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Blogging for Dollars Archives

January 31, 2005

Making chunks of change from Blogging

There is a good basic article over at Emerging Technology - Discover Magazine about how people are making money from their blogs. Its a good summary of the emerging trend of bloggers to monetize their blogs and largely focuses...
Posted by Darren at 01:57 PM

January 30, 2005

Make Money off Your Blog

Washington Post has an article today about making money off a blog. Their tips are pretty predictable and basic and centre around Adsense, Blog ads, Affiliates, Donations and Merchandising. Nothing too new there but interesting to see another article...
Posted by Darren at 05:04 PM

January 27, 2005 - Now you can wear your favorite blogs.

I just stumbled on another way you can make a few dollars from your blog - this time directly from your readers - its by starting your own clothing label! Ok - maybe not your own label but you...
Posted by Darren at 10:01 PM

January 18, 2005

BlogMine -Content, Clicks, Cash!

Another blog revenue stream has been announced - this time its whose motto is 'Content, Clicks Cash!' Their main service is 'GoldRush'. 'GoldRush makes you money. It analyzes the blog's content and provides text ads targeted to your...
Posted by Darren at 09:33 AM

January 12, 2005

Chitika Contextual Advertising Launched

It seems that there is yet another contextual advertising system being launched that is specifically targetted at bloggers. It is called Chitika and promises to motetize your blogs and your feeds using contextual ads. They offer all the main...
Posted by Darren at 01:41 PM

December 17, 2004

Pro Blogger of the Year

It is that time of the year where bloggers everywhere are giving awards so I thought I'd ask the question - who is the 'Pro Blogger' of the Year? This may not be an official award but I'm interested in...
Posted by Darren at 03:33 PM

December 16, 2004

Blogs for Sale - How Much is Your Blog Worth?

One of the trends that I suspect we'll see more of in 2005 and beyond is Blogs for Sale. This past year saw Jeremy Wright sell his blog which proved that its possible - but the question it leaves me...
Posted by Darren at 05:12 PM

Doc Searls responds to Blogging for Money Criticism

Doc Searls has been on the receiving end of some criticism recently after some of what he said at BloggerCon and a quote that appeared in a recent Newsweek article on blogging. Today he posts a good post clarifying...
Posted by Darren at 12:49 PM

December 15, 2004

Marketers Spent $4 Billion on Search Advertising

Those of you running contextual advertising programs will be happy to hear these latest figures - 'Advertisers will spend $4 billion in 2004 by year-end on search marketing programs, and are expected to spend 39 percent more on such...
Posted by Darren at 11:01 AM

December 13, 2004

A Message of Hope for Depressed ProBloggers

Judging by my inbox this mornig it seems that my post examining whether contextual advertising is viable on a blog both inspired and depressed a few bloggers that had been thinking about running Adsense and Overture on their blogs. In...
Posted by Darren at 09:16 PM

December 11, 2004

The Blogfather? Jason Calacanis expands family

Netimperative has an interesting interview with Jason Calacanis whom they label 'the blogfather'. 'The term 'exponential growth' seems almost an understatement when discussing blogs. But attempts to commercialise this new form remain thin on the ground. New Yorker Jason...
Posted by Darren at 08:49 AM

December 10, 2004

Is Contextual Advertising Viable on a Blog?

There has been an increasing amount of debate recently over both the ethics and viability of blogging commercially. The focus of this post is not to enter into the question of 'should bloggers add income streams to their blogs' -...
Posted by Darren at 06:13 PM

December 08, 2004

Who is Your Blog's Customer?

I have a business coach who is helping me think through my blogging business. Its actually been very helpful so far even though he has very little experience of blogging. Part of the process has been me teaching him...
Posted by Darren at 11:32 PM

December 05, 2004

The Business Of Blogging

Business Week Online has an interesting article on The Business Of Blogging. It is pretty basic with the usual quotes from the usual probloggers - but its another example of how blogging for dollars is becoming more main stream....
Posted by Darren at 07:56 PM

December 03, 2004

How to Grow Your Blogging Income

Dan Harper asked in the comments of my post on No Money in Blogging? for more comment on the 'growth factor' of blogging. He asks: 'How long would a new blogger see slow growth for? What do you think that...
Posted by Darren at 02:42 PM

December 02, 2004

Monetizing Blogs

In stark contrast to the last post, Jasen Dowdell at marketing shift predicts that Bloggers will start to get more and more attention from Ad agencies. He predicts: '- Ad agencies will seek out A-List bloggers who have strong...
Posted by Darren at 07:30 AM

No Money in Blogging?

