. Inigoes once again hosted the student unmanned aerial vehicle competition this past weekend with more than quadruple the number of participants in this year's event as compared to last year....
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Australia Tests UAV - Border Protection

Australia is currently testing a UAV on the Western Australian Coast. 'A small pilotless aircraft equipped with surveillance sensors which can remain aloft for more than 20 hours is being evaluated by Customs Coastwatch off the West Australian coast. Known...
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June 25, 2004

Bird Eye 500 demonstrated by IAI

Israel Aircraft Industries has demonstrated a mini UAV, the Bird Eye 500, in Holland. The Bird Eye 500 is intended to be used for dispersing fires and riots, and has the ability to track either vehicles or individuals. 'The demonstration...
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles tested on Aircraft Carrier

'Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) successfully demonstrated a shipboard mission control system that will allow unmanned combat aerial vehicles to participate safely and autonomously in conventional manned, aircraft-carrier flight operations. The mission control system allows an operator of an unmanned aerial...
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France to spend $200m on UAV 'know how'

France will spend $200m on UAV technology 'know how' with Israel Aircraft Industries. They plan to produce Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles based on Israel Aircraft Industries' Heron/Eagle. 'As part of the agreement, the French defense industries, Dassault Aviation and European...
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European Air Defence and Space Company and Dassault Aviation Partnership on Drones

'The European Air Defence and Space Companyand France's Dassault Aviation have signed a cooperation agreement on the development of drones, or pilotless aircraft, French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie announced on Monday. "EADS and Dassault have signed a founding agreement on...
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Crossbow Integrates GPS with MEMS

' Crossbow Technology Inc. has launched a series of systems that provide navigation, position and leveling information to air and watercraft. The NAV420 series packs MEMS-based accelerometer and gyro clusters with a global positioning satellite receiver and other sensors and...
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June 18, 2004

IAI - France UAV Partnership Hits a Snag

An agreement that was expected this week between Israel Aircraft Industries and the Ministry of Defense in France on a UAV partnership is not likely as parties have hit a snag in negotiations. 'IAI and the Ministry of Defense hoped...
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June 17, 2004

Bird Eye 500 - mini UAV

'srael Aircraft Industries' Malat Division yesterday demonstrated its Bird Eye 500 civilian mini-UAV in Holland. The civilian UAV is intended for use in dispersing fires, mass gatherings, and emergencies. The presentation was made to local industrialists and representatives of rescue...
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June 08, 2004

Hunter UAV watches over D Day Ceremonies

UAV Online reports that a Hunter UAV was a used in the security coverage of ceremonies held on Normandy beaches this week. D Day commemorations were watched from above by an Israel Aircraft Industries Hunter....
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June 07, 2004

Predator UAV

The Predator is a similar UAV to the Global Hawk. It relies upon a human controller and long runways. It is 27 feet in length and costs around $4.5 million (US) to manufacture. It is a mid-wing monoplane with...
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UAVs Patrol Border

Here is an interesting report outlining the use of UAVs and Drones in Border Protection. 'Two Israeli-made Hermes drones leased by the Border Patrol are due to take to the air this summer to help agents spot, track, seize �...
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June 04, 2004

Predator UAV Article

This article on the Predator UAV is an interesting one - worth the read. 'The awkward killer ---like the birds it mimics -- begins as a shell, an oblong, egg-like cylinder of fiberglass and resin with aerodynamic hollows for computer...
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June 02, 2004

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Picture

A Predator on Patrol - From another angle. Source...
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