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August 30, 2004

Alina Kabaeva wins Women's Individual Rhythmic All-Round Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Alina Kabaeva from Russia
The winner of the
Silver Medal: Irina Tchachina from Russia
The winner of the
Bronze Medal: Anna Bessonova from Ukraine

Posted by Darren at 02:16 AM | Comments (1)

August 29, 2004

S.Koreans Lodge Appeal Over Hamm's Gold Medal

"South Korea appealed to sport's supreme legal body Sunday in an attempt to secure the Olympic gymnastics all-round gold medal for Yang Tae-young, who was robbed of the title 11 days ago by a scoring error.

Paul Hamm, who became the first American man to win the Olympic all-round title, should not have been awarded the gold, the governing body of gymnastics (FIG) ruled last Saturday.

Despite admitting the error, the FIG refused to redistribute the medals and the Koreans have now applied to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to overturn the federation's decision.

CAS spokesman Matthieu Reeb said although its decisions are usually made public in 24 hours, it may take longer to evaluate an outcome in the Korean's case due to the technicalities involved."

Read more at S.Koreans Lodge Appeal Over Hamm's Gold Medal

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Russia win Women's Group Rhythmic All-Round Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Team from Russia
The winner of the
Silver Medal: Team from Italy
The winner of the
Bronze Medal: Team from Bulgaria

Posted by Darren at 01:38 AM | Comments (0)

August 28, 2004

Even rhythmic gymnastics touched by scoring controversy

"They protest scores in rhythmic gymnastics, too.

Upset with the technical marks given to American Mary Sanders in qualifying Thursday, the U.S. team filed a protest with the International Gymnastics Federation seeking a review of her routines.

Sanders finished 18th out of 24 gymnasts in the first of two qualifying rounds. The top 10 gymnasts after today's second round advance to finals.

Sanders received technical scores, which judge difficulty, of 4.6 in hoop and 6.8 in ball. The 4.6 was lower than anyone in the field except for competitors from Australia, South Africa and Cape Verde.

"They felt it was absolutely too low for that routine," USA Gymnastics spokesman Brian Eaton said. "There were no major errors. She didn't leave out any elements.""
Read more at Even rhythmic gymnastics touched by scoring controversy

Posted by Darren at 04:52 PM | Comments (0)

Paul Hamm Asked to Give Up Gold Medal

"Gymnastics officials asked Paul Hamm to give up his gold medal as the ultimate show of sportsmanship, but the U.S. Olympic Committee told them to take responsibility for their own mistakes. In a dispute over scores that has turned into a political squabble, the head of the International Gymnastics Federation suggested in a letter to Hamm that giving the all-around gold medal to South Korea's Yang Tae-young "would be recognized as the ultimate demonstration of fair play by the whole world." FIG president Bruno Grandi tried to send the letter Thursday night to Hamm through the USOC, but the USOC refused to deliver it."

Read more at AP Wire | 08/27/2004 | Paul Hamm Asked to Give Up Gold Medal

Posted by Darren at 12:47 AM | Comments (19)

August 27, 2004

U.S. Is Angry at the Pressure on Paul Hamm

"The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) have accused the governing body of world gymnastics of putting "outrageous and improper" pressure on gold medallist Paul Hamm to give his medal to a South Korean rival. The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has said Hamm placed first in the all-round event due to a judging error and bronze medallist Yang Tae-young should have been awarded gold. It has suspended the judges involved but said there is no mechanism for overturning a decision made in the competition. "

Read more at U.S. Is Angry at the Pressure on Paul Hamm

Posted by Darren at 11:45 PM | Comments (3)

Romanian judge under investigation

"The Olympic gymnastics official who pressured a Calgary judge to increase his scoring of a Russian athlete's horizontal-bar routine is facing an investigation and possible censure, says the vice-president of the sport's international governing body. "Obviously some things have transpired and will have to be looked at, and that's what we'll do," said Slava Corn, Canada's highest-ranking executive with the International Gymnastics Federation. Romanian judge Adrian Stoica, president of the International Gymnastics Federation's technical committee and chief official during the controversy-plagued Olympic men's competition, has come under fire over several incidents."

Read more at Romanian judge under investigation

Posted by Darren at 11:18 PM | Comments (0)

IOC Rejects S. Korea's Request for Gold

"The International Olympic Committee rejected South Korea's request to have a duplicate gold medals awarded in men's all-around gymnastics because of a scoring mistake that gave the title to American Paul Hamm, IOC president Jacques Rogge said. The IOC also turned down an official German petition for duplicate gold medals following a judging error in the three-day equestrian competition. "We are not going to give medals for so-called humanitarian or emotional reasons," Rogge said Friday at a breakfast meeting with reporters."

Read more at AP Wire | 08/27/2004 | IOC Rejects S. Korea's Request for Gold

Posted by Darren at 10:07 PM | Comments (3)

Canadian Olympic Committee looking for answers

COC demands answers on score that scuppered Shewfelt

Kyle Shewfelt initially said he doesn't want to get involved in the judging controversy that denied him a bronze medal in the men's vault, but the Canadian Olympic Committee isn't letting the matter rest.

Posted by at 07:18 AM | Comments (0)

Canadian Olympic Committee wants explanation of gymnastics vault marks

"The Canadian Olympic Committee has vaulted into the controversy surrounding the judging irregularities that resulted in Calgary's Kyle Shewfelt being denied a bronze medal.

The COC has sent a letter to Burno Grandi, president of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) demanding an explanation for the marks awarded to Romania's Marian Dragulescu.

"What we're asking from them is we'd like to get a response within 24 hours and an idea of how they are going to rectify the situation," said Jackie DeSouza, the COC's director of communications.

Shewfelt finished fourth in the vault even though Dragulescu muffed the landing on his second of two vaults.

Canadian gymnastics officials argue the mistakes Dragulescu made on his final vault make it mathematically impossible for him to receive the score he did."

Read more at Canadian Olympic Committee wants explanation of gymnastics vault marks

Posted by Darren at 06:15 AM | Comments (2)

Canada judge says pressured to raise marks

"A Canadian judge, who raised his marks in an Olympics gymnastics final, says he was under intense pressure from a crowd that "was out of control" and an official who wanted him to do something about it.

"It was difficult to describe the pressure you're in. Thirteen thousand people yelling and screaming and the head of the competition asking you do something," Chris Grabowecky said in remarks published on Thursday.

Grabowecky raised his marks for Russian Alexei Nemov in Monday's horizontal bar final at the Athens Olympics after a booing crowd stalled the proceedings.

He said Adrian Stoica, the event's chief official, had emphatically urged him to up his rating of Nemov."

Read more at Canada judge says pressured to raise marks

Posted by Darren at 03:10 AM | Comments (0)

August 26, 2004

Paul Hamm prefers not to share all-around gold

"Olympic all-around champion Paul Hamm said Wednesday he would prefer not to share his gold medal with South Korea's Yang Tae-young despite a judging mistake that ultimately cost Yang the gold.

In an interview on CBS' "The Late Show with David Letterman," Hamm was asked about having another gold medal issued for Yang.

"I personally feel in my heart I was the Olympic champion that night," Hamm said. "I would be a little bit upset if another gold medal was awarded because I really felt I won the event."

The studio audience agreed, applauding and chanting "U-S-A! U-S-A!"

After a disastrous fall on the vault, Hamm dropped from first place after three rotations to 12th after four. He followed with brilliant performances on the parallel bars and high bar, allowing him to edge Yang, who finished with the bronze, just 0.049 points behind.

