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February 03, 2005

Open Mike on Blog Design

I'm going to open up the comments on this post for anyone to say anything they like on the topic of blog design. I spent half an hour or so today looking through the blogs nominated for this year's...
Posted by Darren at 02:35 PM

January 13, 2005

RSS Feeds: Full posts or extracts?

Another tip from Leave It Behind's Building a Better Blog is to 'Syndicate your Entire Post'. Brian writes: 'Again, in the never-ending effort to ensure happy readers, be sure to syndicate (i.e. send) your entire post through RSS. I...
Posted by Darren at 10:25 AM

January 12, 2005

Choosing Complimentary Colors for your Blog - ColorMatch Tool

Have you ever struggled to select a color scheme for a blog? It's pretty obviously looking at the disaster that I've designed here that I do! So this ColorMatch tool is going to be very handy! It is designed...
Posted by Darren at 09:45 PM

January 06, 2005

The Importance of User Feedback

Michael has a great tip on The Importance of User Feedback over at 'In retrospect, the conclusions seem obvious: Assuming you want as much feedback as possible from readers, you should make it as easy as possible for...
Posted by Darren at 05:22 PM

January 04, 2005

Categories and Search Engine Optimization

I would add another point to the last post on why Blogs are Popular with Search Engines and comment that it is not only page structure that works well but often overall site structure. The fact that many blog...
Posted by Darren at 03:58 PM

December 28, 2004

Customize your Error 404 Page for Retaining Readership

SEO Chat has a good article on making your 404 error pages work for you to create increased traffic. Using these methods you can not only retain visitors to your site that have strayed out of your working pages...
Posted by Darren at 02:00 PM

December 09, 2004

Web Design in 2005 - Predictions

I've been very aware since starting this blog that the design I've got here is terrible. One knows by looking at it that whilst I might make a living from blogging that my skills do not lie in the...
Posted by Darren at 03:27 PM

December 02, 2004

9 Ways To Make Your Website More Presentable

Sanjay Johari writes the following article which is as relevant for bloggers wanting to make their blogs more presentable as any other webmaster. Your website works as your spokesperson presenting the message you wish to convey. Thinking in terms...
Posted by Darren at 06:12 PM

November 25, 2004

How to Be Your Own Link Partner

This article by Stephan Miller has some interesting concepts for those of us wanting to make our sites more accessible for our readers and search engine bots. Its a nice change from all the articles out there about building your...
Posted by Darren at 03:52 PM

November 19, 2004

Free Blog Tutorials

Orangejack Blog has a great series of free tutorials for bloggers. They write: 'Interested in blogging? Don't know much about what a blog is, why blog, or how to blog? Need to tweak your blog? Do you feel like...
Posted by Darren at 08:27 AM

November 05, 2004

Unique Titles for Each Page of your Blog

Good post over at Search Engine Roundtable on the importance Unique Titles for Each Page of your Site (Blog). I can't agree with the post more - I have all my blogs set up this way (ie the title...
Posted by Darren at 10:34 PM

November 04, 2004

Choosing an Effective Domain Name for your Blog

Choosing an Effective Domain Name for your Blog by Leva Duell Choosing an effective domain name is important to increase visibility, attract buyers, and inspire trust. What is a domain name? Your domain name or web address is a unique...
Posted by Darren at 06:05 PM

October 06, 2004

Linking out is good

by: Trenton Moss Many websites I come across don't have a single link to another website. Ask the webmaster why not, and the answer you get is simple enough: "If I link to other websites people might leave my...
Posted by Darren at 09:13 PM

Optimal Website Design

by: Elizabeth McGee The idea behind good website design is to offer your viewer a logical flow while making it interesting and easy to navigate. Lead your viewers to the starting point and then direct them through your site...
Posted by Darren at 09:12 PM

Graphic Design Using Color

by: Kelly Paal Color is everywhere and conveys a message even if we dont realize it. While this message can vary by culture it pays to know what colors say in your own corner of the universe, and even...
Posted by Darren at 09:09 PM

Top Five Most Profitable Color Combinations Used In Blog Design!

by: Ovi Dogar "Two days ago, an old man stopped me on the street and asked me who my stylist is. I was surprised at first by the situation. But after a couple of seconds, my answer was: -...
Posted by Darren at 09:09 PM

15 Website Elements That Attract Visitors

by: Catherine Franz Here is a quick list of components that make a website attractive. They are listed in layers of attractiveness beginning with the "must" haves, to "nice to haves." 1. State the website's purpose up front and...
Posted by Darren at 09:08 PM

