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August 23, 2004

France win Men's Epee Team Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Team from France

The winner of the Silver Medal: Team from Hungary

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Team from Germany

Fencing referee suspended

"A Hungarian fencing referee has been expelled from the Olympics and suspended for two years. Officials say referee Joszef Hidasi made several errors during Saturday night's gold-medal match in men's team foil, all of them in favor of Italy.

The Italians beat China 45-42 to win the gold medal."

Read more at Fencing referee suspended

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August 22, 2004

U.S. men foiled in fencing medal round

"After upsetting Germany in the quarterfinals, the United States men's foil fencing squad lost to China in the semifinals and then to Russia in the bronze-medal bout.

Italy won the gold medal, fending off a late run by China to win 45-42.

In their medal match, the Americans were tied with 10 points to go, then were down 41-38 when Dan Kellner and Youri Moltchan both recorded touches. The referee awarded the point to Russia and Moltchan went on to close it out.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL: The two American women's pairs advanced to the quarterfinals with straight-set victories in their medal-round openers.

Fourth-ranked Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs defeated 12th-seeded Czech pair Eva Celbova and Sona Novakova 21-16, 21-16. Misty May and Kerri Walsh, the No. 1 seeds, beat seventh-seeded Chinese duo Tian Jia and Wang Fei 21-11, 21-18."

Read more at U.S. men foiled in fencing medal round

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August 20, 2004

France wins gold in team fencing

"France won the gold medal in the men's team sabre fencing competition Thursday at the Olympics, defeating Italy 45-42 in the final.

Russia took the bronze with a 45-44 victory over the United States.

Although the United States came in fourth, it was a great effort for the Americans, considering they upset third-seeded Hungary to advance to the semifinals before falling to France by a point, 45-44.

The U.S. team of Ivan Lee, Jason Rogers and Keeth Smart shocked the fencing world Thursday with the 45-43 victory over Hungary. However, in the semifinal, neither Smart nor American coach Yury Gelman believed the referee made the proper call on the final touch.

The semifinal also had to be stopped for about 10 minutes after Smart slashed the hand of his opponent, Gael Touya, with the score even at 44-44."

Read more at France wins gold in team fencing

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France wins Men's Team Sabre Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Team

The winner of the Silver Medal: Team

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Team

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August 19, 2004

French fencer fights through impaling

"There was blood on the carpet in the Olympic fencing hall as Frenchman Damien Touya had his right hand sliced open during the climax of the men's sabre team semi-final against the United States.

With the score level at 44-44, Touya and Keeth Smart lunged simultaneously. The American's sabre cut through the webbing around the knuckles of the Frenchman's glove.

The blade emerged through his palm, leaving Touya in considerable pain. After a 10-minute time-out, he bravely pulled on his glove and after two further simultaneous attacks that kept the scores tied, he finally produced the hit that sent his team into the final against Italy.

"It showed great courage for Damien to make that last play as he was in terrible pain," said French coach Christian Peeters who toyed with the idea of using the reserve Boris Sanson to complete the match."

Read more at French fencer fights through impaling

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Mariel Zagunis Fencing touch is golden

"The American who nearly didn't go to the Olympics won her nation's first fencing gold medal in a century.

Mariel Zagunis won the first Olympic women's saber competition Tuesday night, beating former world champion Tan Xue of China 15-9 in the final. After she won the last point, Zagunis ripped off her mask, raised her arms and was mobbed by members of the U.S. team who rushed onto the strip and tossed her into the air.

"There's no better feeling than being thrown up there after becoming champion of anything," she said. "I'm glad they could get on stage and celebrate with me like that."

American Sada Jacobson, ranked No. 1 in the world, lost to Tan in the semifinals but bounced back to take the bronze."

Read more at Fencer's touch is golden

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Italians win gold, silver in fencing

"Valentina Vezzali defeated fellow Italian Giovanna Trillini to win the gold medal in women's individual foil on Wednesday night.

Vezzali earned a 15-11 victory to win her fourth overall Olympic fencing gold, which ties a record for women. Trillini, who also owns four golds, won her seventh fencing medal to equal an Olympic record for women. Both women are from the town of Jesi, Italy. "I'm so proud that my hometown has born two Olympic champions," Vezzali said. "The Italian youngsters adore fencing, and they have all the opportunities to increase their talent because Italians have a special kind of imagination." Added Trillini: "I am satisfied that I played against Valentina in such a high level of competition, and I think that we both had a a great performance.""

