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August 04, 2005

Blog Case Study - Is it time to Quit?

I just stumbled upon an interesting post by Jack Krupansky who will celebrate his first six months of blogging by quitting his blogging activities (on 18 August). Jack writes: 'I've put a huge amount of work into my FIVE...
Posted by Darren at 06:43 PM

December 31, 2004 - Megablog

What is the biggest pro blogging operation that you can think of? If you believed the press it would probably either be Gawker or Weblogs Inc. They certainly know how to get press coverage. But whilst they are successful...
Posted by Darren at 09:11 AM

December 28, 2004

Problogger earns in excess of $5000 a month

Fortune has a fantastic article on Google that features problogger Jon Gales from Mobile Tracker (a blog about cell phones) which is a fantastic example of a blog which is being used very effectively to earn its owner/editor a...
Posted by Darren at 04:38 PM

December 22, 2004

Seduction Blogging

Well it seems that one of the emerging focuses for blogging is 'Seduction blogging'. Yep you heard it - blogs with seduction and dating tips. Check out the Seduction Lair's reflections on Starting Your Own Seduction Blog: 'Seduction blogging...
Posted by Darren at 11:41 AM

December 07, 2004

The Cancer Blog - Weblogs Inc

Weblogs Inc have launched yet another blog this time focusing upon health care. It is the Cancer Blog. it is an interesting move by the team at Weblogs Inc to move in this direction. Leading the charge as the...
Posted by Darren at 09:42 AM

December 05, 2004

Weblogs Inc Introduces Luxist

Weblogs Inc have just announce their latest blog Luxist - a blog that promotes itself as obsessively covering luxury products. They write about everthing from clothes, to gadgets, to jewelry through to cars. Their income stream will be much...
Posted by Darren at 03:13 PM

December 01, 2004

American Roulette

American Roulette is an interesting case study of a blogger using the medium to make a few dollars. Its written by a 'professional casino cheater' who gives thoughts on casinos and gambling. The site isn't highly monetized at this...
Posted by Darren at 07:56 AM

November 19, 2004

9rules Blog Network

A friend recently suggested I take a look at the 9rules Network of blogs run by Paul Scrivens. Paul, like many bloggers, didn't set out to create a blog network, but rather found himself creating more and more site,...
Posted by Darren at 11:08 AM

November 04, 2004

8 Year Old ProBlogger blogs for a Horse

8 year old Delaney is a ProBlogger. Her new blog - is an attempt to buy her a horse (and teach her a few lessons in web design, business and creativity along the way). The concept is simple...
Posted by Darren at 07:50 AM

November 02, 2004

Sharp Money - Making Money Online

Sharp Money is a blog about making money online which itself is an attempt at blogging for money. 'With this blog, we will explore opportunities for making money on the web (without resorting to spam, spyware or other predatory...
Posted by Darren at 10:06 AM

October 31, 2004

Spy Journal ProBlogs

Tim has emailed this week while I was taking a bit of a holiday in New Zealand to let me know of a mini problogging network that he's started reading the tips here on Problogger. You can check his...
Posted by Darren at 04:50 PM

October 30, 2004

The Stylephile

The Stylephile is a new commercial blog from the Variety stable of blogs that is focussing upon Shopping. They're posting on sales, openings and products/picks of the day. At this stage their income stream is not overly evident -...
Posted by Darren at 11:15 PM

October 14, 2004

Street Talk

Street Talk is another blog with an income stream that uses the Adsense program. It is a little different to other blogs that we've featured here in that instead of focusing upon products it focuses upon a popular New...
Posted by Darren at 08:47 PM

October 13, 2004

Nick Denton Profile

Fortune Magazine has a profile piece on Nick Denton and his growing blogging ventures: 'With nine sites launched in two years and 24% month-over-month aggregate traffic growth, the business outlook for Gawker's mini-media empire seems promising. Denton won't talk about...
Posted by Darren at 10:57 AM

Travel Blog

Travel Blog is one of the best ProBlogging ideas I've seen for a while. They offer free blogs to travellers to update with their latest travelling stories and photos. 'Travel Blog is a collection of travel journals, diaries, stories and...
Posted by Darren at 10:49 AM

October 12, 2004

Great Wines of North Carolina

Great Wines of North Carolina is another good example of a Blogger doing his thing by focussing upon a niche market. I'm not seeing too many obvious income streams on the blog - but its an interesting focus and one...
Posted by Darren at 02:35 PM

October 09, 2004

Beer Blog

The Brew Site is an interesting commercial blog focused upon Beer (sounds like my kind of blog!). They are basing their income stream at this stage around Adsense. I've done a little research into beer keywords and the ads...
Posted by Darren at 06:34 PM