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September 03, 2004

Hoy back on top as dispute carries on

"Andrew Hoy, whose bid to gain his fifth Olympic medal ended with a fall in Athens, made a satisfactory start to the Burghley Horse Trials by holding the lead on Moon Fleet after yesterday's first day of dressage. The Australian has the advantage over Polly Stockton on Tangle Man and Leslie Law on Shear H20.

Meanwhile, the controversy over Hoy's German wife, Bettina, who lost individual and team gold medals through having crossed the start line twice in the final show-jumping at Athens, was still rumbling on. Captain Mark Phillips, the team manager for the United States, was prompted to issue a statement yesterday as the result of comments made by Bettina in the German press.

Phillips was particularly incensed by the suggestion (which he totally refutes) that he had influenced the decision of the French, British and American Federations to take the dispute to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, whose ruling robbed the Germans of the gold medals they had already received.

According to Phillips, the decision was taken out of the hands of the team managers and dealt with by the Olympic committees of all three nations."

Read more at Hoy back on top as dispute carries on

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August 28, 2004

Ireland wins Individual Jumping Gold Medal - Equestrian

The winner of the Gold Medal: Cian O\'Connor from Ireland
The winner of the
Silver Medal: Rodrigo Pessoa from Brazil
The winner of the
Bronze Medal: Chris Kappler from United States

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August 26, 2004

Anky Van Grunsven wins Individual Dressage Gold Medal - Equestrian

The winner of the Gold Medal: Anky Van Grunsven from Netherlands

The winner of the Silver Medal: Ulla Salzgeber from Germany

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Beatriz Ferrer-Salat from Spain

August 25, 2004

Equine epicenter

"It's a long way to the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre from the middle of Athens, an hour and 15 minutes by metro, bus and hoof, so to speak. Not that I'm complaining, because at the 1956 Games in Melbourne, the equestrian events were held in Sweden.

Wherever they are held, the horse events are on the margins of the Olympic hubbub, at least as they are seen through the filter of the mainstream U.S. media. But don't tell that to the thousands of enthusiastic fans who showed up for the second round of qualifying in jumping on Tuesday morning."

Read more at Equine epicenter

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August 21, 2004

Germany wins Team Dressage Gold Medal

The winner of the Gold Medal: Team from Germany

The winner of the Silver Medal: Team from Spain

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Team from United States

August 20, 2004

Equestrian Team Eventing Appeal Update

"The horses were grinding their grain and team officials their teeth at the Olympic equestrian venue Thursday.

Riders and trainers waited for the next step in a rare drama for the polite sport after Germany's riders won the gold medal Wednesday in the three-day team event -- but not before losing it, and then winning it back, in a bizarre flurry of judging decisions and reversals.

France, Britain and the United States -- the three teams caught in the middle of the judges' indecision -- said they would appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport here to reverse the turnabout that briefly gave the U.S. team the bronze in the equestrian equivalent of the decathlon.

"All three teams have informed the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) of their decision to proceed," the committees said in a joint statement, adding that lawyers would file the appeal in a few days."

Read more at As dressage riders wait to start, eventers await appeal

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August 19, 2004

Sport Court Could Resolve Riding Row

"British Olympic officials are expected to launch their appeal against yesterdays three-day event result to the Court of Arbitration for Sport within 24 hours.

A response is currently awaited from the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) later today to see whether all normal channels of appeal have been exhausted following Bettina Hoys controversial victory at the Markopoulo Equestrian Centre.

The British camp have already succeeded in overturning Hoys triumph and that of Germany in the team event once, but Leslie Laws hopes of landing gold were dashed within three hours as the appeal judges ruled in Hoys favour over the double-start row that clouded the second of her three show-jumping rounds."

Read more at Sport Court Could Resolve Riding Row

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Equestrian: No word on retirement from BlythTait

"Blyth Tait shunted Ready Teddy into retirement yesterday after the pair finished 18th at the Olympic Games, yet remained tightlipped about his own eventing plans.

Tait, 43, has indicated he wants to move on to other projects without stating bluntly that meant the end of his sporting career.

Ready Teddy, the only eventing horse to contest three consecutive Olympics, is headed for a south Auckland paddock and a life of leisure.

"He has earned his retirement," Tait said of his old favourite."

Read more at Equestrian: No word on retirement from Tait

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Showjumpers lead UK medal rush

"WHILE it wasnt quite a feast to follow the famine, yesterdays haul of one silver and three bronze medals added a layer of respectability to Great Britains Olympic challenge.