But the judges failed to give Yang enough points for the level of difficulty on the parallel bars. That triggered an uproar, with South Korea lobbying for another gold medal."

Read more at Hamm prefers not to share all-around gold

Posted by Darren at 03:32 PM | Comments (5)

August 25, 2004

Paul Hamm makes a perfect fall guy for Olympic cronyism

"If he winds up giving back the gold medal, maybe Paul Hamm of Waukesha, Wis., could look into returning Manhattan, Alaska and the Louisiana territory next.

Incompetence may be inconvenient - criminal, even, in a few special cases - but in sports it's a way of life. If bad calls, like bad business deals, were open to review forever, no game would ever end. There would be no winners and losers, only lawyers. George Steinbrenner would own judges, not ballplayers.

If this latest scandal at the Olympics doesn't have you worried, it's only because you haven't been paying attention. Hamm, on the other hand, hasn't had time to think about anything else. He's the only one in this whole mess who didn't do anything wrong.

Which, of course, made him the perfect fall guy for inept judges, butt-covering officials and an International Olympic Committee afraid of its own shadow."

Read more at Hamm makes a perfect fall guy for Olympic cronyism

Posted by Darren at 11:20 PM | Comments (3)

August 24, 2004

Russia to appeal gymnastic results

"Russia is planning a protest to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over the results of the Olympic gymnastic competition, a team spokesman said on Tuesday.

On Monday spectators held up the horizontal bars event in protest at low marks for Russia's Alexei Nemov.

Russian Olympic Committee spokesman Gennady Shvets told Reuters the organization believed a protest was for the good of the sport.

"The public's reaction to the judges' actions (on Nemov) clearly supports our position," Shvets said.

"There will be an official protest and our lawyers are studying the grounds for giving it a legal character.

"This is in the interests of the Olympic movement and the whole sporting community.""

Read more at Russia to appeal gymnastic results

Posted by Darren at 10:22 PM | Comments (0)

Comaneci speaks out on judging blunders

"Nadia Comaneci wants gymnastics officials to get their act together to ensure athletes do not pay the price for the judging blunders that have blighted the Athens Olympics. "The judges need to re-evaluate the whole situation and make sure something like this doesn't happen again," Comaneci said.

"The judges need to re-evaluate and make sure something like this doesn't happen again," Comaneci said.

"The gymnast shouldn't be paying the price for things like this."

"People power" brought gymnastics judges to their knees on Monday during the horizontal bar final at the end of more than a week of Olympic action in which scoring irregularities left several gymnasts disgruntled.

The governing body of gymnastics ruled last week Paul Hamm had been awarded the all-round crown in error after South Korea's Yang Tae-young had been incorrectly docked a 10th of a point from his parallel bars routine."

Read more at Comaneci speaks out on judging blunders

Posted by Darren at 10:12 PM | Comments (0)

Booing fans shut down Olympic horizontal bar final - Judging Controversy Continues

"Booing spectators halted the Olympic horizontal bar final for nearly 10 minutes here, expressing their frustration at what turned into the latest of several Games gymnastics judging controversies.

In a surreal scene unlike anything gymnastics veterans had ever encountered, jeers and whistles of disgust cascaded upon judges after 2000 Olympic bar champion Alexei Nemov of Russia got a 9.725, putting him third after three men.

As Olympic all-around champion Paul Hamm waited to follow, boos continued. Officials pleaded for silence with no avail and finally judges Teh Kin Kin of Malaysia and Chris Grabowecky of Canada changed scores so Nemov had a 9.762.

Nemov was still last. The crowd was still upset. The noise continued.

The Russian rose to quiet the crowd with little effect. Only when American Hamm approached the bar and began did the roar dwindle to a murmur. When Hamm received a 9.812 to grab the lead, the boos returned.

"I was trying to block it out and get into a zone," Hamm said. "It shows our sport is a subjective sport. People are going to have different opinions."

More jeers followed when Italy's Igor Cassina was given the same score but ranked ahead of Hamm on tie-breakers. Cassina won with Hamm second. Nemov finished fifth."

Read more at Booing fans shut down Olympic horizontal bar final

Get more information at Judging controversy swirls around gymnastics

Posted by Darren at 01:24 PM | Comments (17)

Carly Patterson takes silver in beam

"All-around champion Carly Patterson from Allen, Texas, won her third medal of these Olympics and the sixth for the U.S. women's gymnastics team Monday, taking silver behind Catalina Ponor of Romania in the balance beam finals.

Alexandra Eremia of Romania took bronze. The Romanian women have four medals at these Olympics, including the gold in team competition.

The six medals for the United States surpasses the total of five won by the women in 1992 and makes this the most successful team in a non-boycotted Olympics. Led by all-around champion Mary Lou Retton, the Americans won eight in 1984.

In the floor exercise, Romania picked up two more medals in the finals Monday, with Ponor winning her second gold of the night and teammate Nicoleta Sofronie taking silver."

Read more at Patterson takes silver in beam

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Canada protesting vault result

Angry Canadian gymnastics officials say judging irregularities cost Kyle Shewfelt an Olympic bronze medal in the vault Monday night, an injustice exacerbated by the fact that their appeal has seemingly been ignored. Shewfelt, the Calgary gymnast who won Canada's first gold medal of the Games in Sunday's floor exercise, finished fourth in the vault. He was edged off the podium by Marian Dragulescu despite the fact the Romanian muffed his landing. more @
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Ponor lands third gold of Games

"Romania's Catalina Ponor captured her third gold medal of the Olympics when she tumbled her way to victory in the women's floor exercise on Monday. The 17-year-old thrilled the crowd with her energetic choreography and the equally impressed judges awarded her 9.750 as she led a Romanian one-two.

Ponor's eye-catching combinations were enough to edge out compatriot Daniela Sofronie, a late replacement in the competition for injured team-mate Oana Ban.

Such was the class of the Romanian duo they easily outscored bronze medallist Patricia Moreno of Spain.

Catalina Ponor showed off her sublime balancing skills on the beam to win her second gold medal of the Athens Olympics on Monday.

Having guided Romania to the team title last week, Ponor was rewarded for her precision and artistry with a winning score of 9.787."

Read more at Ponor lands third gold of Games

Posted by Darren at 06:00 AM | Comments (2)

Catalina Pono wins Women's Floor Exercises Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Catalina Ponor from Romania

The winner of the Silver Medal: Nicoleta Daniela Sofronie from Romania

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Patricia Moreno from Spain

Valeri Goncharov wins Men's Parallel Bars Gold Medal - Gymnastics

The winner of the Gold Medal: Valeri Goncharov from Ukraine

The winner of the Silver Medal: Hiroyuki Tomita from Japan

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Xiaopeng Li from China

Catalina Ponor wins Women's Beam Gold Medal - Gymnastics

The winner of the Gold Medal: Catalina Ponor from Romania

The winner of the Silver Medal: Carly Patterson from United States

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Alexandra Georgiana Eremia from Romania

Gervasio Deferr wins Men's Vault Gold Medal - Gymnastics

The winner of the Gold Medal: Gervasio Deferr from Spain

The winner of the Silver Medal: Evgeni Sapronenko from Latvia

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Marian Dragulescu from Romania

Shewfelt falls short of second medal

Kyle Shewfelt gave Canada its first gold medal of the 2004 Olympic Games - and first ever medal in artistic gymnastics - winning the men's floor exercise event final. Shewfelt finished fourth today in the vault final.

