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Sanyo Xacti VPC-C4 Review - PhotographyBLOG

sanyo_xacti_vpc_c4PhotographyBLOG reviews the Sanyo Xacti VPC-C4 and writes - 'The Sanyo Xacti C4 adds very little in the way of new features when compared to its predecessor, the Xacti C1, and some of what it does add actually makes it a worse camera. The new 4 megapixel sensor may give you slightly bigger images, but it also introduces a host of problems including noisy images, obvious chromatic aberrations and soft images, all things that were present on the older C1 but to a much lesser degree. In my opinion the extra pixels that the Sanyo Xacti C4 offers just aren't worth it when you consider the problems that go with them. I also wouldn't bother using the interpolated 8M image quality setting, as the quality does not compare well to the true 4 megapixel images. The only other changes are the slightly larger 1.8 inch LCD screen, which just about keeps the Sanyo Xacti C4 in line with other 4 megapixel digital cameras, and the welcome addition of built-in image stabilisation.'

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Posted by Darren in our Reviews category on April 28, 2005


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