Read more at Italians win gold, silver in fencing

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Valentina Vezzali wins Women's Foil Gold Medal - Fencing

The winner of the Gold Medal: Valentina Vezzali from Italy

The winner of the Silver Medal: Giovanni Tillini from Italy

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Sylwia Gruchala from Poland

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August 18, 2004

Olympics-Fencing-U.S. and Swiss End Gold Drought

"Mariel Zagunis won the first fencing gold for the United States for 100 years when she beat Xue Tan of China 15-9 in the inaugural Olympic women's sabre final on Tuesday.

Marcel Fischer also made history -- and completed a disappointing night for China -- when he claimed Switzerland's first-ever win in the sport by beating Lei Wang 15-9 to take the men's epee title.

The 19-year-old Zagunis, who only made it to the Games as the third-ranked American when the Nigerian Olympic Committee declined to send Jacqueline Esimaye, raced to an 8-2 lead with an aggressive approach.

In spite of a spirited comeback that briefly took Tan to within three points, she held on to win comfortably."

Read more at Olympics-Fencing-U.S. and Swiss End Gold Drought

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Marcel Fischer wins Men's Epee Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Marcel Fischer from Switzerland

The winner of the Silver Medal: Lei Wang from China

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Pavel Kolobkov from Russia

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Mariel Zagunis wins Women's Sabre Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Mariel Zagunis from United States

The winner of the Silver Medal: Xue Tan from China

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Sada Jacobson from United States

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U.S. Assured of Rare Fencing Medal

"The United States was assured of winning its first fencing medal in 20 years Tuesday after Sada Jacobson and Mariel Zagunis advanced to the semifinals in saber competition.

In the quarterfinals, Jacobson beat Leonore Perrus of France 15-11. Perrus knocked out Sada's sister, Emily, 15-13 in the round of 16, preventing the sisters from playing each other.

``I honestly, really expected Emily to make the (final) eight. I had really thought she was going to do it. I had really prepared myself to fence her,'' Sada Jacobson said. ``I'm sorry she didn't win her bout, but when it comes down to it, it was only going to be one of us, anyway.''"

Read more at U.S. Assured of Rare Fencing Medal

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August 17, 2004

U.S. looks for first ever gold in women's fencing

"It's an old blood-sport that evokes memories of swashbuckling heroes of 17th and 18th century Europe.

Actually, its roots go back to 1190 B.C. in Egypt, where an ancient relief shows history's first known match.

The sport is Olympic fencing. Today, Americans have a shot at their first gold medal in it since the modern games began in Athens in 1896, and their first medal in two decades.

Sisters Sada, 21, and Emily Jacobson, 18, of Dunwoody, Ga., are competing in the women's sabre individual; Sada is the No. 1 seed in the sabre draw.

This is the first time women are competing for a title in the sabre category."

Read more at U.S. looks for first ever gold in women's fencing

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Brice Guyart wins Men's Foil Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Brice Guyart from France

The winner of the Silver Medal: Salvatore Sanzo from Italy

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Andrea Cassara from Italy

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August 16, 2004

Timea Nagy wins Women's Epee Gold Medal

Timea Nagy from Hungary has won the gold medal in the Women's Epee Fencing event.

The winner of the Gold Medal: Timea Nagy from Hungary

The winner of the Silver Medal: Laura Flessel-Colovic from France

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Maureen Nisima from France

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August 14, 2004

Top U.S. Men's Saber Fencers (Keeth Smart and Ivan Lee Eliminated)

"The top U.S. saber fencers got knocked out of the Olympic tournament Saturday in the round of 16. Keeth Smart, who last year became the first American fencer to be ranked No. 1 in the world, stumbled early against Aldo Montano of Italy and lost 15-7.

Montano scored the first five points of the bout, and though Smart pulled within one, he struggled with Montano's attacks and the quick pace of the referee.

"I guess I was a little too excited," said Smart, who won his first-round bout against Gael Touya of France. "I was trying to go too fast."

Ivan Lee, who like Smart is from New York and first learned fencing at the Peter Westbrook Foundation, defeated Gianpiero Pastore of Italy 15-9 in the first round, but then had to face four-time gold medalist Stanislav Pozdniakov. The Russian dominated the bout, taking 12 of the first 16 points. He won 15-9."

Read more at Top U.S. Men's Saber Fencers Eliminated

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Feisty Emily and Sada Jacobson are readyfor sabre competition

"There is a chance that sisters Sada and Emily Jacobson will face each other in fencing competition at the Olympics.

Think of a typical sibling rivalry. Good.

Now add weapons.

