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Jan 31: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7

Panasonic-Lumix-Dmc-Lz7The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 is another 7.2 megapixel digital camera with a 6x optical zoom lens and a 2.5 inch LCD screen.

Get a Price on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7K 7.2MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)

Get a Price on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7S 7.2MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 News Release

Panasonic Adds Pixels and Power to Lumix Digital Camera Line

DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 Pack 7.2-Megapixel CCD and 6X Optical Zoom

Panasonic today added two new members to its growing family of high performance Lumix digital cameras with the introduction of the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6. Each camera boasts a 7.2-megapixel CCD, a powerful 6x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 37-222mm on a 35mm film camera) and convenient AA battery operation. Thanks to Panasonic's careful redesign inside and out, both models offer more power, better image control and a new sleek and stylish appearance, yet still are smaller and lighter than previous Lumix models.

All new Lumix models, including the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6, incorporate Intelligent Image Stabilization, a new camera system that comprises MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) and Intelligent ISO Control, together making it easy to capture beautiful photos every time you shoot. With Intelligent Image Stabilization -- MEGA O.I.S. to compensate for hand-shake plus Intelligent ISO Control to prevent motion blur -- Panasonic has taken image stabilisation a leap forward and equipped the new Lumix DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 with the industry's most advanced countermeasures against blurring.

In addition, the new DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6, which feature impressive bright 2.5-inch and 2.0-inch LCDs respectively, are equipped with the Panasonic Venus Engine III image processing engine that gives them even higher image quality and speedier processing than before. The Venus Engine III, which in the past was offered only in the higher end Lumix models, records at a sensitivity setting as high as ISO 1250 with full resolution, and aids in noise reduction by removing picture noise removed in stages during image processing. And, with its multi-task image-processing capability, the Venus Engine III boasts outstanding response time with shutter release time lag as short as 0.005 second. This fast response makes it easy to capture sudden, spur-of-the-moment shots, and allows for unlimited consecutive shooting.

"Drawing on Panasonic's vast expertise in consumer electronics, Panasonic is committed to creating a new photographic culture by introducing innovative, high-performance cameras and other advanced digital imaging products," said Alex Fried, National Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Corporation of North America. "As consumers demand more from their images, Panasonic is committed to bringing powerful advanced features to our entire camera line. From Intelligent Image Stabilization to new processing engines, and from a sleek new design to powerful zoom, the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 offer top of the line features in a small compact package."

Both the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 offer a range of features that enhance usability and add convenience to digital imaging including: Quick Setting that allows users to quickly and easily access and set the functions used most often, Easy Zoom that shifts the lens instantly to full 6x zoom power at the touch of a dedicated button, and Date Stamp that include both date of photo, day of trip or age of person in the image itself.

Each camera accepts large-capacity SDHC memory cards for extra shooting convenience and flexibility. Powered by two of Panasonic's original, extended-life Oxyride dry cell batteries, the DMC-LZ7 can take approximately 250 shots and LZ6 260 shots (CIPA) on one battery charge.

Additional features and benefits of the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 include:

Wide-Aspect VGA Motion Images: In addition to recording standard VGA (640 x 480) motion images at 30 frames per second, the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 can record stunning wide-aspect VGA (848 x 480) motion images at 30 frames per second. These 16:9 motion pictures look extremely impressive on a wide-screen TV.

Five Auto Focus Modes: To match the shooting situation and subject's position, the user can select from five auto-focusing methods: 5-point, 3- point high-speed, 1-point high-speed, 1-point normal-speed, and spot. As with all powerful zoom models in the Lumix family, the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ6 lead the industry with their short AF time, especially in the 1 point high-speed AF, achieving quick, smooth operation.

* Extended Shooting with Panasonic's Oxyride AA Batteries: The DMC-LZ7
and DMC-LZ6 run on two AA batteries, which can be purchased anywhere.
Each camera also comes with two Panasonic Oxyride AA batteries, which
let you take around 65 percent more shots than you can with ordinary
alkaline batteries. The Oxyride batteries let you take around 250 shots
(LZ7) or 260 shots (LZ6) (CIPA).

* More Scene Modes for More Image Options: A total of 18 scene modes,
including the new Pet and Sunset modes, make it easy to get beautiful
photos in a range of photographic situations. Three of the modes --
Sports, Baby and Pet -- apply Panasonic's Intelligent ISO Control to
help capture crisp, blur-free photos even if the subject moves as you

* Fun Continues Even When the Shooting Is Done: With Direct Print mode,
users simply turn the mode dial on the camera top, plus the USB cable
to a Pictbridge-compatible printer, and in one push, print beautiful
photos. And, with the optional Panasonic DMW-SDP1 HDTV Photo Player,
it's easy to have a slide show of Lumix images in 1080i high-definition
quality. It also allows playback of wide-aspect VGA (848x 480) motion
images that fit an HDTV's 16:9 screen.

* Both cameras will ship in February 2007 with a MSRP of $199.95 for the
LZ7 and $179.95 for the LZ6.

Get a Price on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7K 7.2MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)

Get a Price on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7S 7.2MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 Reviews

DigitalCameraInfo has a first impressions review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 and writes, "At a relatively inexpensive price for a 7-megapixel camera, the Lumix DMC-LZ7 would be a fun camera for those who like to play with settings but who may not be serious image takers. With its 7.2 megapixels, enlargements for weddings, portraits, or vacation shots should be no problem for this camera." has a review of the Panasonic DMC-LZ7 and writes, "My first test shot produces a pleasingly sharp photo. The sharpness is also retained as you move towards the edge of the shot. Colours are well balanced without being as deep and vivid as you can manage with some digital cameras. ... The Panasonic DMC LZ7 is a solid camera for the price. Compared to cheaper models with shorter zoom lenses I think this camera offers better value for money. Although picture quality is not perfect it is a cut above that offered by many entry level models."

Imaging Resource reviews the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 where they write - "Compact, stylish, and affordable, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 is priced right at under $200, offers a 6x optical zoom lens, a load of great preset shooting modes and optional controls, image stabilization, and high ISOs. On the downside, image noise is a bit high and timing is sluggish. The Panasonic LZ7's highest ISO mode, ISO 3,200, is really not usable at all, but its ISO 1,250 still delivers good quality 4x6-inch prints. Flash performance is a little weak, so be careful shooting indoors, especially at full telephoto zoom. Among mid-size digital cameras, the Panasonic LZ7 is small, though a little thick, thanks to the 6x zoom lens. Overall, the Panasonic DMC-LZ7 is capable under a range of conditions and should suit basic photography needs well, provided you give its lens enough light."

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