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August 23, 2004

Paul Hamm Men's All-Around Gymnastics controversy continues

By far the most controversial story from the Athens Olympics in the past 48 hours has been the emerging story of Paul Hamm wins in the Men's Individual All Round Gymnastics competition. We've had many comments and emails over the issue with many calling for Hamm to either share or give up his Gold medal so that Yang Jae-young, the Korean Gymnast who would have received Gold had the judging in that competition been correct, would receive the Gold medal he deserves. Others have been adamant that Hamm deserves Gold and should not give it up.

Get more news on this emerging story in our archives at:
- American Paul Hamm takes men's all-around gymnastic gold in Athens
- Gymnastics Judges Suspended for Error in Men's All-Around - Gold Medal Stands
- Gymnastics protest just the latest
- Paul Hamm: 'I shouldn't be dealing with this'

Tell us what you think - should Hamm have his Gold medal given to Yang Jae-young? Should Hamm voluntarily give it up?

Posted by Darren at 04:19 PM | Comments (247)

Paul Hamm: 'I shouldn't be dealing with this'

"Tainted gold? Paul Hamm certainly doesn't think so.

In fact, he's downright angry his Olympic all-around gymnastics title is being disputed at all.

"I shouldn't even be dealing with this," Hamm said Sunday after not winning medals in event finals for pommel horse and floor exercise.

Hamm won the gold medal Wednesday after judges incorrectly scored Yang Tae-young's parallel bars routine, failing to give him enough points for the level of difficulty, known as the start value. The South Korean ended up with the bronze, and his country's Olympic committee is appealing the results.

U.S. Olympic Committee chairman Peter Ueberroth and chief executive Jim Scherr met with members of the South Korean delegation to discuss the dispute.

"The Koreans requested a meeting and we listened to their point of view," USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel said. "No decision was reached."

A person briefed on the conversation said that officials from the U.S. and South Korean delegations would meet with International Olympic Committee members today. The most likely resolution appears to be that Hamm would share the gold medal, the person said.

"I guess it's up to them if I share the gold, but I don't feel like that would be the right thing," Hamm said."

Read more at Hamm: 'I shouldn't be dealing with this'

Posted by Darren at 03:23 PM | Comments (129)

Canada's first gold

Canadian gymnast golden

Kyle Shewfelt won Canada's first gold medal in Athens, finishing on top in the men's floor exercise in artistic gymnastics on Sunday.

It was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream for the 22-year-old Calgary native and also represented Canada's first-ever Olympic gold in artistic gymnastics.

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Dimosthenis Tampakos wins Men's Rings - Gymnastics Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Dimosthenis Tampakos from Greece

The winner of the Silver Medal: Jordan Jovtchev from Bulgaria

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Yuri Chechi from Italy

Medal Contenders:

Posted by Darren at 06:18 AM | Comments (13)

Haibin Teng wins Men's Pommel Horse gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Haibin Teng from China

The winner of the Silver Medal: Marius Daniel Urzica from Romania

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Takehiro Kashima from Japan

Monica Rosu wins Women's Vault - Gymnastics - Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Monica Rosu from Romania

The winner of the Silver Medal: Annia Hatch from United States

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Anna Pavlova from Russia

Kyle Shewfelt wins men's Floor Exercises Gold medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Kyle Shewfelt from Canada

The winner of the Silver Medal: Marian Dragulescu from Romania

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Jordan Jovtchev from Bulgaria

Gymnastics protest just the latest

"The Koreans are really miffed and, it turns out, with just cause. Seems the judges failed to give gymnast Yang Jae-young the full amount of points for his parallel bars routine.

Judges were supposed to subtract points from Yang's routine from a start value of 10, but instead started with a value of 9.9, unfairly decreasing his final score by .10.

If they had given him the correct extra tenth of a point, he would have edged American Paul Hamm by .051 for the men's all-around gold medal.

The International Gymnastics Federation ruled it a mistake Saturday and suspended three judges, but said Korea had waited too long to file its "inquiry' into the scoring and the medals would stand. Yang ended up with the bronze.

Now wouldn't you just know it, but one of the judges suspended was an American. There were Spaniard and Columbian judges in charge of determining the start value, but American George Beckstead was the panel chairman with final say.

Think the Koreans won't be focusing on that one? They're still upset Kim Dong-sung was disqualified in the 1,500-meter speedskating race at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. The race that American Apollo Anton Ohno happened to win.

That time they flooded the International Olympic Committee with so many irate e-mails, the IOC had to shut down its system. Better upgrade those firewalls now."

Read more at Gymnastics protest just the latest

Posted by Darren at 01:33 AM | Comments (3)

Gymnast Khorkina Says 'Judges Robbed Me'

"Russia's Svetlana Khorkina, who was second to American Carly Patterson in the women's all-round gymnastics competition, has accused the judges of robbing her of the gold medal and said "everything was decided in advance."

"I'm just furious," Khorkina, who had been favorite for the coveted title, was quoted as saying in the daily Izvestia. "I knew well in advance, even before I stepped on the stage for my first event, that I was going to lose."

"Everything was decided in advance. I had no illusions about this when the judges gave me 9.462 for the vault after conferring with one another at length.

"I practically did everything right, still they just set me up and fleeced me," she said in the interview published on Saturday.

Asked why she felt she was marked down by the judges, Khorkina said: "You better ask them. I think it's because I'm from Russia, not from America!"

When Khorkina won her silver medal on Thursday, she showed no outward signs of disappointment and said: "I think it's the best day of my life.""

Read more at Gymnast Khorkina Says 'Judges Robbed Me'

Posted by Darren at 01:20 AM | Comments (14)

August 21, 2004

Gymnastics Judges Suspended for Error in Men's All-Around - Gold Medal Stands

"The International Gymnastics Federation suspended three judges Saturday for a mistake in scoring the men's all-around final, but said results would not be changed and American Paul Hamm would keep his gold medal. The error in Wednesday's all-around cost bronze medalist Yang Tae-young of South Korea a tenth of a point that would have given him the gold.

Yang received a start value of 9.9 on his parallel bars routine, a tenth lower than he received for the same set in team qualifying and finals. After reviewing a tape of the all-around, FIG officials determined he should have been awarded a start value of 10. He scored a 9.712 on the event. With the extra 0.10, he would have finished with 57.874 points and defeated Hamm by 0.051

Hamm won the meet over Kim Dae-eun of South Korea by 0.012 in the closest men's all-around in Olympic history. Yang finished third, another 0.037 behind Kim."

Read more at Gymnastics Judges Suspended for Error

Posted by Darren at 10:53 PM | Comments (32)

August 20, 2004

Carly Patterson wins Women's Individual All Round Gymnastics Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Carly Patterson from United States

The winner of the Silver Medal: Svetlana Khorkina from Russia

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Tiantian Wang from China

Posted by Darren at 05:46 AM | Comments (133)

August 19, 2004

Women's gymnastics: Silver's OK, but gold is U.S. goal

"After winning the Olympic all-around title Wednesday night, gymnast Paul Hamm said he was inspired by the United States' second-place finish in the team competition. Carly Patterson wouldn't mind following his lead.

The U.S. women's team also took silver. Hamm found motivation in the fact that his team fell short of its ultimate goal, and Patterson, whose team was expected to win, understands how that feels. Tonight, she tries for the women's all-around gold against some tough European competition."

