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January 16, 2004

National Geographic catch the Digital Bug

National Geographic's first fully Digital Shoot was shot on a Nikon D1X with a few longer exposure shots taken on the Nikon D100.

'Instant review and tethered shooting let McNally execute the big production shots more quickly and efficiently, without the need for endless frames at every possible exposure and lighting iteration. His case of shooter's angst stayed relatively mild, and he exposed only about 7500 images during the course of the story -- equal to about 200 rolls of film. "Prior to this, your average Geographic story for me, shooting on film, would encompass anywhere from 500 to 1000 rolls," McNally says....

"What we set out to do," McNally says, "was to do a good story, first and foremost, and secondarily to prove a point. And I think we did that. We brought home a story that showed the digital possibilities." That story, from the opening B-2 image to the closing F/A-22 shot, runs thirty pages in the magazine. It comprises 23 of McNally's images, including five double trucks and a four-page gatefold. That seems like pretty clear evidence that Joe McNally did not screw up the National Geographic's first digital assignment.'

Read the full report on how they did it here

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