The successes came from some of the Games more peripheral sports but were welcome nonetheless after a tough first four days produced just two medals for Team GB.

Showjumping led the way with an individual silver for Leslie Law in the three-day event and a bronze for Britain in the team competition. Helen Reeves, in canoeing, also struck bronze, as did Alison Williamson in archery."

Read more at Showjumpers lead UK medal rush

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Showjumpers lead UK medal rush

"WHILE it wasnt quite a feast to follow the famine, yesterdays haul of one silver and three bronze medals added a layer of respectability to Great Britains Olympic challenge.

The successes came from some of the Games more peripheral sports but were welcome nonetheless after a tough first four days produced just two medals for Team GB.

Showjumping led the way with an individual silver for Leslie Law in the three-day event and a bronze for Britain in the team competition. Helen Reeves, in canoeing, also struck bronze, as did Alison Williamson in archery."

Read more at Showjumpers lead UK medal rush

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Eventers go to court in search of gold - Equestrian

"Britain's three-day eventers will this morning petition the Court of Arbitration for Sport in an attempt to get the individual silver and team bronze medals they won yesterday upgraded to gold and silver.

The final day of eventing turned to rancorous farce last night after Leslie Law had added silver to the team's bronze. Earlier the British team - comprising Law, Pippa Funnell, Jeanette Brakewell and Mary King - having looked to have bagged bronze, found themselves upgraded to silver when the winning German team were penalised for Bettina Hoy crossing the start line twice. They then reverted to bronze after a successful German appeal.

But the three countries affected - Britain, the US and France - will today take their case to have the German appeal overturned to the CAS, which is sitting in a special session in Athens during the games. If successful, Law will find himself promoted to the gold medal position and the team to silver."

Read more at Eventers go to court in search of gold

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Equestrian causes major problems

There has been all sorts of problems with the final day of the Equestrian competition with points deducted, added back on again and medals swapped around, there is sure to be more discusion regarding this.

Britain's three-day eventers emerged from a dramatic final day brandishing a team bronze and individual silver.
Leslie Law came second, while the team were given third place after a brief upgrade to silver.

But a possible appeal from several teams to the Court of Arbitration for Sport could see Law take gold, GB land silver and Pippa Funnell win bronze.

Source BBC GB eventers bag two medals

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Bettina Hoy wins Individual Eventing Gold Medal - Equestrian

The winner of the Gold Medal: Bettina Hoy from Germany

The winner of the Silver Medal: Leslie Law from United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The winner of the Bronze Medal: Kimberly Severson from United States

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Britain win Silver - Equestrian - Pending Appeal

Great Britain have won silver in the three-day eventing team event, after Germany were docked 12 points.

Team GB originally finished third, but judges have since spotted a foul from Bettina Hoy. Germany can appeal.

Olympics day five

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Germany win Team Eventing Gold Medal - Equestrian

The winner of the Gold Medal: Germany

The winner of the Silver Medal: France

The winner of the Bronze Medal: United Kingdom (GB)

Originally Germany was in the Gold medal position but judges changed this result shortly after the end of competition by penalizing German rider Bettina Hoy 14 points for crossing the finish line twice. This relegated them to fourth position.

Germany appealed this position and after deliberation were reinstated to the Gold Medal position.

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Kim Severson Third After Olympic Cross-Country

"The U.S. eventing team may be a question mark in the medal department, but its star, Kim Severson, seems headed for glory.

The squad's anchor rider, who put in the American contingent's best dressage test, rode fault-free cross-country on Winsome Adante this afternoon to move up from fourth to third in the individual standings.

Notice I said a fault-free trip, not a perfect trip.

Kim was taken aback by Dan's attitude as she took off on the obstacle-studded carpet of grass that snaked through the Markopoulo Equestrian Center, about an hour outside of Athens."

Read more at Severson Third After Olympic Cross-Country

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August 18, 2004

Pippa Funnell puts horse before glory

"Pippa Funnell put the safety of her horse before personal glory in Athens - and kissed goodbye to an Olympic gold medal.

After completing an unprecedented 'Grand Slam' of major three-day event victories last year, Funnell was viewed as one of Great Britain's major medal chances in Greece and was on track to fulfil the expectation after finishing second in the opening dressage section. But the 35-year-old's worst fears were realised at the Markopoulo Equestrian Centre as a combination of a shortened course and a long, downhill finish proved too much for her big-striding gelding Primmore's Pride to deal with."

