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Digital Camera Reviews and Ratings By manufacturer:
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Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom

Olympus-C7070The Olympus C-7070. The C-7070 has a 7.1 megapixel CCD sensor, a 4x Optical Zoom, ultra wide angle lens (equivalent to 27 to 110mm) and a1.8inch swivel LCD. It enables shooting in macro mode at up to 1.18 inches from the subject, shoots in RAW and TIFF, has an external hotshoe for flash and includes two new auto focus modes (target AF and predictive AF). It will be in stores in February and will retail for $699 (US).

Buy the Olympus Camedia C7070 7.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Wide Zoom

Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom Reviews

Steve's Digicams previews the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom and writes - 'The Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom combines professional features and a high quality wide angle lens in a compact, rugged, magnesium body. The wide angle zoom has a 35mm equivalent focal length coverage of 27mm to 110mm and lets photographers frame more of the subject into their composition. With a high-resolution 7.1-megapixel CCD, photographers can produce larger than life prints with amazing vividness. Two new Autofocus (AF) modes enable photographers to capture sharp photos of subjects in motion, so no photo opportunities are missed.'

Digital Camera Info review the Olympus C-7070 and writes - 'With a 7.1MP CCD, 27-110mm (equivalent) all-glass Wide Zoom lens and TruePic TURBO processor, the C-7070 contains strong internal elements that are sure to appeal to a wide spectrum of users. The host of included features and additional accessory options creates a unique package in the C-7070; however, the $699 (USD) estimated street price may offset the cameras appeal. Seemingly priced too high for point-and-shooters, the cost begins to extend into the lower SLR ranks, and will likely prove detrimental if SLR prices continue to decline. All-in-all, I would say the camera has a significant amount to offer any level user, however, the features and price land the camera in an obscure gray area and at times runs into contradiction.'

DCRP reviews the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom and writes - 'There's a whole lot to like about the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom, and only a few things that you won't care for. The C-7070WZ isn't just another 7 Megapixel camera; this one features an ultra wide-angle lens starting at 27 mm. Unlike the Coolpix 8400 (which starts a little wider, at 24 mm), the C-7070 has some decent telephoto power, with a top end of 110 mm. If that's not enough for you, Olympus offers your choice of conversion lenses, which can reduce the focal length to 18.9, or increase it to a whopping 330 mm. The expandability doesn't stop there, though. The camera also supports 40.5 mm filters (without the need for a conversion lens adapter), an external flash, a power battery grip, and an underwater case.'

Megapixel reviews the Olympus C-7070 digital camera and writes - 'In our opinion, aside from a large 7.1 megapixel resolution, the C-7070's main point of interest is its lens. The zoom covers a particularly useful range that begins at an unusually wide, wide angle setting equivalent to 27mm, and extends to a useful 110mm: a focal length range that imparts the camera with excellent capabilities for general photography, and will fit the needs of most people.

This very practical focal length is packaged with first, a shutter speed range � from 1/4000 second to at least 15 seconds, and up to 2 minutes when the Bulb mode is used � that makes the camera useable for most subjects; and second, all the basic shooting modes, plus a good selection of Scene modes that can be applied to typical compositions.'

PC Mag reviews the Olympus Camedia C-7070 Wide Zoom and writes - 'The 7.1-megapixel Olympus C-7070 is a solid, sturdy, metal-bodied camera that provides enthusiasts with a number of powerful features. Images have lively colors and moderate sharpness, but the price might give some photographers pause.

Pros: Wide-angle lens. Multiple histogram modes. Solid construction. Good overall image quality.

Cons: LCD swivels vertically up above the optical viewfinder, which feels a bit awkward. The lens (4X) should have a longer zoom. Slow boot time.'

