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Jan 31: Fujifilm offers a premium line of memory cards

Fujifilm Press Release
Fujifilm offers a premium line of memory cards: Now in two categories, new appearances: RS-MMC and miniSD card

With the breakthrough of digital cameras onto the mass market there has also been a steep increase in demand for memory cards. The market volume in Germany is currently at approximately 9 million pieces per annum and has risen by more than 50% in comparison to last year. The digital memory cards are not, however, only used in digital cameras. They also store images, text or sound in PDAs, laptop computers, MP3 players and mobile phones.

Fujifilm is constantly expanding the range of memory cards and will offer two different categories in the future. In addition to the present range, currently sold under the name of High Quality Card, there will also be a series of High Performance Cards. Both card types use the tried and tested SLC (Single Level Cell) technology, which stands principally for speed, durability, compatibility and efficient energy consumption.

High Performance Card: higher speed for professional use
The High Performance Cards represent a premium range and offer the user more: they are perfectly suited to the needs of the professional user, economic in energy consumption and especially fast. The SD cards in the High Performance line store at a speed of up to 10 megabytes per second and 66x speed, the CF cards at up to 12 MB per second and 80x speed. This means that these cards are particularly suitable for professional use and wherever large quantities of data are processed: professional photographers and ambitious amateurs will appreciate the higher storage speeds, for example in the processing of Raw data, when taking series of pictures of when storing video data. The Fujifilm High Performance cards are available as CompactFlash, SD and miniSD card.

RS-MMC and miniSD Cards
RS-MMC and miniSD cards, often used in mobile phones with cameras, are now available under the brand of Fujifilm. These Fujifilm cards are always supplied with an adaptor. This makes a normal MMC card out of a RS-MMC and this can then be used as required in digital cameras, PDAs, PCs, laptops or photo order terminals. The adaptor that is included also converts the miniSD into a standard SD card. With this addition Fujifilm now all common memory card types in its full range and thus covers over 90% of the market demand. All card types are available immediately from retail outlets. A table of all the card types on offer can be found at and