Read more at Funnell puts horse before glory

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Kim Severson rides into medal contention, and U.S. within reach of silver in three-day equestrian

"American Kim Severson rode into medal contention and the U.S. team moved within reach of silver Tuesday in the three-day equestrian event, horsemanship's equivalent of the triathlon. The three-day event, which is to conclude Wednesday, is a demanding test of skill and stamina that originally was devised as the test of a cavalry horse.

Severson was third with 36.2 penalty points after a lightening fast cross-country round. The rider from Keene, Va., on Winsome Adante, added no jumping or time penalty points to her dressage score and moved up from fourth."

Read more at Kim Severson rides into medal contention, and U.S. within reach of silver in three-day equestrian

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August 17, 2004

France move ahead in three-day equestrian event

"France have moved ahead of Germany and Britain in the Olympic three-day event team competition with a powerful performance on the cross-country leg.

France's top three riders had a combined score of 113.40 penalty points after both the opening dressage round and the tortuous 5.57-km cross-country course. The show-jumping competition is on Wednesday."

Read more at France move ahead in three-day event

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Pippa Funnell's Gold Hopes Dashed

"British three-day event golden girl Pippa Funnell saw her dreams of an Olympic gold shattered at the Markopoulo equestrian centre in Athens today.

Funnell went into the second discipline in the silver medal position following the dressage but on a short cross-country course that clearly did not suit her hulking mount Primmores Pride, she slipped out of contention by missing the optimum cross country time by almost half a minute.

It was a devastating, if not unexpected, blow for Funnell, who feared her horse, who has swept all before him this year would not handle the track.
art from leaving her 13.2 points behind leader Nicolas Touzaint, her poor round also saw Britain fall from first to third position behind France in the team event with just tomorrows show-jumping section still to come."

Read more at Funnell Gold Hopes Dashed

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Germany's Bettina Hoy leads eventing after day one

"Germany's Bettina Hoy led the Olympic equestrian three-day event after the first 37 of 75 riders completed the dressage on Sunday.

Hoy, who is married to Australia's three-time team gold medallist Andrew Hoy, received just 32 penalty points to finish well ahead of Heelan Tompkins of New Zealand in second with 44 points, and fellow German Hinrich Romeike in third with 44.40.

The rest of the field - including her husband Andrew Hoy - will perform their dressage routines on Monday ahead of Tuesday's cross-country and Wednesday's show-jumping finale."

Read more at Germany's Hoy leads eventing after day one

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August 15, 2004

Chris Hoy Says Relax

"Chris Hoy believes he has discovered the secret to Olympic success he has learned to relax.

The Edinburgh rider is hoping to add an Olympic gold to the world kilometre title he won at Melbourne earlier this year.

Hoy achieved enjoyed double success in the event in 2002 when he won a Commonwealth gold for Scotland and followed it up by winning a world champions rainbow jersey in Denmark.

The following year was not so good as he struggled for consistency and failed to even make the podium at that years World Championships.

However, the 28-year-old looks to be back to his best now and will begin Fridays contest as favourite.

Winning the World Championship was good just to get my confidence back for the kilo, he said."

Read more at Chipper Hoy Says Relax

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Britain want gold back in eventing

"Britain are the favourites to win the equestrian team three-day event which begins today with the first day of dressage competition but Australia will be looking to win their fourth consecutive gold medal.

Alongside Britain, silver medal-winners in 2000, and Australia, who are always strong in this most challenging contest, France, the United States and Germany have brought teams to Athens who are also seen as title contenders.

Pippa Funnell -- the first person to win the grand slam of eventing with wins at Kentucky, Badminton and Burghley last year -- is leading a British team which also includes William Fox-Pitt and Leslie Law.

"The competition will be very strong," said Funnell at the Markopoulo Equestrian Centre outside Athens. "I do believe as a team, if we all go how we're capable of going, we are capable of winning gold.""

Read more at Britain want gold back in eventing

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August 14, 2004

U.S. Equestrian Team Pampers Its Horses

"Personal groomers. Long, carefree strolls in the sun. And the best meals - even if it's just carrots and straw - that money can buy.

The U.S. equestrian three-day team's horses are getting pampered in ways that any human athlete would envy, with every conceivable need, physical or mental, attended to with loving care.

``Team USA has the best support group in the world,'' said rider Darren Chiacchia, of Ocala, Fla.

In addition to an individual groom for each horse, there's a veterinarian; a farrier, or professional horseshoer; and even an acupuncturist for the American horses at the equestrian venue near Athens. The dressage and stadium jumping teams, which arrive next week, can expect the same TLC.