Steve's Digicams reviews the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom and writes - 'The C-7070 Wide Zoom's single image shooting performance is very good. The start-up time is 3.5 seconds from turning on the power until you capture the first image, much of that spent extending the lens into shooting position; waking the camera from its power-saving sleep mode takes about the same amount of time. Shutter delay, the elapsed time between releasing the shutter and capturing the image, measured an impressive 1/10 second when pre- focused, and averaged about 5/10 second including autofocus time for a high contrast subject; using the LCD viewfinder adds about 1/10 second to the delay. The shot to shot time measured 1.7 seconds each for up 4 shots, then about 3 seconds between subsequent shots while the camera's buffer emptied. Flash recycle time was average, ranging between 2 and 6 seconds depending on subject distance.'

CNET Reviews also has a review of the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom and writes - 'Although it shares a 7-megapixel sensor and key features with its stablemate, the C-7000, the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom is an entirely different beast. With an expansive 27mm-to-110mm zoom (35mm-camera equivalent), full manual controls, support for both xD and CompactFlash cards, and a macro mode good down to 1 inch, this looks like a photo enthusiast's compact alternative to a digital SLR or an electronic-viewfinder-equipped camera. However, though priced in the same neighborhood as its dSLR and EVF competition, it offers only an optical viewfinder and a color LCD.'

Imaging Resource reviews the Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom Digital Camera and writes - 'The Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom represents a slightly pared-down version of the previous C8080 Wide Zoom model, with a slightly smaller zoom range, slightly lower-resolution CCD, and less external control. (Or alternately, the Olympus C7070 could be viewed as a follow-on and upgrade to the previous C5060 model, as its features are perhaps more closely aligned with that predecessor.) The Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom features a 4x wide-angle zoom lens reaching to 27mm (among the widest in the consumer digital camera market), a 7.41-megapixel CCD, an update to the C8080's improved user interface, and the same phase-detection autofocus system using an external phase-detect sensor for faster autofocus performance. Pair these features with excellent exposure, color, creative control, and a return to an optical viewfinder, and the Olympus 7070 a very capable camera for just about any shooting situation. An optional underwater housing is also available for the Olympus C7070, for use with the camera's two preset underwater Scene modes, so it can literally go just about anywhere.'

Photoxels reviews the Olympus Camedia C-7070 Wide Zoom and writes - 'The Olympus Camedia C-7070 Wide Zoom is a beauty in its all-black magnesium body, with a distinctive tall shape. It has a rubberized handgrip that molds well in your right hand. It looks rugged, feels quite hefty (especially if you are only used to the compacts and ultra compacts), and does require two hands to operate. There are lots of angles, curves and indentations, but it's all well designed and ergonomic. The major attraction is the 27mm wide-angle lens which allows you to include more in your landscape and group shots. The Olympus C-7070 has without doubt been designed with the advanced amateur/professional photographer in mind, with more features than you'd probably ever use.'

Trusted Reviews have reviewed the Olympus Camedia C-7070 and write - "The Olympus C-7070 is quite simply one of the best semi-pro cameras available, and a real alternative to a digital SLR for the enthusiast photographer. Performance, build quality, photographic versatility and image quality are all of the very highest order. It is quite expensive, but it offers features and performance that you won�t find anywhere else for the price."

DP Expert reviews the 7 megapixel Olympus C-7070 and comes away from the experience pretty impressed.

The write - 'In this category of 7 megapixel, optical viewfinder cameras there are three brilliant contenders -- the Olympus, the Canon G6 and the Sony DSC-V3. The Sony is $400 more expensive. The Canon has a faster lens which is not as wide but is longer than the Olympus. Choosing is difficult, but no matter what choice is made it is not wrong.'

Olympus Press Release

Olympus Announces The C-7070 Wide Zoom: Rugged On The Outside, Professional On The Inside

Super Wide-Angle Lens, 7.1-Megapixels, Advanced Autofocus Modes, Rugged Body Design
Melville, New York, January 5, 2005 The new C-7070 Wide Zoom from Olympus unites high-performance features and an incredible wide-angle lens in a rugged, magnesium body. The cameras wide-angle zoom lens lets photographers frame more of a subject into their composition, and with the high-resolution 7.1-megapixel CCD, photographers can produce larger than life prints with amazing vividness. Two new Autofocus (AF) modes enable photographers to shoot fast, sharp photos of subjects in motion, so no fleeting photo opportunities get missed.