October 04, 2004

Two Pillars of a Successful Web Site (or Blog)

NB - this article has been written for for general web design but the principles within it can just as easily be applied to good Blog design. By Nick Usborne For a web site to get close to fulfilling its...
Posted by Darren at 06:55 PM

September 30, 2004

Design Matters in our Visual Culture - Blog Design

By Maya Sunpongco FIRST IMPRESSIONS. First impressions often leave lasting impressions. Impressions also result in people�s perceptions. There goes that age-old debate -- �Perception versus Reality.� I say that perception is someone�s impression of reality. And sometimes... no matter what...
Posted by Darren at 07:25 PM

15 Website Elements That Attract Visitors

By Catherine Franz Here is a quick list of components that make a website attractive. They are listed in layers of attractiveness beginning with the "must" haves, to "nice to haves." 1. State the website's purpose up front and clearly...
Posted by Darren at 07:22 PM

What's Wrong With My Website? (Blog)

By Michael Southon I ask myself that question about once a month.My website looks fine to me, but what are otherpeople seeing? And what are the Search Enginesseeing? Here's a checklist of 10 ways to optimizeyour website for peak performance:...
Posted by Darren at 07:18 PM

What You Need to Know About Choosing A Domain Name

By Andrea J. Lee Aside from the nuts and bolts of where to register your domain name and purchasing a good economical hosting service, there are a few things to know about buying a good domain name, that only experience...
Posted by Darren at 07:03 PM

15 Ways to Make your Blog More Attractive

Here is a quick list of components that make a website or blog attractive. They are listed in layers of attractiveness beginning with the "must" haves, to "nice to haves." 1. State the website's purpose up front and clearly...
Posted by Darren at 05:50 PM

September 28, 2004

The next marketing tool: Design

Design sells. It�s something that all of us know, but few of us consciously acknowledge. There is an age old adage that warns people not to �judge books by their cover.� In other words, we shouldn�t judge people or products...
Posted by Darren at 09:15 PM

How to Speed up Your Web Site

Your web site's loading speed has a significant impact on your visitors' loyalty. A slow web site will cost you sales. Most visitors won't wait more than 10 seconds for your web pages to load. Not everyone has high...
Posted by Darren at 06:10 PM

September 23, 2004

Where do your Blog Readers Look?

I just found this fascinating article that has been written about some research into where web page readers eyes go when reading online news sources. I need to digest it a little more yet - however there are some...
Posted by Darren at 07:59 PM

Blog Design - Choosing Colours

One of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to designing your website is to think about your colour scheme. One of the more useful articles I've read on this topic is Choosing Colour for your...
Posted by Darren at 07:33 PM

Well Designed Weblogs

Well-Designed Weblogs: An Introduction is a great series of posts about... you guessed it - Well designed Weblogs. As part of the series are two volumes of well designed weblogs - aptly named Volume 1 and Volume 2 ( I...
Posted by Darren at 07:19 PM

Blog Design Showcase

Want to know what a good blog design looks like? Blog Desiger - Rachel Cunliffe has just released the Blog Design Showcase. She writes: This is a collection of outstanding blog designs, thoughts on what makes a good blog design,...
Posted by Darren at 05:41 PM

Good weblog design and layout

Here is another worthwhile article on weblog design and layout from How to Save the World. His 9 main points are: - Use Titles - Abstract Long Posts - Use a Teaser Paragraph for Long Posts - Select a...
Posted by Darren at 05:15 PM

More on Blog Design

Here an old article written by Biz Stone who has been blogging (and writing books) about blogging for years now. This article is on Designing your blog and it has some good tips. His main points include: - Create Your...
Posted by Darren at 05:05 PM

Good Blog Design

Taking a short break from the 'Finding Readers mini-series' because I asked fellow blogger and blog designer Rachel Cunliffe to write a post for me on good blog design. The following is what she wrote: Darren asked me for...
Posted by Darren at 05:03 PM

Blog Logo Design

Whilst not specifically written about Blog logos, the article - Trends in Logo Design - is a great resource for looking at some recent trends in graphic design which might be useful in considering the design of your blog....
Posted by Darren at 05:02 PM

Blog Designers

My post Where are the Blog Designers? got a bit of interest yesterday and a number of Blog Designers let us know about themselves and gave examples of their work. I thought I'd give them a little exposure here:...
Posted by Darren at 04:15 PM