Steve Smith from EContent writes that there will be no dollars in blogging in 2005 for bloggers or networks (like Gawker and Weblogs Inc) who are directly blogging. He writes: 'The wild and wooly blogosphere itself will not make...
Posted by Darren at 07:16 AM

November 30, 2004

Blogs Are Business Support Tools, Not Direct Money Makers

Fredrik from CorporateBloggingBlog has an interesting post on making money directly from blogging and writes: 'I'm not sure why so many people are looking for direct revenue streams from blogging. Or, well, I understand why. We all have to...
Posted by Darren at 01:07 AM

November 28, 2004

Pro-blogging >> My two year Journey of Discovery

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of the very first blog post that I ever did on my first personal blog. It has been a very interesting and rewarding two years. I've been reflecting today a little about the...
Posted by Darren at 12:45 PM

Another Blogger for Hire on EBay

Friday we mentioned that Jeremy Wright was auctioning his blogging services on ebay - today we note that another blogger has joined him. Darren has also started an auction on ebay - but instead of starting at $100 he's decided...
Posted by Darren at 11:46 AM

November 27, 2004

Product Placement hits Blogging

'On Monday, a squad of around 15 independent bloggers will begin inserting mentions of Marqui's hosted communications management services into their blogs for money. The bloggers will get $800 a month to mention Marqui with a link once a week...
Posted by Darren at 07:59 AM

November 26, 2004

Blogger for Hire on EBay

Blogger Jeremy C. Wright is in the news again - this time he's auctioning his services as a blogger to the highest bidder! Yes you heard me right - Jeremy of Ensight is willing to blog for three months for...
Posted by Darren at 10:10 PM

Pay per Click Advertising Trading

A lot of Bloggers are earning good money as a result of being publishers of pay-per-click advertising but those that are making the most out of it are also bringing traffic to their blogs via the same method. It sounds...
Posted by Darren at 03:26 PM

November 24, 2004

Average Blogger makes $20 to $50 per Month

WebPro New has an article on the rise of blogging and estimates that the average blogger is making $20 to $50 each month. I'm not sure how they come to this figure - I know many bloggers, 90% of whom...
Posted by Darren at 09:04 AM

November 22, 2004

Tech Bloggers Wanted - AdverBlogging

Jeremy Wright's employees are looking for tech bloggers willing to blog for a few dollars. 'The company I do the majority of my writing for is looking to open half a dozen topical blogs. The content output expectations are...
Posted by Darren at 08:11 AM

November 19, 2004

Blog Buyouts

Wired News has an interesting piece on media buy outs. The article finishes up by predicting that in the next year or so that we'll see companies moving in to purchase blogs. 'According to Sam Whitmore, editor of Sam...
Posted by Darren at 08:21 AM

November 16, 2004

How To Plan Your Week Making Money At Home

How To Plan Your Week Making Money At Home is an interesting article with some practical tips on how to have a money making week at home on the internet... 'Is it really possible to earn a 6 figure...
Posted by Darren at 08:50 AM

November 15, 2004

A day in the life of a ProBlogger

A number of people have asked me recently what a typical day of blogging looks like for me - I thought I'd share the basics. Of course what an actual day looks like differs from day to day depending on...
Posted by Darren at 05:49 PM

November 12, 2004

Minkmedia Launches UK Blog Network

Minkmedia is the latest network of Blogs to launch. This one is based in the UK and describes itself as: 'Mink Media is a nanonpublisher. We publishe a series of weblogs (five so far) aimed at a British audience....
Posted by Darren at 05:56 PM

Betting on Tools that Power Blogs

BusinessWeek has an interesting article that talks about another option for making money from blogs - through the infrastructure that makes blogs possible. They write - 'While Web log entreprenuers search for a viable business model, venture capitalists are...
Posted by Darren at 01:31 PM

November 10, 2004

TypePad Blogs to get Contextual Advertising

Kanoodle and Six Apart (makers of Typepad and Moveable Type blogging systems) are partnering together to offer Typepad bloggers the opportunity to run contextual ads to their site - and thereby add a revenue stream to their blogs. This...
Posted by Darren at 03:38 PM

November 07, 2004

Making Money from Blogs - BloggerCon III

I wish I were able to get to BloggerCon III - the Making Money session sounds particularly interesting as reported on Here are a few of the quotes that they quote that I find of most interest: -- "One...
Posted by Darren at 12:00 PM

November 03, 2004

Red Herring Blog: Paying bloggers: Participating in the conversation

There is a couple of interesting articles the last few days on the topic of blogging for dollars starting over at Red Herring Blog who is writing about Paying bloggers: Participating in the conversation. He's got some helpful things...
Posted by Darren at 09:16 AM

Do hits matter?