Read more at Women's gymnastics: Silver's OK, but gold is U.S. goal

Posted by Darren at 03:33 PM | Comments (1)

American Paul Hamm takes men's all-around gymnastic gold in Athens

"Paul Hamm made the history on Wednesday when he clinched the Olympic men's gymnastic all-around title for the UnitedStates in one hundred years.

From the records book, the last American all-around champion was Anton Heida in 1904.

Hamm, 22, the all-around titlist at 2003 Anaheim Worlds on home turf, collected 57.823 points, edging South Korean dark horse Kim Dae Eun to the second place with 57.811.

Hamm, who vowed to take his first Olympic gold in Athens and finished atop in the qualification, tumbled out of the mat and sat down after flying over the vault. The score of 9.137 made everybody think that his tour of the final was over.

However, he rallied in the following apparatus and completed a strong routine on his specialty of horizontal bar. His solid landing earned him 9.837 points to seal his victory.

The American gymnast confessed that when he commited the big error on vault, he talked with his coach about maybe only getting a bronze.

However, his coach Miles Avery said firmly "No way.""

Read more at American Paul Hamm takes men's all-around gymnastic gold in Athens

Posted by Darren at 03:26 PM | Comments (8)

Paul Hamm wins Men's Individual All Round Gold Medal - Gymnastics

The winner of the Gold Medal: Paul Hamm from United States

The winner of the Silver Medal: Dae Eun Kim from Korea, South

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Yang Tae Young from Korea, South

The results of this event have caused a lot of controversy with it being found after the event that judging was incorrect. A mistake was made that meant Korean Gymnast, Yang Jae-Young, would have won Gold. The Korean's missed their opportunity to protest and so the Gold medal stands.

Get more news on this emerging story in our archives at:
- American Paul Hamm takes men's all-around gymnastic gold in Athens
- Gymnastics Judges Suspended for Error in Men's All-Around - Gold Medal Stands
- Gymnastics protest just the latest

Posted by Darren at 05:57 AM | Comments (92)

Romania beat US and Russia for Gold - Women's Gymnastics

"The mistakes were so minor. The kind of errors only judges see.

Carly Patterson's foot grazing the lower of the uneven bars. Courtney Kupets' twirl ending here instead of there. Mohini Bhardwaj's itty-bitty wobble on the beam.

Courtney McCool (right) hugs teammate Mohini Bhardwaj after Bhardwaj competed on the vault.
Little things, but added together they cost the U.S. gymnastics team valuable fractions of points and, ultimately, an Olympics gold medal.

Done in as much by their own sloppiness as Romania's sheer superiority, the Americans settled for silver last night.

"Things happen," Kupets said. "It's disappointing. But what are you going to do?"

Romania finished with 114.283 points, beating the Americans by more than a half-point for its second straight Olympic gold. Russia, never a factor even with diva Svetlana Khorkina prancing and preening, won the bronze.

Silver is hardly anything to be ashamed of, of course. The U.S. men won one Monday night and were positively giddy. And it's far better than leaving empty-handed, which the U.S. women did in Sydney for the first time since 1976."

Read more at U.S. women settle for second place as Romania capitalizes on sloppy mistakes to capture gold

Posted by Darren at 12:36 AM | Comments (43)

August 18, 2004

Romania wins Women's Gymnastics Team Competition Gold Medal

Romania have just won the Women's Gymnastics Team Competition Gold medal.

The winner of the Gold Medal: Romania

The winner of the Silver Medal: United States

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Russia

Posted by Darren at 06:43 AM | Comments (2)

Romania wins Women's Gymnastics Team Competition Gold Medal

Romania have just won the Women's Gymnastics Team Competition Gold medal.

The winner of the Gold Medal: Romania from Romania

The winner of the Silver Medal: United States from United States

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Russia from Russia

Posted by Darren at 06:42 AM | Comments (0)

August 17, 2004

Japan lifts men's gymnastics team gold

"World championships third-placers Japan took a sweet revenge on Monday to claim the men's gymnastics team title at the Athens Olympics with a total score of 173.821 points.

It was Japan's first men's team gold since 1976.

Japan, who placed first in the qualification, continued their momentum in the final.

Hiroyuki Tomita, whose solid landing from high bar sealed Japan's victory, told a press conference that he knew they won when he nailed the landing.

"Before that, I did not think too much about win or loss. Instead, I concentrated on my performance, so did my teammates," said Tomita, the bronze medalist of individual all-round in the 2003 Anaheim world championships.

Starting gymnastics at eight, Tomita, now 24, often dreamed of an Olympic win."

Read more at Japan lifts men's gymnastics team gold

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August 16, 2004

Patterson, U.S. tune for finals

"Carly Patterson beamed.

Her American teammates, however, were hardly as cheery.

The U.S. gymnastics team began its quest for an Olympic gold medal with an up-and-down qualifying round Sunday that included some nice moments - mostly from Patterson - but also left plenty of room for improvement.

"That's why we have a day between competitions," Courtney McCool said after the United States faltered late and finished in second place behind defending Olympic champion Romania.

Most of the Americans can use the off day to improve on vault and floor before Tuesday's finals. The reigning world champions hardly looked the part on those events, stumbling around and turning a 0.99-point lead halfway through the meet into a deficit of 0.588."

Read more at Patterson, U.S. tune for finals

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U.S. gymnasts take second, but with slips along the way

"Their emotions ranged from one extreme to the other, and understandably so.

Courtney McCool and Terin Humphrey, gym mates back home in Blue Springs, Mo., shared some satisfaction Sunday after the women's gymnastics qualification round at the Summer Olympics.

They also felt very similar, even bitter disappointment, thanks mainly to one hard-luck corner of the floor exercise mat.

Headlines will say the U.S. women placed a close second behind Romania in the first day of team competition with Carly Pattersons taking first place in the all-around qualifying.

"We have to be happy about the team doing so well," the 16-year-old McCool said. "We were thinking of the team first today. We're in second place and that's awesome.""

Read more at U.S. gymnasts take second, but with slips along the way

Posted by Darren at 08:27 PM | Comments (0)

Australian gymnasts ready for medal

"National coach Peggy Liddick has warned the gymnastics superpowers that Australia plans on collecting an historic Olympic medal in the women's all-around final on Tuesday.

Australia has never won an Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics and only scraped into its first all-around final by the barest of margins as the eighth and last qualifier.

But Liddick says the cut-throat format for the final will work in Australia's favour, and against the medal favourites from the US, Romania and China.

In the qualification round, every country sent six team members to the floor, five performed each of the four apparatus and the best four scores counted.

In Tuesday night's final, it's three up, three count."

Read more at Australian gymnasts ready for medal

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August 15, 2004

Hamm fuels U.S. push into finals

"There were controversy and confusion, and Blaine Wilson used the word "cheat" in describing the Olympic men's gymnastics high-bar judging panel. Saturday was not a routine opening day at Olympic Hall.

Still, when all was done, the U.S. had qualified for Monday's team finals with the second-best score and Paul Hamm, defending world champion, had stamped himself as the man to beat by qualifying with the highest total for the all-around finals.

Japan finished first with 232.134 points. The U.S. had 230.419 and Romania qualified third with 230.019. Defending Olympic and world champion China qualified fourth with 229.507. Also moving into the eight-team finals were Ukraine, Russia, Korea and Germany. Qualifying scores do not carry over to the finals."

Read more at Hamm fuels U.S. push into finals

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Japanese men upstage rivals - Men's Gymnastics

"Japan set the standard for the Olympic men's gymnastics team finals after romping through qualification ahead of favourites China and the United States on Saturday.