Team vet Brendan Furlong of New Jersey said the three-day horses, who will compete in the equestrian equivalent of the decathlon, fared well on their flight to Athens.

They benefited from a new, calming technique in transport: A plastic flap came down before the three-horse pallet was hoisted into the plane."

Read more at U.S. Equestrian Team Pampers Its Horses

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Aussie Equestrian Team Member Survives Games Challenge

"AUSTRALIAN equestrian Mary Hanna has survived a last-minute Russian challenge to her place in the Olympic dressage competition.

Hours before the opening ceremony, the Russian Olympic Committee appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) over a late allocation of Games dressage berths.

Two riders from Finland and Israel were forced to withdraw in July, and their places were given to the next two highest-ranked riders from Australia and France.

But the Russians argued the International Equestrian Federation applied the wrong ranking system."

Read more at Aussie survives Games challenge

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August 11, 2004

Equestrian Olympic Predictions

"Will America's top equestrians take home any gold medals at the Olympics? EquiSearch's Nancy Jaffer shares her predictions.

It's down to the wire now, with the Olympics that we have all been waiting for over the last four years finally starting for equestrians on Sunday, August 15.

Although opening ceremonies are Friday night, the first competition is two days later, when the eventers begin their dressage. The venue is in Markopoulo, just an hour or so from Athens, depending on road conditions and traffic which, I hear, are always dicey in this part of Greece."

Read more at Equestrian Olympic Predictions.

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August 10, 2004

Germans lose top equestrian hope

"German showjumper Marcus Ehning has pulled out of the Olympics because his horse is injured.

Ehning is ranked number one in the world this year and his withdrawal is a major blow to the German equestrian team's chances in the individual and team show jumping competitions of the August 13-29 Games.

The 30-year-old took the decision not to go to Athens after consulting the team's veterinarian.

Ehning's horse, For Pleasure, suffered a damaged ligament."

Read more at Germans lose top equestrian hope.

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New format for Eventing competition - Olympic Equestrian

"Eventing at Athens 2004 will be conducted under a new format, differing from Sydney and Atlanta following an IOC recommendationto reduce cost and space requirements for this Equestrian discipline.

The cross country day is now much shorter because this phase of competitionisheld withoutthe previously run roads and tracks and steeplechasephases.

After the team medals have been decided, the top 25 scores move on to a second round of show jumping forthe individual medal winners.

This new set up was introduced to follow the IOC obligation of awarding team and individual medals for two differing competitions.

A team now consists of five horse and rider combinations with the three best to score, but all five receiving medals.

The format in Sydney consisted four phases on cross country day with a warm up phase A, a steeple chase phase B and a recovery phase C before the riders moved on to the cross country phase D, adding up to a distance of roughly 20 kilometres, including the cross country."

Read more at New format for Eventing competition

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August 06, 2004

New Zealand Equestrian Team - Jumping at Opportunity

"No New Zealand team at the Athens Olympics will have more of a United Nations flavour to it than the showjumping quartet.

The four riders - Bruce Goodin, Daniel Meech, Guy Thomas and Grant Cashmore - are drawn from four countries, none of them New Zealand. The experienced Goodin, preparing for his fourth trip to the Olympics, is based in Sweden; the best-ranked of the four, Meech, is in Germany, while Thomas lives in California and Cashmore has been in England about eight years.

They see a bit of each other at international shows, but Goodin reckons it was important that they had time together in Holland before heading to Greece to go through some planning and strategies for the event."

Read more at Equestrian: Jumping at opportunity.

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July 30, 2004

Technology helps British Equestrian Team

Britain's Olympic riders are looking to technology to gain an edge in Athens.

They have been using video cameras and laptop computers during their training sessions to hone their performance.

The team are tipped to walk away with double Olympic gold in the three-day eventing, an equestrian triathlon that demands infinite skill and courage.

"We are all fortunate that we have got really good horses in the right year, so our confidence is good," said champion rider Leslie Law.

Read more at Technology helps Olympic riders

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July 26, 2004

Beezie Madden - Equestrian

Beezie Madden is confirmed to head to Athens to compete in her first Olympics in Equestrian competition.

Although the top American equestrian showjumper and the fourth best in the world, according to the U.S. Equestrian Federation, Madden unsuccessfully attempted to join the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic teams. This year, she placed first in the U.S. Show Jumping Trials in May and will finally have a chance to join the squad when it travels to Greece in August.

The only woman on the four-member showjumping team, Madden, 40, is also the only Syracuse-area athlete of the 22 New Yorkers going to Athens, according to the U.S. Olympic Committee Web site.

