Written on January 6th, 2005 at 03:01 pm by Darren Rowse

BlogKits BlogMatch Network

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Im interested in the launch of a new program that will attempt to match bloggers with adertisers - BlogKits. It seems to be what Ive been suggesting is needed from what they write in their News Release:

Until today, bloggers primarily embraced tools such as Google Adsense or Henry Copelands BlogAds.com to generate revenues, said Jim Kukral, Blogging Guru and founder of BlogKits.com. While both excellent solutions, the fact remains that both of those tools rely on a bloggers ability to generate large amounts of web traffic for any real income opportunities, leaving 99% of all blogs out in the cold.

The BlogKits BlogMatchTM Network will allow all blogs, even those without high levels of visitor traffic, the no-cost opportunity to earn revenues in a multitude of ways by matching them with advertisers/marketers that care more about reaching the right target audience, not just necessarily the biggest one, and not necessarily through only traditional methods like banner ads.

What they seem to be offering is a listing of blogs for Advertisers and Marketers to approach for a variety of sponsorship arrangements. As a blogger they invite you to submit your blog to the network by filling out a form. Then you add a small piece of code to your blog so that they can track your traffic levels and I guess will contact you if an Advertiser wants to develop some sort of partnership arrangement. Seems pretty simple and worth a go.


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