The C-7070 Wide Zoom will be valued by photographers of all levels for its compact size, rugged construction and ease of use, said Glenn Schwartz, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. But the powerful wide-angle lens, 7.1-megapixel image sensor and two new AF modes are features that give this camera the extra edge required by high-end amateur and professional photographers.

Designed to Do More
Olympus photos are known for sharp, vibrant image quality. This is achieved through a number of advanced technologies, beginning with Olympus high-quality all-glass lens designed specifically for digital cameras to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness and clarity. With its 4x optical zoom ultra-wide-angle lens (equivalent to 27 to 110mm, f2.8 f.8.0), the C-7070 Wide Zoom enables photographers to capture more of their field of view. When combined with a high-resolution image sensor containing more than 7 million pixels, and Olympus exclusive TruePic TURBO Image Processor that suppresses noise and boosts image definition, the lens captures images of such high resolution that prints can be cropped and enlarged up to 16 x 20 inches. For nature photographers, the C-7070 features a Super Macro mode that enables shooting from 1.18 inches to capture details as delicate and nuanced as the wings of a butterfly or the petals of a flower.

The cameras 1.8-inch Semi-Transmissive swivel LCD makes it easy to take pictures at any angle above the head, from the side, or with the camera placed on the ground. The LCD can even be swiveled 180 for taking self-portraits. And while conventional LCD screens appear dim against bright light, the Semi-Transmissive LCD technology provides excellent high-contrast visibility in any light condition.

Delivering Style Durability

The C-7070 Wide Zoom embodies rugged style and durability. The camera body is constructed of magnesium alloy with a rubberized grip that fits snuggly in the photographers hand for ergonomic comfort during lengthy photo shoots. The camera is solid yet compact at a mere 4.9 (W) x 3.3 (H) x 3.9 (D) and 15.3 ounces.

Intelligent Design for High Performance
The C-7070 Wide Zoom features a number of professional SLR-type features to satisfy the artistic needs of advanced users, including two autofocus systems. A Predictive AF mode enables users to shoot subjects moving towards them via an external AF sensor that detects the distance the subject has moved and predicts its location at the moment of shutter release. And an AF Target Selection function enables users to choose from 143 AF target zones to focus on virtually any area of their composition without reframing the shot. The C-7070 Wide Zoom also features a manual focusing mode, giving users full control over the accuracy of their focal range.

The cameras Direct Histogram function provides real-time access to exposure information so users can confirm exposure before snapping the picture. A histogram displayed on the LCD makes detection of over- and under-exposed areas simple with red and blue highlighting so users can make adjustments.

The inclusion of a speaker and microphone in the cameras body enables users to narrate images with personalized audio captions. In Movie Mode, the C-7070 Wide Zoom can record QuickTime television-quality movies of any length at 20 frames-per-second, limited only by the storage capacity of the memory card in the camera.

Designed to be Approachable
The C-7070 Wide Zoom is easy to use with controls placed strategically on the camera body for fast, intuitive manipulation. A mode dial on the top of the camera enables users to rapidly select from an assortment of settings. In fully Programmed Auto mode, the camera provides basic point-and-shoot simplicity for flawless snapshots. The camera also features 12 Shooting Modes for optimal results in a variety of situations, such as Night, Portrait, Landscape, and Sports. Two new underwater settings Underwater Wide and Underwater Macro make the C-7070 an ideal camera for divers.

The camera accepts two types of memory media the xD-Picture Card or Compact Flash Type I or II including microdrives and can hold both media cards simultaneously for flexible storage options.

Connecting the C-7070 Wide Zoom to a computer is easy with the USB Auto Connect feature, which connects directly via USB 2.0 cable and requires no software. Or, If you prefer, forget the computer altogether. The power of PictBridge technology enables photos to be printed directly from the camera to any PictBridge-enabled printer, such as the Olympus P-10 Digital Photo Printer, without using a computer. Printing and sharing images has never been easier, and the P-10s photo lab-quality dye-sublimation printing produces archival-quality prints in rich color.