'The problem with blogs that are only intended to attract traffic is that they can't survive in the long-run. Traffic statistics keep bloggers going for a while, but the numbers eventually stabilise: there can only be a 100,000 most...
Posted by Darren at 08:56 AM

November 02, 2004

Sharp Money - Making Money Online

Sharp Money is a blog about making money online which itself is an attempt at blogging for money. 'With this blog, we will explore opportunities for making money on the web (without resorting to spam, spyware or other predatory...
Posted by Darren at 10:06 AM

October 31, 2004

Bloggers adopt a revenue stream more lucrative than panhandling

'The odds of making a living by writing a blog are a lot like the odds of a garage band turning out a hit album: It can happen, but you better enjoy the music and hang on to your...
Posted by Darren at 10:17 PM

October 30, 2004

Weblogs Inc. adds top execs

'Touting itself now as "the world's largest blog publisher," Weblogs Inc. announced it has hired an editorial director and a vice president of sales and marketing. Judith Meskill, a communications consultant who writes a blog about social networking, will...
Posted by Darren at 10:34 PM

Blogs a good buy for Advertisers

'Advertisers including Paramount Pictures, The Wall Street Journal, and The Gap are successfully reaching niche audiences for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and a handful of bloggers are earning six-figure incomes from their blogs. Why aren't...
Posted by Darren at 10:23 PM

October 20, 2004

BloggerCon - Making Money with Your Blog

Doc Searls has an interesting post on making money with blogs in preparation for a session on the topic at the next Blogger Con. He asks a lot of thought provoking questions and then puts forward an interesting case......
Posted by Darren at 10:56 AM

October 15, 2004

Micropayments and Blogging

When I was in my first year of high school I met a guy who would change my life - ok he didn't really change it, but he taught me a lesson which I still use today in my...
Posted by Darren at 01:24 PM

October 14, 2004

Questions for Nick Denton

Nick Denton seems to be on a bit of a publicity tour at the moment as there have been quite a few interviews with him and articles about him online in the past few days. Here is another Questions...
Posted by Darren at 12:53 PM

RSS Ads - Monetise your RSS feed

RSS Ads is a system to add ads to your RSS feeds. They are currently signing up publishers for a release of the program shortly. They write - 'Monetize your RSS feed. Maintain total control over the ads placed...
Posted by Darren at 02:52 AM

October 13, 2004

Blogging for Dollars

WebProNews has a good little article on Blogging for Dollars that picks up a few income streams available for bloggers wanting to make money from their blogging. 'Blogging for dollars might sound like the latest game show or some new...
Posted by Darren at 10:54 AM

October 12, 2004

The rise of Micropayments

Clickz has an interesting study into the rise of micropayments which might be of interest to some bloggers. My experience of blogging is that its hard to get much in the way of big payments in one's income stream but...
Posted by Darren at 11:08 AM

October 09, 2004

Study: Growth in Worldwide Ad Spend Led by Internet

Online expenditure on Advertising is expected to continue to rise according to this report: 'U.K.-based media research firm ZenithOptimedia expects the growth of Internet ad expenditures to outpace other media worldwide, while advertiser confidence holds steady.According to ZenithOptimedia's quarterly global...
Posted by Darren at 10:41 AM

October 08, 2004

Creative Weblogging - Paying for Content

Creative Weblogging is offering to pay bloggers $5 for sending in an article to their growing network of blogs. Creative Weblogging is developing a similar blogging network to that of Weblogs Inc with an interesting array of blogs. Obviously they've...
Posted by Darren at 05:06 PM

October 07, 2004

Yahoo to launch Overture ads in RSS!!!

The RSS Weblog has just broken the news that Yahoo's Overture (main competitor to Adsense) will be shortly supporting ads in RSS feeds. This is pretty significant news for those of us running contextual ads on our blogs - but...
Posted by Darren at 01:37 PM

October 06, 2004

How to Sell your Blog

by: Matt Dobinson There are hundreds and thousands of websites on the internet today being bought and sold and there are many places you can sell your website such as ebay and website brokers. Though this article we will...
Posted by Darren at 09:12 PM

Twelve Business Models for Blog Technologies

Online Business Networks Blog has an interesting post on Twelve Business Models for Blog Technologies They divide it into four categories: - Traditional Businesses Leveraging Blogs - including Individual virtual presence, Corporate virtual presence and Using blogs to improve existing...
Posted by Darren at 11:29 AM

October 05, 2004

Online Advertising Continues to Increase

In the finance segment on the ABC (Australian National) News tonight there was mention that the last quarter had seen advertising in Print and TV media have a down turn. Correspondingly there was an increase in Online advertising for the...
Posted by Darren at 12:02 AM

October 03, 2004

Blogs enter mainstream, eye revenue streams

This article in New York Business takes a look at two of the emerging Revenue Raising Blogging Organizations - Gawker and Weblogsinc. Shedding their outsider status, blogs are not only entering the political and cultural mainstream, but they are...
Posted by Darren at 11:39 PM

The Future of Online Advertising

Free Webmoney has posted a great list of resources for people wanting to explore online advertising options. Its a good starting point on a variety of different topics....
Posted by Darren at 12:19 PM

October 01, 2004

Product Blogs

Peter Davidson has a post worth reading titled Thinking About Product Blogs. 'Many product blogs(PB) and small biz blogs(SBB) fail to define narrowly enough their audience and what they want to accomplish with their blog. Are you writing for existing...
Posted by Darren at 03:33 PM

Three kinds of blogs - Which are best Suited to Making Money?