Double Olympic champion Li Xiaopeng had been expected to spearhead the Chinese cause but a suspect Achilles injury limited his participation to just three apparatus while Teng Haibin suffered an uncharacteristic fall from the parallel bars.

The jittery performance by China allowed Japan to storm ahead with a combined score of 232.134.

Paul Hamm underlined the United States' Olympic gold medal prospects with a dynamic all-round performance as the Americans put in a focused display to finish second on 230.419 and stay ahead of Romania (230.019) and China (229.507)."

Read more at Japanese men upstage rivals

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Mohini Bhardwaj - Nothing ordinary about her

"Before she dislocated her elbow and quit gymnastics for a year ... before she came back, went to college, resumed training, worked three jobs and maxed out two credit cards to stay solvent ... before she became The Pam Anderson Gymnast ... Mohini Bhardwaj spent the 1996 Olympics in a Cincinnati bar.

Specifically, she marked the night the U.S. women's team struck gold by partying with friends at the Yacht Club, a now-defunct Clifton nightspot. Kerri Strug landed the gold-clinching vault on that bum ankle without Mohini Bhardwaj watching.

"I was a little upset," Bhardwaj says now. "I was real excited for the women (and) kinda bummed I wasn't there." She had missed making the team by .075 of a point."

Nothing ordinary about her

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Svetlana Khorkina leads Russia to easy win in qualifying

"The Olympic Indoor Hall was virtually empty, the best of the competition was still in the warmup gym and the gymnasts were barely awake.

That didn't stop Svetlana Khorkina from putting on her usual show.

The three-time world champion and reigning diva of gymnastics led Russia to an easy victory in the first session of gymnastics qualifying Sunday morning. The Russians finished with 149.420 points, well ahead of second-place Great Britain's 145.797 points to secure a spot in Tuesday night's finals. Khorkina had the highest individual score, 37.836, as well as the best scores on uneven bars (9.750) and floor (9.437).

The United States, the gold-medal favorites after winning the world championships last summer, was to compete in the second session along with reigning Olympic champ Romania. China, another medal favorite, competed Sunday night."

Read more at Khorkina leads Russia to easy win in qualifying

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Gymnastics opener tinged with controversy

"The first full day of Olympic competition brought the first full-blown controversy of the 2004 Summer Games. And it had nothing to do with security or facilities or anything Greek.

After falling off the high bar during the men's qualification round Saturday, American gymnast Blaine Wilson blamed officials from the sport's governing body, saying they forced him to change his routine three days before the Olympic meet began.

"They cheated," Wilson said after the U.S. team, led by reigning world all-around champion Paul Hamm, easily qualified for the finals, which begin Monday."

Read more at Gymnastics opener tinged with controversy

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US Men's Gymnastics Team Get off to Good Start

"The first day of Olympic competition got off to an early but fabulous start for the U.S. men's gymnastics team.

Fortunately, the team was not scheduled to compete in the morning qualification session. The timing of their afternoon session seemed to agree with the Americans.

Team USA didn't count a score lower than a 9.212, and botched just two of 30 routines.

The Americans started on parallel bars and dominated the event every gymnast that went up hit his routine and most even stuck their landings. Jason Gatson was the high U.S. scorer with a 9.712.

In the session's most dramatic moment Blaine Wilson took a nasty fall off the high bar, but recovered nicely.

The Hamm brothers pulled out great routines after Wilson's mishap and kept the team in the lead after two rotations."

Read more at Gymnastics - Early risers

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August 14, 2004

Romanian men lead gymnastics first round

"The Romanian men, looking to win their first Olympic team medal in gymnastics, easily won the first round of qualifications Saturday. The top eight teams advance to Monday night's finals. The Americans, favored to win their first medal since the 1984 squad took gold at the boycotted Los Angeles Olympics, were to compete later in the day, as was gold-medal favorites China and Japan.

Romania's score of 230.019 points was almost four points better than second-place France (226.231). Canada was third (221.905) and Italy fourth (221.431)."

Read more at Romanian men lead gymnastics first round

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New gymnastics format leaves little room for error

"Reputations will be on the line when the men's team gymnastics competition begins under a new format at the Athens Olympics today.

No medals will be at stake on the first day of competition but team title favourites China and the United States will be aware that the margin for error is almost nil given the new structure.

Under the "6-3-3" format introduced in 2001 only three of the six gymnasts from each team compete on any one apparatus and all their scores count towards the team total.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the "6-5-4" system was used, whereby five of the six members from each squad performed on each apparatus with only the top four scores counting.

The Chinese men have perfected the art of competing under the new arrangement and pipped the US to the gold at last year's world championships in Anaheim by just 0.875 of a point."

Read more at New gymnastics format leaves little room for

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Mohini Bhardwaj Has Chance at All-Around - Gymnastics

"Pamela Anderson's investment in Mohini Bhardwaj keeps paying off.

Bhardwaj, whose quest to make the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team was bankrolled by the former "Baywatch" actress, was chosen as a surprise all-around candidate Friday when the Americans released their lineup.

Bhardwaj joins Courtney McCool and co-national champions Courtney Kupets and Carly Patterson in doing all four events during Sunday's team qualifications.

Bhardwaj would be eligible to compete for the all-around title if she finishes high enough.

The top 24 individual gymnasts advance to the all-around, though each country is limited to two qualifiers"

Local Gymnast Has Chance At All-Around

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August 13, 2004

US Gymnastics team have large expectations

"There was a brief moment between news conferences where oddity and disparity met backstage. As the United States women's basketball team left the building, they passed the U.S. women's gymnastics squad.

What an image: 6-foot-5 Lisa Leslie she of the hoops team strolling by 4-foot-8 1/2 Terin Humphrey she of the balance beam.

The six tiny gymnasts took their places on the stage, America's glass menagerie greeting the world's press.

"They're typical gymnasts," Marta Karolyi, the team's national director who has been around the sport for more than 30 years, said later.

But actually they're a bit different this time around. There's a nose ring. Tattoos of flowers. One retired at 19 as one of Cuba's best gymnasts, only to make a comeback and finally make the U.S. team at age 26. Another flamed out as a teen-aged gymnast but now, at 25, is the captain of a team sure to grab the nation's attention for the next 1 1/2 weeks. Even Pamela Anderson, of "Baywatch" fame, will be in the Athens' stands cheering them on."

Read more at Smallest athletes have large expectations

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August 11, 2004

Making the leap toward Olympics

"Local gymnastics schools get ready for next round of dreams

Every four years, another set of well-muscled sprites flips and twists across TV screens, prompting another wave of youngsters who want to learn how to do it themselves.

Local gymnastics schools are ready for the Olympic boost.

When you put together the fall schedule in Olympic years, you schedule more classes, said Joanne Goodson of Midlands Elite Gymnastics Academy in Gilbert. The retailers have Christmas every year. We get our Christmas every four years.

And like retailers, they never know whether the rush will be manageable or overwhelming. It depends on how compelling the Olympic competition is.

When Mary Lou (Retton) did her thing (in 1984) and when Kerri Strug did her thing (in 1996), it was incredibly huge for us, said Steve Macklen of Columbia Gymnastics Academy. We enrolled about 200 extra students after Kerri Strug."

Read more at Making the leap toward Olympics

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August 10, 2004

Chinese gymnasts ready to defend Olympic men's team title

"The Chinese male gymnasts, who clinched the men's team golds in Sydney Olympics and last year's world championships, are ready to defend the title in Athens Olympics, Chinese team leader Gao Jian said here Monday.