"If we fight, we fight like normal people," Emily Jacobson was saying Thursday at the Athens Main Press Center. "It's not like we whip out our sabres or anything. But we do get to hit each other over the head in practice every day. That helps."

Sada Jacobson and her kid sister will compete in the first Olympic sabre competition for women, a weapon which, in the view of the International Olympic Committee, previously was dripping with too much testosterone to allow differently-chromosomed people to brandish it in the five-ringed circus. Now in Athens, women can slash away with impunity. The only sour note is if Sada, the top women's sabre fencer in the world, and Emily reach the round of eight in the one-day competition on Aug. 17, they will meet each other in order to advance to the Fencing Four."

Read more at Feisty Emily and Sada Jacobson are readyfor sabre competition

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Mihai Covaliu - Reigning sabre champion faces tough challenge

"The new-look transparent mask may be the first thing that grabs the attention when the Olympic men's sabre tournament opens today but it is unlikely to be the last.

One look at the line-up is enough to suggest that it will be one of the most open and exciting competitions for years.

Champion Mihai Covaliu, who beat Frenchman Mathieu Gourdain 15-12 in the final in Sydney four years ago, starts his defence as fourth seed.

Having been given a bye in the first round, the Romanian's first match is likely to be against Atlanta bronze medallist and 1999 world champion Damian Touya, also of France."

Read more at Reigning sabre champion faces tough challenge.

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August 13, 2004

Jacobson Earns Top Seed in Fencing Event

"American Sada Jacobson was given the top seed in the Olympic women's saber fencing competition on Thursday, leading to a possible showdown with her sister, Emily, in the quarterfinals.

Jacobson, ranked No. 1 in the world, earned a first-round bye in the 24-woman draw while her sister, Emily Jacobson was given the No. 9 seed and will face Hong Kong's Chow Tsz Ki in the first round on Tuesday.

The sisters from Dunwoody, Ga., were joined in the top 10 by Mariel Zagunis, of Beaverton, Ore., the No. 3 seed."

Read more at Jacobson Earns Top Seed in Fencing Event.

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August 11, 2004

Inner-city fencer heads to Olympic games

"The hatred seeped out of Kamara James, exploding in fits of anger and curses aimed at herself and the wealthy people suddenly dominating her life. She raged against her dangerous neighborhood, against her missing father.

Then she picked up her sword and made things better. It lifted her from the inner city to a scholarship at Princeton, and now has taken her all the way to the Athens Olympics.

James is the only U.S. woman competing in the fencing discipline of epee in Athens. But the 19-year-old does not neatly fit the traditional profile of a fencer."

Read more at Inner-city fencer heads to Olympic games.

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August 10, 2004

Soren Thompson - Globe-trotting fencer now heading to Athens

"The busy schedule Soren Thompson assembled to first reach and later prepare for the Olympics reveals the perfectionist personality that landed him a place on the U.S. Olympic fencing team. That he has completed his year of immersion in the sport feeling relaxed, confident and enlightened by his travels reveals the easygoing Carmel Valley native who, at 23, feels it was the perfect time to see the world.

Thompson has been out and about for more than a year now, having taken the year off from his studies at Princeton to focus on his fencing. To the perfectionist inside him, that meant going to the best training camps, competing at the best tournaments and seeking out the best training partners. Hardly any of it could be accomplished in the United States.

The bright-eyed, curious 20-something in him saw the byproduct of such an endeavor: The means to travel the world at an age when he was mature enough to undertake it and young enough to enjoy it without the restrictions of family or career.

"It's special for me to get this time to do that," said Thompson, who will make his Olympic debut in the men's epee individual competition on Aug. 17 in Athens, Greece. "I'm going to take the time that I can.""

Read more at Globe-trotting fencer now heading to Athens North

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August 04, 2004

Daniel Kellner - Fencing

"Kellner said he first became interested in fencing at about the age of 14 when he had a hard time mastering a fencing video game.

"I couldn't make the fencing part work too well. I wasn't too good at the video game, but the sport intrigued me," he said. "So I asked my mom about fencing and she said, 'They have it at your high school.'"

Encouraged by his mother, he approached the fencing coach at Pingry High School who surprised and delighted Kellner by allowing him to participate in practices even though the boy was still in the seventh grade.

Kellner soon joined Pingry's middle school fencing team and over time, his interest in the sport grew.

"By tenth grade, it looked like I had talent at the sport and at that time, my current coach Simon Gershon had just come to this country from the former Soviet Union, so I began taking lessons with him in Manhattan," Kellner said.

Kellner attended Columbia University where he continued to participate in fencing competitions."

