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Canon PowerShot SD450 (IXUS 55)

Canon-Powershot-Sd450-Ixus-55The Canon Powershot SD450 (also known as the Canon IXUS 55) is a 5.0 megapixel digital camera with a 3x Optical Zoom lens and 2.5 inch LCD. It features DIGIC II processing, SD card and cool feature that rotates the image when you display it depending upon the angle that you held the camera when taking the photo (very cool).

The Canon Powershot SD450/IXUS 55 will retail for $499 (USD). Learn more about it in a news release announcing it and it's big brother - the Canon Powershot SD550 (IXUS 750).

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Canon Powershot SD450 - IXUS 55 News Release

Canon, a leader in photographic and imaging technology, today announces two new additions to its Digital IXUS range - the Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55. As the Digital IXUS flagship, the Digital IXUS 750 maintains the style and sophistication for which Digital IXUS is renowned. The elegant perpetual curve design returns and is available in two stunning finishes Silver Grey and Satin Beige . Featuring a new interpretation of the iconic box and circle design, the Digital IXUS 55 has a unique starburst design radiating from the lens ring, and is finished in silver-white palladium plating on stainless steel.

As ever, the functionality behind these new Digital IXUS models is as stunning as the cameras themselves. Both cameras boast DIGIC II processing, and a massive 2.5 LCD. The Digital IXUS 750 has 7.1 Megapixels, while the Digital IXUS 55 features 5.0 Megapixels. Both digital cameras come with 3x optical zoom.

Style statement

Each Canon Digital IXUS is a statement in style, and the Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 are no exception. The sleek lines and graceful feel of the Digital IXUS 750s all-metal perpetual curve body embraces IXUS luxury. In a new twist on the box and circle design, the designers of the Digital IXUS 55 have progressed the concept even further by adding a radiantly brilliant ring around the lens, producing a starburst effect.

Large LCD with wide viewing angle

Both cameras feature an oversize 2.5 LCD display - while retaining all key controls and preserving sleek and slim bodies. The large LCD with wide viewing angle makes it easier to view and share images and movies during playback. The big LCD also makes it easier for the user to frame their shot and view menus, and is adjustable to 15 levels of brightness. New slide show functions allow review of images with stylish and contemporary transition effects applied in camera to create impressive slide shows with minimum user effort.

UA elements and Megapixels for bigger prints

The Digital IXUS 750 operates with 7.1 Megapixels, which can give detailed A2 prints, while with 5.0 Megapixels, the Digital IXUS 55 can produce quality photo prints to A3 size. The Digital IXUS 750 lens is constructed with 7 elements in 5 groups, and the Digital IXUS 55 lens is constructed with 6 elements in 5 groups. Each camera lens includes two Ultra High Refractive Index Aspherical (UA) elements for true to life colours and crisp, high contrast images.

DIGIC II Processor

Both new Digital IXUS models features DIGIC II Canons renowned processor ensures that the images recorded have superb resolution and colour quality, as well as giving improved camera performance overall. With 9-point AiAF, the cameras automatically focus on the subject, even when it is off-centre. iSAPS intelligence ensures that the cameras assess the scene and adjust the settings to achieve the optimum results. Three methods of exposure control can be selected; evaluative, centre-weighted, and spot; and ISO can be set to Auto, 50, 100, 200 or 400. For rapid downloading of images, the Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 and utilise a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface.

Shooting modes and special effects

The Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 cover a wide range of photographic situations by providing users with 15 or 14 different shooting modes, respectively. A selection can be made from Auto, Manual, Portrait, Landscape and Night Snapshot modes, or from the scene modes that now include an underwater setting, allowing users to take full advantage of the optional Waterproof Case (WP-DC80) for the Digital IXUS 750, or All Weather Case (AW-DC50) for the Digital IXUS 55. Underwater mode adjusts the white balance specifically for underwater shots, allowing capture of the most authentic colours and minimising any blue cast.

