September 14, 2004

Online Photo Printing

Along with the rise of the digital camera, the past year or so has seen a large number of Online Photo Processing and Printing services appear one the web. Its difficult to sort through the different options - especially when many of them seem to have a very similar online presence and special offers.

We've found a few sights that have tested many of them and have collated them below for your convenience. Feel free to add your own experiences of online photo processing and printing services below in our comments section.

Online Photo Processing and Printing Sites Reviewed
- Online Photo Printing - This site reviews and test which Online Photo Printing Service is best. They write - 'Which online services are good? Now that I have my digital camera, I decided to find out. I sent a batch of digital photos to three services that seem to get good reviews from users, with the intent of comparing the quality of their prints and the features of their online services.'

- Photography Review - reviews a variety of online photo printing options.

- PC Mag's Photo-Printing Reviews - 'Fortunately, ordering prints online is much cheaper and easier than you might think. And almost any digital camera�whether 2 megapixels or 5�is capable of producing prints that will look just as good as any you've gotten from your old film camera. That said, there is some variation in quality depending on the services you use. Some printing services print more accurately, while some do a better job of enhancing photos. Some offer better editing tools, and some are just easy to use'

Online Photo Printing and Processing
- Shutterfly - Shutterfly seem to get some good reviews as an online photo printing service - 'Transfer your digital pictures to Shutterfly. Get your first 15 prints FREE and mailed right to your door.'

- Photo Printing Services Shootout - another review site that looks at some of the photo printing services available online.

- Ofoto - 'Ofoto, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, is the leading online digital photo developing service. The site provides consumers with a secure and easy way to view, store and share their photos with friends and family and get real Kodak prints of their pictures. The site also provides free editing and creative tools.'

- Club Photo - 'Today, Club Photo combines the best of both worlds, offering traditional high quality and value with the latest and greatest in photographic technologies. We only use high quality, name-brand paper. We are the only company today to offer a print size optimized for digital camera users. Upload photos from your digital camera to your account so you can share with friends or create personalized prints and gifts.'

- Dot Photo - 'dotPhoto provides the most comprehensive photo printing and image/sound archiving services on the Internet-at prices you'll enjoy. We're the first Web site to accept both image and sound files from digital cameras. And the only site where you can add sound clips to your current and archived digital photos. You can even communicate via "instant voice mail" with friends and family as they view your photo album at dotPhoto. Our goal is to enable both novice and professional photographers to enjoy the full benefits of digital photography.'

- Snap Fish - 'San Francisco-based Snapfish is an independent business unit of District Photo, the world's largest mail-order film processor, with operations in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.'

- EzPrints - 'ez prints is a digital imaging service company that provides individuals and businesses who use digital cameras a family of simple, convenient services for Viewing, Selecting, Ordering and Printing Digital Pictures.'

- Beau Photos - Australian Online Photo Printing Service who also are proud supporters of our site.

- Photo Box - a UK based online photo printing. 'Perfect Pictures Posted Pronto'.

- Blue Yonder - 'Dazzling Fujifilm photo prints from just 15p posted same working day to you or your friends worldwide.'

- Frog Prints - Great photos printed from you digital camera.

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Posted by Darren at September 14, 2004 11:07 PM