"We have passed the tests of the time difference, hot weather, injuries, equipment and accomodation," Gao told Xinhua outside a training venue in Athens.

"Now, all the six athletes are in good form and are confident of repeating their glories in Athens," he added.

The Chinese team spent nine days training in France before arriving in Athens on August 6, two days earlier than the arrival of the majority of the Chinese delegation.

"The French tour and the earlier arrival help us to get used tothe time difference and weather in Europe," coach Chen Xiong said."

Read more at Chinese gymnasts ready to defend Olympic men's team title

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Gymnastics back in search of the perfect 10

"One of Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10s at the Montreal Olympics wasn't -- well -- perfect.

"She had a slight hop to the landing and that should be at least a half a tenth," Martha Karolyi said of the beam dismount that produced one of Nadia's seven perfect 10s that week.

Caught up in the moment, absorbed by the beauty and athleticism of a young girl who was changing the sport before their eyes, the judges saw past the nearly imperceptible error and awarded the 10 anyway.

The perfect 10s were transforming moments for the Olympics and gymnastics, and the feeling came again eight years later when Mary Lou Retton earned a perfect mark on the floor, and closed with another on vault en route to her all-around gold."

Read more at Gymnastics back in search of the perfect 10 .

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August 09, 2004

Danielle Kelly Withdraws from Olympic Gymnastics

"The Australian gymnastics team has been rocked by Danielle Kelly's withdrawal from the Olympics following a calf muscle injury.

The 18-year-old Queenslander, a member of the bronze medal-winning team at the 2003 world championships, tore her calf muscle in training in Athens.

She will be replaced by 16-year-old Victorian Karen Nguyen who will fly from Cologne to the Olympic city this week.

"She has been examined by (team doctor) Peter Fricker and she won't be able to participate in the Games," Olympic team boss John Coates told reporters."

Read more at Kelly's Olympic dream crushed

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Gymnastics / It's a whole new balancing act for USA

"Just when it looked like USA Gymnastics had risen above its underwhelming 2000 Olympics by assembling the nation's deepest talent pool ever, the International Gymnastics Federation upped the stakes.

The IGF essentially erased the Americans' treasured depth with a new scoring system, a format debuting in Athens this week that rewards specialization and demands perfection.

Instead of dropping the lowest score in an event, as teams have done for the last four Olympics, three gymnasts will now compete in the team finals on each apparatus -- and all three scores will count.

It will be either a Darwinian dream or nightmare for the United States, whose men's and women's teams are still favored to medal, despite the zero margin for error."

Read more at Gymnastics / It's a whole new balancing act for USA.

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August 07, 2004

British Gymnastics Team feeling Positive

"British Olympian Hannah McKibbin has told BBC Sport that losing fellow gymnast Amy Dodsley to injury has not affected the morale of the team.

Dodsley, who was due to take part in the artistic event, suffered a neck injury during pre-Games training and has been replaced by Cherelle Fennell.

"They're all dealing with it very well and I think she's dealing with it very well," said rhythmic gymnast McKibbin.

"It's sad but we're now concentrating on getting the job done in Athens.""

Read more at Team GB upbeat despite loss

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August 02, 2004

Guard Young - Gymnastics

"He was 12 years old, the son of an Olympic gymnast and he couldn't do the splits.

It was an inauspicious start for Guard Young.

"At 12 and not having splits is kind of late, and you get more inflexible as you get older," coach Mark Williams says. "We were kind of working with the timeframe that you've got to get this now or you may never get it."

He got it."

Continue reading Determination makes difference for Young.

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July 31, 2004

Blaine Wilson's last shot at an Olympic Medal

"Blaine Wilson, a gymnast who's about to turn 30 and is only months past a serious injury, is headed to his last chance for an Olympic medal.

At an age when injuries have taken their toll on most gymnasts, Wilson is working out twice a day at the Ohio State gymnastics facility near campus. But he's battling back from an injury that could have ended his career.

While performing his still rings routine at the American Cup on Feb. 28, Wilson tore his left biceps muscle off the bone. The injury normally requires six to seven months of recovery time."

Read more at Gymnast heads to third Olympics for last shot at medal.

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Svetlana Khorkina - Playboy Gymnast

"With her bewitching smile and alluring personality, Svetlana Khorkina has made a seamless transition from Olympic champion to Playboy centrefold.

Not one to adhere to the norm, Khorkina loves being in the spotlight, be it with her gymnastics, modelling exploits or acting.

The self-styled 'queen of the asymmetric bars' will put her non-sporting activities on hold next month as she aims to become the first gymnast to win the same apparatus title at three consecutive Olympic Games.

"I look around and I can't find any shining gymnasts now. My strongest rival is myself. If I am capable of defeating myself, I shouldn't bother with the others," the 25-year-old told Reuters in an interview.

While such a statement sounds arrogant, 13 golds in Olympic, world and European competitions prove Khorkina's superiority in her signature event."

Read more at Playboy centerfold Khorkina targets third gold.

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July 30, 2004

US Gymnasts Searching for Gold

"American gymnasts have a habit of winning major events on home soil but being unable to replicate that success in other lands.

It's a history they will have to shatter at the Athens Olympics to show their stunning performance at last year's World Championships in Anaheim, California, was no fluke and the high expectations in Greece are justified.

Mary Lou Retton won 1984 Los Angeles Olympics all-around gold and led the US women to a silver medal with Soviet Union talent absent. US women won no golds and just two apparatus world or Olympic medals in the next six years.

US men won team gold in 1984 without Soviet rivals but went without a global team medal until taking second at the 2001 and 2003 worlds."

Read more at American gymnasts still searching for success away from home.

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July 28, 2004

Mohini Bhardwaj - Olympic Profile

Mohini Bhardwaj is a hot favorite to bring home Gold from Athens. Post Gazette has a great profile of her - here is a taste.

'Olympic experience: None. She is quite old for an Olympic gymnast, and she had all but given up on participating in the Games in the late 1990s. But she had a strong year for the national team and impressed coach Bela Karolyi enough that he made her a surprise choice.

International achievement: She was the bronze medalist at the 2001 World Championships but otherwise lacks an impressive resume on the world stage. She finished second at the 2004 U.S. championships two months ago in Nashville. She also is an 11-time All-American at UCLA.' Read More at - America's Athletes: Mohini Bhardwaj, Women's gymnastics:

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July 24, 2004

Olympic Gymnastics Overview

One of the oldest Olympic sports, gymnastics has existed for more than 2,000 years, but its development into competition didn't really take shape until about 100 years ago. The International Gymnastics Federation was formed in 1881 and two years later the Amateur Athletic Union assumed control of gymnastics along with other major amateur sports in the United States.

Germany virtually swept all the gymnastics medals in the 1896 Olympics, but since then there have been a wide-ranging number of results with several countries at the top for different competitions.


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July 23, 2004

Raj Bhavsar left out of US Olympic Gymnastics Team

"How badly do U.S. gymnastics leaders want to win a men's team medal at the Athens Olympics?

Enough to leave a potential Olympic champion, Raj Bhavsar, off the team.

Bhavsar was among those squeezed out as a result of a strategy employed by USA Gymnastics, which is based in Indianapolis. Bhavsar would be a medal contender on still rings, but the selection committee ultimately decided the team needed help elsewhere.

