Search Engine Optimization Tips SEO Tips Information and News: Free Search Engine Optimization Advice en-us 2006-03-29T08:52:39+10:00 Top trends in Internet marketing strategy 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Usability Testing of Websites 3. Optimized Press Releases 4. Business Blogging 5. RSS and syndication Read more at Top trends in Internet marketing strategy... Search Engine News Darren 2006-03-29T08:52:39+10:00 Typical Websites Not Search Engine Optimized Finds Study 'According to a recent study, more than 60% of websites lack the proper web programming to be ranked properly by Internet search engines. According to the Front Page Public Relations report, websites, in many cases, do not contain the... Search Engine News Darren 2006-03-28T08:34:31+10:00 Stop Wasting Money on SEM 'While it may seem obvious to many of us in the industry (The so-called veterans) it may not be that obvious to all. That is, no matter what rankings you achieve or how much you are spending on your... SEO Tips Darren 2006-03-13T16:49:12+10:00 5 steps to a perfectly optimized web page Rob Sullivan writes a helpful post titled 5 steps to a perfectly optimized web page which gives some good solid SEO tips. Here's part of the first of the five tips: 'As with any marketing campaign the first step... SEO Tips Darren 2005-09-20T22:19:57+10:00 Approaches to Search Engine Optimization What type of search engine optimization are you looking for? A holistic approach, or something more aggressive? Learn more about these SEO philosophies at SEO Philosophy: Naturalists vs. Eugenists.... SEO Tips 2005-08-23T10:53:26+10:00 Click Fraud Information Inc. magazine has a sobering report on click fraud: So Many Clicks, So Few Sales.... Search Engine News 2005-08-11T07:08:36+10:00 Jupitermedia Sells Search Engine Watch & SES Shows MediaDaily News reports that Jupitermedia has sold Search Engine Watch & the SES shows to London-based trade publisher Incisive Media. Here's the post to follow on Search Engine Watch. Thanks to Liz Harvey of Harvey Marketing Group for this tip.... 2005-08-06T06:27:58+10:00 Brainstorming Keywords for Better Search Engine Results In this issue of High Rankings Advisor (ish 145) there's a great guest article by Leann Pass of Increase Ranking. The article, Using Keywords That Provide Solutions, covers topics that I've discussed with clients in the past, and bring up... SEO Tips 2005-08-05T05:03:43+10:00 Strategies for SEO One-way Web Links Work From Home SEO Business has written a good article with 5 strategies for SEO One-way Web Links: 'With so much talk about search engines putting a damper on direct reciprocal links, the hunt for the elusive one-way inbound... SEO Tips Darren 2005-07-30T18:01:13+10:00 Stats, Facts and Organic SEO 'Over the past four years, Google has dominated the search scene. Up until last year, Google fed results to most other search engines including Yahoo, which fed some results to MSN. This outward pollination of search results made Google... Search Engine News Darren 2005-07-25T11:48:49+10:00 Google PageRank Update Analysis Search Engine Journal has a useful post analyzing the latest Google PageRank Update in which they speculate as to why many sites have decreased in their visible PR whilst increasing their backlinks: 'The most current PageRank update will undoubtedly... Search Engine News Darren 2005-07-17T22:07:04+10:00 Page Rank - Hype? Mike Grehan has an article over at ClickZ questioning the importance of PageRank. I get asked often how to improve PR. It happened many times last week. My stock answer, "PageRank isn't so important, so just forget about it," draws... 2005-07-13T00:33:02+10:00 Duplicate Content Penalty in Google Good basic article over at Search Engine Journal Duplicate Content Penalty - How to Lose Google Ranking Fast: 'Duplicate content penalty. Ever heard of it? This penalty is applied by Google and possibly other search engines when content found... Search Engine News Darren 2005-07-07T16:11:29+10:00 Welcome Back Just wanted to take this post to thank Darren for the chance to contribute to this Blog. It really was fun and I learned a few things. Thank you all for your comments. And thanks to those that have visited... 2005-07-07T02:15:51+10:00 Frequency - Last Part Keyword Frequency is our final part of this 4 part series. Keyword frequency is the number of times keywords occur within a page's text. It's related to and partnered with Keyword Density. Typically, search engines want to see more than... 2005-07-07T02:09:47+10:00