May 30, 2004

More UAV Applications in Alaska

'Remote-controlled planes (UAVs) are taking on multiple roles in Alaska. Four Army Shadow 200s will join the Stryker Brigade Combat team at Fort Wainwright this summer. And other Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being put to work around the state,...
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May 29, 2004

Singapore and Israel develop UAVs

It seems that the unlikely pairing of Singapore and Israel have been working for a number of years together on developing UAVs. 'The latest UAV by the two companies was the Golden Eagle. This has been termed a mini-UAV for...
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Shadow 200 UAV

This is another interesting report on the use of Shadow 200 UAV. 'Each system comes with four 300-pound aircraft and two ground-control stations. Soldiers can control the aircraft up to 40 miles away. It can stay in the air up...
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May 28, 2004

Shadow 200 UAV used in Alaska

'The Shadow 200 TUAV is a pilotless plane that has been used on spy missions in Iraq since arriving there a year ago. Now it's finding a home base in Alaska and other posts as unmanned aerial vehicles play an...
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May 21, 2004

Nasa Wants UAVs In Our Skies

NASA working on integrating robot craft into nation's airspace 'NASA said Thursday it is launching a program that could have robot planes and conventional piloted aircraft routinely and safely sharing civil airspace by 2008. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are...
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Israel Develops Large UAV

Little Green Footballs picks up this interesting story about Israel Developing Large UAVs the size of jet fighters. 'TEL AVIV � The Israel Air Force plans to procure a large and long-range unmanned air vehicle that resembles a fighter-jet. The...
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May 19, 2004

UAVs in Natural Disasters

The Inovations Report has an interesting article on how UAVs are being used to help fight fires and other natural disasters. 'These UAVs can be used in aerial missions including natural disasters remediation, traffic and environmental monitoring, surveillance, security and...
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May 18, 2004

Underwater Drone Found

We can all stop worrying and sleep easy at night again. The underwater drone that the Navy lost last week has just been found. Gizmodo reports that they have found it about 200 miles away from where it was lost....
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May 17, 2004

Wales at Heart of UAV Sector

Wales has just been thrust into the middle of the UK's growing UAV business with a �21million investment. 'A ground breaking event marked the start of work on ParcAberporth � a 50 acre high technology park where a major focus...
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Canadian UAV Grounded

In the latest of in a series of problems facing the Canadian UAV team in Kabal their UAV has been grounded by a mechanical problem with its launcher this week. 'After four accidents and several other technical holdups, the French-made...
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May 14, 2004

Cash for Robotics

'PITTSBURGH � Researchers in robotics have traditionally faced two debilitating obstacles: terribly expensive parts and difficulty attracting funding from anyone outside of a small corps of true believers. But robotics experts see a "perfect storm" heading their way, thanks in...
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May 13, 2004

Robot Blog

Robot Blog has kindly linked to us today - thanks for that. Looks like an interesting blog on all things Robotics....
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Unmanned Vehicles Talks

Robohub reports that there will be increased communication bewteen the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Unmanned Ground Vehicle communities after recent successes in Iraq. ''We want to look at what each can bring to the other,' said Cliff Hudson, programme manager...
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May 12, 2004

Holy UAV

Here is a novel application for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that I'd never considered before. 'Researchers have sent up a mini-airship inside one of Britain's most ancient cathedrals to inspect stained-glass windows and inaccessible stonework. The meter-long radio-controlled craft carried...
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May 10, 2004

Boeing acquires Rotary Wing UAV: A-160

Rotorhub reports that Boeing has bought Frontier Systems which consequentially gives it a Rotary Wing UAV (Unmanned Helicopter) - the A-160. 'Boeing Phantom Work's acquisition of Frontier Systems gives it an ummanned helicopter design featuring confirmed and unusually parsimonius fuel...
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May 08, 2004

Canada Purchases UAV System

Canada have just made the decision to buy a Silver Fox Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system. 'As part of its continuing exploration into the potential utility of uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs), the Canadian Forces (CF) recently purchased the Silver Fox mini...
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May 07, 2004

Have you seen this Autonomous Underwater Vehicle?

One of the downsides of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and their on land and underwater counterparts is that from time to time they tend to go 'walk about'. Last month we saw reports of a runaway US UAV that...
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May 05, 2004

Boeing acquires Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Maker

'The Boeing Co. has acquired Irvine, Calif.-based Frontier Systems Inc., which develops the A-160 Hummingbird and Maverick unmanned aerial vehicles.... Frontier's technologies add to Boeing's capabilities in unmanned systems, including the Joint Unmanned Combat Air System X-45, ScanEagle and others...
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May 03, 2004

Australian Spending on UAVs Blows Out

Australia's The Age newspaper reports that the Australian federal government is planning on spending $1billion on Global Hawk UAVs which it points out are in the habit of crashing. 'The Sydney Morning Herald said four of the seven prototypes for...
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May 01, 2004

Pakistan and Turkey to invest in UAVs

NewKerala reports that Pakistan and Turkey look likely to partner with one another in the production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles....
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