My Colors allows the expansion of creativity in digital photography. Special effects such as Color Swap or Custom Color, which allows users to select their preferred colour balance for any given shot, can be performed in-camera and viewed on the LCD while shooting stills and movies. These effects could previously only be achieved using PC software after shooting.

Intelligent orientation sensor

The Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55s Intelligent Orientation Sensor recognises when the camera is rotated from horizontal to vertical, automatically rotating stored images for correct playback.

To help keep the camera level with the horizon and to assist with image composition, users can also opt to display gridlines on their LCD.

Other user interface options have been enhanced or added, including the new world time zone display. This allows the user to set home and destination country time zones, as well as animated displays and improved warnings for camera shake. The camera menu can also be displayed in 22 different languages.

More than just photos

The Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 record high quality VGA movies users can select between VGA and QVGA at 30 or 15 fps. Continuous filming is available until the file size has reached 1GB or 60 minutes whichever is reached first. A fast frame rate of 60 fps is available, allowing for slow motion playback. Digital zoom can be employed whilst shooting, and for added effect, My Colors may also be used. Compact Movie mode, or QQVGA (160 x 120/15fps), is designed to make sharing movies via email as simple as possible.

Printing images

When used in combination with Canons new Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP710 and Canons Ink and Paper Set (KP-108IP), prints can be produced for just 30 euro cents each. Printing via a SELPHY CP Compact Photo Printer also allows the user to print handy ID prints and movie prints.

When connected to the latest range of PictBridge compatible PIXMA printers (also released today) image enhancement is possible with functions including Noise Reduction and Vivid Photo as well as the new Face Brightener feature.

Printing of images without having to connect to a PC is made simpler via the Print/Share button, which also acts as an easy upload button for Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Comprehensive software

The Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 come bundled with the following Canon Software:

* ZoomBrowser EX 5.5, PhotoRecord 2.2 (Windows), ImageBrowser 5.5 (Macintosh): For easy image download, storage and retrieval, as well as management of image layout and printing.
* PhotoStitch 3.1: Creates stunning panoramas and can be used with Windows and Macintosh.
* Movie Edit Task: For editing and enhancement of movie footage.

Also included is PhotoStudio, the photo manipulation software by ArcSoft.

Purchasers of both the Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 are eligible for membership of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY , where they can upload images and customise their camera settings.

The bundled software supports Windows 98 (SE), ME, 2000 (SP4), XP (SP1/3) and Macintosh OS X v10.2-v10.3. Both cameras support PTP for driverless transfer to supported Windows XP or Macintosh OS X.


The Digital IXUS 750 can be accessorised with a Waterproof Case (WP-DC80), and ACK900 for mains power. Accessories for the Digital IXUS 55 include an All Weather Case (AW-DC50), and AC Adapter Kit (ACK-DC10). Stylish soft cases, befitting each cameras design, are also available (Digital IXUS 750: DCC-70 and SC-DC20 and Digital IXUS 55: DCC-60). Both the Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 are compatible with SD and MMC memory cards. The Digital IXUS 750 and Digital IXUS 55 come complete with 32 MB and 16 MB Canon SD cards respectively.

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Canon Powershot SD450 / IXUS 55 Reviews

CNET Reviews the Canon PowerShot SD450 and writes - 'The Canon PowerShot SD450's image quality is marginally better than that of its 4-megapixel sibling, the SD300, and the same as that of its predecessor, the SD400. This camera produced photos that were sharper than the SD300's, but other 5-megapixel cameras in this class have done better, particularly at the telephoto zoom position. On the plus side, there was a good range of detail in shadows and highlights, although it was often masked by JPEG artifacts. Color saturation was somewhat muted at the default setting, and there was a tendency toward yellow casts in flesh tones.'

