September 23, 2004

Samsung CLP-550

samsung_CLP_550.jpg The Samsung CLP-550 is a super quiet Color Laser printer with professional color martching, high paper capacity, built in duplex and easy to replace toner cartridge.

PC Mag reviews the Samsung CLP-550 and writes - 'The Samsung CLP-550 manages the difficult feat of being both a good value and a bit of a disappointment. The good value comes from the combination of a 250-sheet paper tray, 100-sheet multipurpose tray, and a built-in duplexer for an impressively low $600 (street). The disappointment comes from relatively slow performance and output quality that's slightly less than you would expect from a laser.

Physical setup is a little more work than with most personal color laser printers. You may need help lifting its 77 pounds into place. You also have to install an imaging unit, transfer belt, and the four toner cartridges. Software installation is fully automated, to the point of telling you when to plug in the USB cable.'

CNET reviews the Samsung CLP-550 and writes - 'For a budget color laser printer, the Samsung CLP-550 offers some top-of-the-line features, including a built-in duplexer, an LCD on the control panel, and decent paper capacity. Unfortunately, these features don't make up for the Samsung CLP-550's lackluster print quality and slow print speeds.'

The Tech Zone reviews the Samsung CLP-550 and writes - 'The Samsung CLP-550 overall is a great entry into the sub-$1000 colour laser printer market. Though not editor's choice worthy, it does give you a balance of cost and features that should be acceptable to most in the target audience. For text output in both monochrome and colour, the CLP-550 does indeed shine. Colour matching is quite good, and the output is sharp as is to be expected on a laser printer. The large selection of features that you would only find on higher priced printers - the built-in duplexer, and LCD display - add to the package.' See more from our Samsung Printers category »
Posted by Darren at September 23, 2004 02:42 PM

I really like my CLP-550. The duplex feature has allowed us to quickly print color brochures for our trails organization. The duplex feature is almost worth the cost of the printer. It has taken a job that we've had to go to the quick copy store for and allowed us to do it in house.

I've also printed small posters for display purposes as well.

I'm using cheap copier paper for output and the results have been very nice. I'm sure they would even be better with higher quality paper.

A gripe is there is appears to be no software or hardware based toner level indicator. Thus, I don't know much toner is remaining.

However, so far I'm impressed with the printer.

Bill B.

Posted by: Bill B. at October 16, 2004 06:47 AM