"It was going to be a strong team, either way you look at it," Bhavsar said Thursday. "I feel I could have made it a better team. I'll always feel like that because I'm supposed to." Team-first U.S. strategy leaves out top gymnast

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US Women's Gymnastics Team Aim for Repeat Gold

The US Women's Gymnastics Team is hoping for a repeat Gold Medal performance in Athens.

'"Two women in their 20's, thought to be too old for competitive elite-level gymnastics, and four teenagers make up the U.S. team that will try to win gold in Athens.

As an 18-year-old, Mohini Bhardwaj, just missed making the 1996 U.S. team, finishing 10th at the team trials. Now 25, the last time she competed at an international competition was as a member of the United States 2001 World Championship bronze-medal team."'

US Olympic Women Gymnasts Want Gold Medal Repeat

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July 19, 2004

Carly Patterson Makes US Gymnastics Team

Carly_patterson.jpg'Baton Rouge native Carly Patterson was a silver medalist in the all-around at last year's world championships and was also one of six chosen for the Olympics.
NEW WAVERLY, Texas -- In a somewhat anti-climatic announcement, Baton Rouge native Carly Patterson was named as one of the six gymnasts selected for the U.S. team for the Athens Olympics on Sunday.

Joining Patterson in Athens will be 26-year-old Cuban native Annia Hatch and Mohini Bhardwaj, whose training has been subsidized by former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson.

Courtney Kupets, who was co-national champion with Patterson, and Courtney McCool, the winner of a test event earlier this year at the Olympic venue, will lead the team. Terin Humphrey, part of the U.S. squad that won a gold medal at the world championships last summer, also made the team.' Read More at Patterson picked for Olympic team

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Canada First and Second in Trampoline World Cup

Canada are in good shape to win medals in the Trampoline event (part of Gymnastics) at the Athens Olympics after finishing first and second at the Trampoline World Cup this week.

'World champion Karen Cockburn of Toronto bounced to first in a World Cup trampoline event in Savigon, Switzerland Saturday, while Ottawa's Heather Ross-McManus finished second.

The event featured 13 of the 16 athletes who will be competing in the Olympic Games in Athens next month.

"The goal here was to try out a new routine and it went very well," Cockburn said. "I've added more difficulty to the routine and that's what I plan to use at the Olympics. I'm still a bit cautious with it but I'm getting more comfortable."

Cockburn's score was 40.50 points, while Ross-McManus scored 39.70 and Olene Movchan of the Ukraine was third with 39.50 points.' Read More at Canadians finish 1-2 in World Cup trampoline.

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July 16, 2004

Two added to US Men's Olympic Gymnastics Team

The Men's US Gymnastics team has been finalized with these last two additions.

'Blaine Wilson and Guard Young were added to the U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team on Thursday, filling the final two spots on the Olympic roster that will compete in the Athens Games next month.'

Read More at Olympic gymnastics: Two added to men's team

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German Gymnast - Ronny Ziesmer - Paralysed during Practice

'A German gymnast who was expected to contend for a medal at the Athens Olympics broke his neck during practice, and doctors expect him to remain paralyzed.

Ronny Ziesmer fell during a floor exercise Monday, breaking a neck vertebra and damaging his spinal cord. He was executing a double somersault. His arms and legs have been paralyzed since.

"We assume that the paralysis will remain as it is," Dr. Stephan Becker of the trauma hospital in Berlin said Thursday.' Read More at German Olympic hopeful paralyzed after fall

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July 15, 2004

Trampoline a Medal Sport in Athens

After previously being an exhibition sport at Olympic Games Trampoline is set to become a medal sport at the games in Athens as part of the Gymnastics competition.

'In trampoline, athletes perform 10 skills in a row. Parilla says performing one difficult skill after another is the most exciting part of the sport. ' Source - Trampoline Becomes Olympic Medal Sport

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Li Xiaopeng to Spearhead Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team

China's Olympic Gymnastic team is gearing up for competition in Athens where they are hoping to win Gold medals with a team lead by Olympic and world champion Li Xiaopeng.

"We have set a minimum target of two or three gold medals," head coach Huang Yubin said during a break in a workout session.

Chinese gymnasts grabbed three golds, including the country's first men's team title, at the 2000 Olympics.

The 22-year old Li captured gold in the parallel bars in Sydney and has been untouchable on the bars and the vault -- his favourite disciplines -- over the last two seasons....

Two of the team's most likely medallists in Athens are 2003 balance beam world champion Fan Ye and Zhang Nan.' Read More of this story at China's gymnasts poised to land multiple gold

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July 12, 2004

Canada announces lineup for men's gymnastics squad

Double world championship medallist Kyle Shewfelt headlines the six-member men's gymnastic team that will compete at next month's Olympic Games in Athens.

Joining Shewfelt is fellow Calgary native Grant Golding, David Kikuchi of Fall River, N.S., and Adam Wong of Calgary, all named for performances at the Olympic trials that concluded Saturday.

Montreal's Alexander Jeltkov and Ken Ikeda of Abbotsford, B.C., were both coaching selections, while Nathan Gafuik of Calgary was named the alternate.

Jeltkov and Shewfelt were on the 2000 Sydney Games squad.

full story

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Canada Announces Olympics Gymnastics Team

'Double world championship medallist Kyle Shewfelt headlines the six-member men's gymnastic team that will compete at next month's Olympic Games in Athens.

Joining Shewfelt is fellow Calgary native Grant Golding, David Kikuchi of Fall River, N.S., and Adam Wong of Calgary, all named for performances at the Olympic trials that concluded Saturday.

Montreal's Alexander Jeltkov and Ken Ikeda of Abbotsford, B.C., were both coaching selections, while Nathan Gafuik of Calgary was named the alternate.' Read more at Canada unveils Olympic men's gymnastics squad

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July 11, 2004

Daiane dos Santos - Brazil's Hope for Gold

Gymnast Daiane dos Santos is fast becoming a national hero in Brazil. She is one of the few chances that the country has at a Gold medal at the Athens Olympics.

'The diminutive, 21-year-old dos Santos emerged as a sports superstar here in August 2003. That was when she won the top floor exercise prize at the World Gymnastics Championship in Anaheim, California, and became South America's first -- and so far only _ world champion gymnast.

She won that gold medal with a series of electrifying leaps, body twists and flips, which the International Gymnastics Federation nicknamed the "Dos Santos" in her honor.' Read More at Gymnast is one of Brazil's few shots at gold

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July 06, 2004

Daiane dos Santos

Brazil's Daiane dos Santos is confident of winning a Gold Medal at the Athens Olympic Games in her specialty event - floor exercises; in the gymnastics competition.

'She is 4 ft., 9 in., weighs less than 100 lbs., and when she smiles the braces on her teeth make her look half her 21 years.

But no one should mistake Daiane dos Santos's apparent physical slightness for frailty. When asked what it would mean to win the Olympic gold in floor exercise for which she is heavily favored, the little gymnast does not define what it would mean. She defines what it will mean.

"It will," she says confidently, "be the greatest achievement of my life."'

Source - Brazil's 'black pearl' tumbles toward Athens - and Olympic history

July 05, 2004

Australian Gymnastics Trials

The Australian Gymnastics Trials for the Athens Olympics are today being held in Canberra.

'Only national all-around champion Allana Slater, outstanding 15-year-old Monette Russo and fellow 2003 World Championship bronze medallist Stephanie Moorhouse can expect to be named on the six-strong women's artistic team after regularly impressing on the international stage over the past two years.