Steves Digicams reviews the Canon Powershot SD450 Digital ELPH and writes - ' Canon has produced yet another winning digital combination of sleek compact design, speedy performance and great image quality. With the camera taking up less space than a deck of playing cards, it can be carried in almost any size pocket or handbag. The PowerShot SD450 has an MSRP of about $399, which we feel is an excellent value when compared to similar models of its class. So if you're in the market for an extremely pocketable 5-megapixel digicam, be sure to take a look at this model.' reviews the Canon IXUS 55 (Powershot SD450) and writes - 'As with most Canon digital cameras the colours produced by the camera are very strong. In fact sometimes blues can be a little too vivid. This shows up in the test for colour. On the whole though this bodes well for all types of photography. Landscape style shots will definitely benefit from the strong colours and you should be able to produce rich photos full of colour.... The Canon IXUS 55 throws up no real surprises and is very similar in performance to the IXUS 50. Picture quality is good without being exceptional, but I like the design and build quality. This is also one of the very few ultra compact digital cameras offering a viewfinder. '

Imaging Resource reviews the Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital ELPH and writes - 'Widely available as of this writing for under $300, the Canon PowerShot SD450 is an excellent little pocket camera, with a full feature set, super build quality, great image quality, and the flexibility to bring back good-looking pictures from a wide range of shooting situations. Its tiny case is sleek and sophisticated, and travels easily, although we do recommend a small hard case for it, to avoid damage if you bump against something with the camera in your pocket. When it comes to picture taking, while actual exposure control remains automatic, the ability to adjust ISO, White Balance, and access longer shutter times significantly extend the camera's shooting ability.'

Photobird reviews the Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital Elph and writes - 'If you're looking for a tiny digital camera to take along with you wherever you go, then the Canon PowerShot SD450 is an excellent choice. It has 5 megapixels, 3x zoom, and a large 2.5" LCD screen -- a group of features that hits the "sweet spot" of today's tiny digital cameras. The Canon PowerShot SD450 is very well built, easy-to-use, and takes excellent photos. The only thing I really missed was a protective covering for the camera, which you can easily find on your own. At about $300, the Canon PowerShot SD450 is an excellent investment that should provide you with thousands upon thousands of precious memories. '

DP Review has posted a review of the Canon PowerShot SD450 where they give the digital camera a rating of 'recommended'. They write - 'In an ideal world buying an ultra compact camera would not involve any compromise at all. But this ain't a perfect world, and if you want a camera you really can carry with you anytime, anywhere then you have to accept there will be some trade-off in terms of absolute image quality. The SD450, like the SD400 before it, is a fast, easy to use, well-specified camera that can genuinely claim to be pocket-sized, and it produces images that - whilst by no means perfect - are sharp, clean and colorful, and it does so with the minimum fuss. It's so small, and is so enjoyable to handle and use that you cannot help but take it with you wherever you go, something you might hesitate to do with a larger camera.'

PhotographyBLOG reviews the Canon Digital IXUS 55 which they are pretty impressed with - giving it a rating of 4 stars out of 5. They write - 'The IXUS 55 is a tiny camera that both looks great and works well, with a number of innovative features on offer. On paper it doesn't seem to offer anything different to a lot of other, cheaper cameras - 3x optical zoom lens, 7 megapixel sensor, large 2.5 inch LCD screen - but pick the IXUS 55 up and there is an undeniable sense of quality which far exceeds the competition. Just as impressively, Canon have managed to include a large LCD screen and small optical viewfinder despite the tiny dimensions of the IXUS 55. Unfortunately image quality isn't quite up to the high standards set by the rest of the camera. Due to the small 1/2.5 inch CCD, the 5 megapixel images are noisy at ISO 200 and 400, and they are also a little soft out of the camera with no option for increasing the sharpness level. If you want a camera with similar build quality that is also pocketable but with better image quality, I would suggest that you take a look at the slightly bigger and more expensive IXUS 750. So the Canon Digital IXUS 55 is obviously not going to satisfy everyone, as it doesn't offer full manual control over aperture and shutter speeds and the image quality is not best in class, but if you want a stylish ultra-compact camera, the IXUS is well worth considering.'

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