Seth's Godin has an interesting post unpacking three types of blogs. He classifies them as: 1. News Blogs - Chronicling the News of the day on a variety of topics from Politics to Gadgetry to Recipies. 2. Writers Blogs...
Posted by Darren at 01:53 PM

FindWhat - AdRevenue Xpress

FindWhat has just started their own advertising system similar to that of Google's Adsense program. has the story and writes: ' today debuted AdRevenue Xpress, an automated distribution partner program targeting small to mid-sized businesses. The distribution method is...
Posted by Darren at 01:27 PM

September 30, 2004

Pay-Per-Trick: Half Of All Ad Clicks Deemed Fraud

'Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising models, which compensate networks or their affiliates each time a user clicks on a link, were always considered to be something of an honor system. But new data coming to light this week reveals that PPC fraud...
Posted by Darren at 03:33 PM

September 29, 2004

The Inside Story on the Sale of the Ensight Blog

Jeremy C. Wright, the blogger who sold his blog, has been getting a bit of criticism for doing so in the last few days and has decided to give his readers The Inside Story on the Sale. It makes...
Posted by Darren at 12:01 PM

September 27, 2004

Is It Still Possible To Make Money On The Internet?

Many people are saying that the internet is dead. So is there still money to be made on the internet? The answer is a definite YES. Research shows, time and again, that consumers want to spend more online, and that...
Posted by Darren at 02:24 PM

Revenue Generation Ideas for your Blog

Oristus has posted a fantastic list of Revenue Generation Ideas for your blog. It is one of the most comprehensive lists I've seen so far on the topic and covers everything from Premium Content Offerings through to Classifieds through to...
Posted by Darren at 08:54 AM

September 26, 2004

Advertising in your RSS Feed

One of the disadvantages of RSS reeds and the increasing numbers of people reading blogs via News Aggregators is that those bloggers running advertising on their blogs can only expose their readers to ads when those readers actually surf...
Posted by Darren at 03:02 PM

September 25, 2004

eComXpo - Affiliate Marketing Event

eComXpo is an online event for Affiliate Marketers that might be worth ProBloggers participating in. They are planning over 100 presentations spread over 3 days. "eComXpo is a bunch of folks' attempt to create a "big-tent" event for the...
Posted by Darren at 06:39 PM

Blog Farming - Fatten your Blog up to Sell at Market

Another way of earning revenue from your blog is simply to build it up to sell it. There are not too many examples of blogs that have been sold yet but one that recently went on the market and...
Posted by Darren at 12:06 AM

September 24, 2004

Webmaster World - Free Advice for Bloggers on Profitable Blogging

Webmaster World is probably one of the best places that I can suggest you head over to if you're interested in developing a profitable blog. It is on my regular rounds of surfing for ideas and discussion about how...
Posted by Darren at 06:43 PM

Fastclick Reviewed - Advertising suitable for high traffic Blogs

Fastclick is a revenue stream that will be suitable for some highly trafficked blogs. We trailed it recently on our Olympics blog and found that with the levels of traffic that we generated at the height of the games...
Posted by Darren at 03:53 PM

A beginner's guide to setting up an online store

I've noticed a number of blogger recently who are setting up their own online stores to sell products related to their blog's topic. Following is an excerpt from a useful article that might help you to begin to think...
Posted by Darren at 02:59 PM

Blogging not leading to financial prosperity

This article in the Houston Chronicle is all about how bloggers are NOT getting rich - or anywhere near rich - from blogging. It is an interesting read - but as with so many of these articles (and they...
Posted by Darren at 01:55 PM

September 23, 2004

Blogging for Dollars

Will blogging produce millionaires? Can blogging financially provide people with a full time earning capacity? Will we see more and more professional bloggers? Can and should blogs earn money? An increasing amount of people are writing about making money from...
Posted by Darren at 08:05 PM

10 Ways To Make Money Blogging

10 Ways To Make Money Blogging is an article written by a blogger who is making a bit of money on the side of his hobby. Whilst I probably don't see eye to on a political spectrum with John,...
Posted by Darren at 07:17 PM