OLYMPUS Master software provides the ultimate in digital imaging management. An intuitive user interface makes downloading to a computer quick and simple, and images are searchable by date or keyword in the Calendar View. And with one-click editing tools, such as red-eye reduction, images can be touched up before printing or emailing. Online support, templates, firmware upgrades and other user services are just a mouse-click away.

Olympus C7070-3
Power Battery Holder Delivers Performance

For photographers who want to extend their shooting sessions, the C-7070 Wide Zoom can accommodate the new B-HLD20 Power Battery Holder. It holds a maximum of two Lithium ion BLM-1 rechargeable batteries to turn the camera into a powerhouse that has the energy to keep shooting for hours (one BLM-1 battery is included with the C-7070). The BLM-1 Lithium ion rechargeable battery delivers an impressive performance of 7.2V, 1500 mAh and can be charged overnight with the included BCM-2 battery charger.

For further convenience, the holder features an additional shutter release button and zoom lever for added ease of use when composing vertical shots. The battery holder even has a space to store an additional xD-Picture Card to replace the one in use when it becomes full.

Envisioning More Possibilities with Accessory Lenses
For added versatility, photographers can select from three new conversion lenses specially designed to extend the focal range of the C-7070 Wide Zoom. The lenses feature a bayonet mount for quick and easy attachment to the CLA-7 conversion lens adapter, which screws directly into the body of the camera. The Olympus conversion lenses deliver the high optical quality required in digital image capture and have been designed to suit the imaging system of the C-7070 Wide Zoom to ensure optimal results without sacrificing quality.

The WCON-17c is a 0.7x wide-angle converter lens that reduces the focal length by a factor of 0.7x (35mm conversion of 19mm) when fitted to the C-7070 Wide Zoom, providing greater wide-angle coverage without altering the aperture setting.

To get even closer to the action, the TCON-17C, a 1.7x teleconverter lens, increases the focal length by a factor of 1.7x (35mm conversion of 187mm), and the TCON-30C increases the focal length by a factor of 3.0x (35mm conversion of 330).

The CLA-7 conversion lens adapter is required to attach the TCON-17C, TCON-30C or WCON-17C.

Flexible Flash to See More
In addition to the cameras internal pop-up flash, powerful external flash units have been developed for use with the C-7070 Wide Zoom and other Olympus digital cameras. These include the FL-50, compact FL-20 and new FL-36, all specifically designed for digital with accurate step illumination control to provide the precision required by digital cameras.

Exploring New Depths with Underwater Housing
With the new PT-027 Underwater Housing a digital photographer can take the C-7070 Wide Zoom 130 feet below the surface for capturing vivid wide-angle images of the underwater landscape. The stylish and durable housing is for anyone looking to pursue underwater digital photography when diving, snorkeling or surfing, or for other activities that require ultimate protection from the elements such as skiing, fishing, sailing, as well as certain industrial situations. Underwater housings for the accessory lenses and flashes are also available.

The C-7070 Wide Zoom will be available in February 2005. It includes an Auto-Connect USB cable, Audio/Video Out cable, carrying strap, lens cap with retainer cord, Li-Ion rechargeable battery and charger, a 32MB xD-Picture Card, OLYMPUS Master Software, user manual and Quick Start guide.

U.S. Pricing:
C-7070 Wide Zoom Estimated Street Price: $699 (U.S.)
WCON-17C Estimated Street Price: $149.95
TCON-17C Estimated Street Price: $149.95
TCON-30C Estimated Street Price: $149.95
B-HLD20 Estimated Street Price: $129.95
FL-50 Estimated Street Price: $449.95
FL-36 Estimated Street Price: $199.95
FL-20 Estimated Street Price: $149.95

Posted by Darren in our Olympus category on January 06, 2005