Continue reading Fencer says 'en garde' to Athens .

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August 01, 2004

Olympic Fencing Explained

"So what the heck is foil, anyway?

Foil, epee and sabre make up the sport of fencing. Most fencers specialize in one of the three disciplines. A foil is a flexible rectangular blade a tad under three feet long that weighs less than one pound.

Epee and Sabre are the other two disciplines, but to understand the differences, you need to understand the basics of the entire sport.

Fencing, an athletic demonstration of quickness, is so fast that scoring touches have to be counted electronically, which makes one wonder how the event was scored back in 1896, the first Modern Olympics. Fencing has been included in every Olympics since the Games were re-started in 1896.

It is contested one-on-one on a piste a field of play layed out on a six-by-40-foot strip.

Points are scored by touching an opponent's target area with your weapon. Fencers can draw fouls that result in a yellow card warning or black card expulsion from the match.

Foil: Foil has the smallest scoring area in fencing. The 35-inch rectangular blade of a foil weighs less than a pound, and only scores when the top of the blade touches the grey target area of the torso covered by a metallic vest.

Epee: An epee is also about 35 inches long, but is almost twice as heavy. It has a stiffer blade than a foil, but, as in foil, only touches with the tip of the blade count. The entire body is a target area, so instead of a metallic vest registering the hits, the blades are spring-loaded so that an electrical circuit to score the touch is recorded only when it is of sufficient force.

Sabre: A sabre is the modern equivalent of a calvary sword, capable of slashing and thrusting, and scores hits with both the tip and the edge of the blade. The target in sabre is from the bend in the hips to the top of the head, and the mask is electronically set up to register touches.

Corps-a-Corps: Body contact brought on so that neither fencer may use their weapon.

Engage: To make blade-to-blade contact.

Feint: A fake attack to set up the real attack.

Fleche: A running attack.

Lunge: A basic attack where the front leg lunges forward with the back foot remaining stationary.

Redouble: Attacking an opponent a second time if the opponent fails to counter-attack.

Right of way: On a double hit in foil and sabre, the referee determines which fencer was in the offensive position, thus earning the point. In epee, double hits score points for both fencers."

Source - What's foil? Glad you asked

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July 03, 2004

Christoph Marik Fencing for Gold

'Christoph Marik, the 2004 European epee champion, said Friday he was ready for his medal quest at the Athens Olympics.

Marik, who last month won the European title in Copenhagen, Denmark, by defeating Frenchman Remy Delhomme in the final, is confident he will continue his streak and win a medal at the 2004 Olympics.

"At the Games in Athens everything is possible," Marik told The Associated Press.

The 26-year-old Austrian who started fencing at the age of 11 said that having a strong field to compete against actually improved his chances of success.

"We are all on very much the same level, so any of us can win it or be eliminated in the first round," Marik said. "Daily form and self-confidence will decide, and concerning the latter I am certainly on an all-time high."' Source - European champion Marik wants Olympic medal

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May 08, 2004

Athens Olympics Fencing Events and Results

Athens Olympic Fencing

fencing.gifFencing events at the Athens Olympics will take place between 14th - 22nd August at the Indoor Arena (HEL) & Fencing Hall.

Italy's Valentina Vezzali has three golds and one silver in individual and team women's foil in the past two Olympics, and should add to her total in Athens. The Americans, who have not won a medal in fencing since 1984, have their best chance in women's saber, where sisters Sada and Emily Jacobson, and Mariel Zagunis are all ranked in the top 10. The single-elimination format can produce unforeseen medalists in individual competition.

Fencing Results and Medals will be added below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with all the latest Olympic Fencing News in our Fencing News Archives

Men's Fencing Events

Click the following links for the latest results and medal winners in the following events.
- Men's Foil
- Men's Epee
- Men's Sabre
- Men's Foil Team
- Men's Epee Team
- Men's Sabre Team

- Women's Foil
- Women's Epee
- Women's Sabre
- Women's Epee Team

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Athens Olympic Fencing Links

Saturday, August 21
10:00 AM
Men's Team Foil

11:15 AM
Men's Team Foil

12:30 PM
Men's Team Foil

12:30 PM
Men's Team Foil

6:30 PM
Men's Team Foil
Bronze Medal Match

7:45 PM
Men's Team Foil
Gold Medal Match

Tuesday, August 17
10:00 AM
Women's Individual Sabre

11:30 AM
Women's Individual Sabre

6:30 PM
Women's Individual Sabre

8:25 PM
Women's Individual Sabre
Bronze Medal Match

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