While Slater, Russo and Moorhouse dominated last night's opening session of a tense, two-part final trial, none of the 12 Athens hopefuls were able to post scores high enough to be on track for automatic inclusion in the Olympic team.

An aggregate score of at least 74 out of 80 was the requirement and Slater (37.650) was the only competitor halfway towards achieving the tough task.' Source - Last chance for gymnasts

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July 01, 2004

16 Year Old Gymnast on course for Olympics

After two British gymnastics trials for this summer�s Athens Olympics, Melanie Roberts, who turned 16 just over a month ago, has put herself in a good position to make the squad.


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June 30, 2004

Olympic hopeful Yim ruptures Achilles' in training

Olympic hopeful gymnast Tabitha Yim ruptured her right Achilles' tendon during training Tuesday, ending her chances of making the Athens Games.

Source - Gymnastics - Olympic hopeful Yim ruptures Achilles' in training

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June 28, 2004

Mohini Bhardwaj Still Has Olympic Hope

'After finishing sixth at the U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials on Sunday, Cincinnati native Mohini Bhardwaj was invited to next month's selection camp which will determine if she will be picked for a spot on the U.S. team. 'Read More - Bhardwaj still has Olympic shot

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US Gymnastics Trials Heat Up

Competition is hot between those 12 American Gymnasts who have moved through into the next stage of US Athens Olympic Games trials.

'The gymnasts vying for a spot on the 2004 Olympic team make up the most talented selection group from which the United States ever has drawn.

A deep squad may be good for the United States' chances for a gold medal, but it means the competition to make the Olympic team for incoming UCLA freshman Tasha Schwikert and former Bruin Mohini Bhardwaj is that much more fierce.'Source - Gymnastics: UCLA gymnasts compete for spots on U.S. Olympic team

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June 27, 2004

Paul Hamm and Brett McClure In US Gymnastics Team

'Paul Hamm and Brett McClure secured their spots at the Athens Olympics on Saturday, while four more gymnasts waited to hear their names called, as well.

Hamm and McClure finished the Olympic trials the way they came in after national championships: ranked first and second in the overall scoring from the four meets -- two at nationals, two at trials -- that are used to pick the six-man team.

The top-two finishes earned them automatic spots. 'Source - Hamm, McClure make Olympics and wait for company

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June 26, 2004

Bhardwaj makes case for Olympics

Bhardwaj makes case for Olympics

Mohini Bhardwaj is making a strong case for Olympic Selection at US Olympic gymnastics team trials.

At 25 years old, with one last shot at Olympic glory and a selection process that favors the status quo over surprises, Mohini Bhardwaj figured she had only a few more opportunities to make a name for herself as a gymnast.

And on Friday night, with favorites Courtney Kupets, Carly Patterson and Courtney McCool turning in solid but unspectacular performances in the women's all-around preliminaries at the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team trials, Bhardwaj took every chance and nailed it. With her sponsor, actress Pamela Anderson, cheering her on, Bhardwaj drew the loudest ovations of the night from the crowd of 9,723 at the Pond.

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June 25, 2004

Blaine Wilson and Jason Gatson Prepare for Trials

With the US Olympic Gymnastic Trials happening this week there is plenty of speculation as to who will make the team.

'Not quite perfect, but far better than average, Blaine Wilson and Jason Gatson returned from injuries Thursday night and made good cases for spots on the U.S. Olympic team.

Wilson and Gatson were the headliners at preliminaries of the Olympic trials. Two of the best gymnasts in the country, they each missed the national championships earlier in the month and the quality of their comebacks will determine who makes the six-man Olympic team.

By the looks of things, they're very much in the running for a trip to Athens.' - Source - Wilson, Gatson Look Good in Olympic Trials

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June 24, 2004

US Gymnastics Trials Lose Meaning

This year the US Olympic Trials are taking a new turn. Instead of the winners being guaranteed trips to Athens they will be guaranteed trips to a Selection camp where they will have to prove their worth before a selection committee.

'The talent pool is deep, president of USA Gymnastics Bob Colarossi explained Wednesday, seated at a makeshift sign that read, "I [heart] selection procedures." The difference between the third-best U.S. woman gymnast and the eighth-best is no longer that vast.

In order to heighten the certainty that USA Gymnastics is sending the very best women's team to Athens, an Olympic Team Selection Committee was formed because, after all, what is life without another committee.

Don't worry about the top two finishers at these so-called Olympic Trials getting lost in Robert's Rules of Order, Colarossi said.

"If you're one of the top two finishers here," Colarossi said, "you're going to be one of the top gymnasts in the world. And to think that, in 13 days, you're going to show up [in camp] and not prove that you're ready for Athens, it's unthinkable."'Source - Gymnastics Trials lose their meaning

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June 20, 2004

Mary Sanders and Jennifer Parilla Qualify

The US Gymnastics Team is shaping up with Mary Sanders and Jennifer Parilla winning spots.

'Mary Sanders earned the United States' only spot in rhythmic gymnastics at the Athens Olympics, winning all four categories at the Olympic trials on Saturday.

Jennifer Parilla won the trampoline competition at the San Jose State University Events Center and will make her second Olympic trip this summer.'
Source - Sanders, Parilla Qualify for Olympics

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May 08, 2004

Athens Olympics Gymnastics Events and Results

Athens Olympics Gymnastics

artistic_gymnastics.gif rhythmic_Gymnastics.gif trampoline.gifGymnastics at the Athens Olympics will run from 14th - 29th August at two venues, the Olympic Indoor Hall (Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline) and the Galatsi Olympic Hall (Rhythmic Gymnastics).

Olympic Gymnastics comprises of three disciplines - Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline.

Medal Hopes: 'Russia's Svetlana Khorkina will be a favourite in artistic gymnastics, but Ukraine's Alina Kozich upset her at the European championships. Romania's Catalina Ponor looks another winner, while China and the US will also scrap for the major medals. Romania's Marian Dragulescu looks set to be the male star after four European golds.' Source: Fox Sports: Gymnastics Interactive

Results and Medals will be posted on the pages listed below as they come to hand during competition. In the mean time keep up to date with all the latest Gymnastics News in our Gymnastics News Archives

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Medals and Results

- Men's Team Competition

- Men's Individual All-Round
- Men's Floor Exercises
-Men's Pommel Horse
- Men's Rings
- Men's Vault
- Men's Parallel Bars
- Men's Horizontal Bar

Men's Trampoline Medals and Results

Men's Trampoline

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Medals and Results

- Women's Group Rhythmic All-Round
- Women's Individual Rhythmic All-Round
- Women's Floor Exercises
- Women's Beam
- Women's Vault
- Women's Uneven Bars

Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics Medals and Results

- Women's Individual All-Round
- Women's Team Competition

Women's Trampoline Medals and Results

- Women's Trampoline

Olympic Gymnastics Links

BBC - Introduction to Olympic Gymnasics
NBC - Gymnastics: Inside the Sport
BBC: Olympic Gymnastics
Athens News Agency: Gymnastics
NBC: Olympics Gymnastics
CBC: Rhythmic Gymnastics
Fox Sports: Gymnastics

For the first time at Olympics, men's and women's teams must select three of their six athletes to compete on each event in finals, and all three scores will count, leaving no room for error. In the past, five or six athletes would go and the lowest score would be dropped. U.S. women won gold at world championships last year, and men won silver. Both are expected to be in the medal hunt again. China, Japan, Russia and Romania have strong men's and women's teams. Women's all-around should be the highlight of the individual competitions. Russian Svetlana Khorkina will be one to watch in her final major international competition.

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