Madden likes her chances of earning a medal in both the team and individual events next month."

Source - CNY equestrian to compete on Olympic team

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July 23, 2004

Great Britain Confident of 2 Gold Medals in Equestrian

The British Equestrian Team is confident of winning not just one Olympic Gold Medal but two in Athens.

'Great Britain are being tipped to walk away with double Olympic gold in the three-day eventing in Athens in August.

Britain won silver in the team event in Sydney four years ago and their best place in the individual event was Mary King's seventh place.

But team performance director Yogi Breisner told BBC Sport: "The gold is a more than realistic goal. We feel we can win gold in both events.'

Brits get golden backing

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Andrew Inglis and Mr Burns Appeal Olympic Decision

'"Showjumper Mr Burns faces a tough battle at the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Monday, when the appeal against his omission from Australia's Olympic squad is heard. But Mr Burns is all too familiar with battles.

Having been trucked to the knackery several years ago, seemingly destined to be processed into pet food, the now 13-year-old has leapt within sight of an Athens berth, pending the outcome of rider Andrew Inglis's appeal.

Mr Burns and Inglis claimed first place at a three-star competition in Vichy, France, last weekend, raising hopes they might displace incumbent rider Tim Amitrano and showjumper Mr Innocent at a CAS hearing, starting on Monday."'

Read More at Appealing story of battling Mr Burns - Athens2004 -

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July 19, 2004

Kristy Oatley-Nist Withdraws from Equestrian

Kristy Oatley-Nist has withdrawn from the Athens Olympics after fitness problems with her horse.

'Europe-based Kristy Oatley-Nist became the first Australian to make it into the final round of the individual dressage competition in Sydney, where she finished ninth.

But a disappointing result at a recent tournament and concerns about the fitness of her Quando-Quando after a gruelling year prompted her to withdraw from the same event in Athens.

She will be replaced by Mary Hanna on Limbo, who rode for Australia in Atlanta and Sydney.' Aussie rider pulls out of Olympics

Posted by Darren at 08:40 PM | Comments (3)

July 18, 2004

John Williams - Equestrian

Williams Rides Tall in the Saddle is a good article on the rider, John Williams, who will be competing in the Athens Olympics in the Team Eventing Competition.

'He was just horsing around at first, clinging to the reins, trying to keep pace with his peers.

Riding for the gold wasn't even a consideration for John Williams when he hopped aboard that pony as a 13-year-old nearly three decades ago.

It wouldn't be until years later, long after he had graduated from Honeoye Falls-Lima and RIT, that Williams would realize how that first ride marked the beginning of a journey that would carry him from the wooded trails of Mendon to an Olympic equestrian course in Athens.' Read More

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July 10, 2004

Introduction to Olympic Equestrian

Sports Network have a good 2004 Summer Olympic Games Preview - Equestrian. It has the history of Olympic Equestrian competition as well as tips for the Athens Olympics.

'Great Britain, Australia and France are expected to be at the top of the heap in the eventing competition. Great Britain's William Fox-Pitt is currently leading the international standings in eventing, while American Kim Severson is right behind him. Phillip Dutton for Australia led his team to the gold medal in the three-team event in Sydney.

Posted by Darren at 11:02 AM | Comments (1)

July 01, 2004

Australian Equestrian Team Strong

The Australian Equestrian Team is so strong that they are able to leave previous Gold Medal Winner, Matt Ryan, on the reserve list.

'The Equestrian Federation of Australia yesterday nominated a five-member team to the Australian Olympic Committee which includes three of the four "Boys from the Bush" who triumphed in Sydney.

The fourth, Ryan, has been to Poland and back in the last week, undertaking a tortuous journey over land and sea from England in a mission to qualify his leading horse, Bonza Puzzle, for selection at the last event in Europe before the team was named.

He succeeded, but still finds himself behind the top five.

Team leader Andrew Hoy, riding Mr Pracatan, will attempt to out-do Dawn Fraser and win his fourth consecutive gold medal in Athens.'

Also in the team is:

  • Philip Dutton riding 'Nova Top'
  • Stuart Tinney riding 'Jeepster'
  • Olivia Bunn riding 'GV Top of the Line' (also known as Carlo)
  • Rebel Morrow riding 'Oaklea Groover'

Source - Selectors had Bonza Puzzle

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June 30, 2004

Hoy gets chance to win fourth Olympic gold

Equestrian rider Andrew Hoy has the chance to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal for Australia after being named yesterday in the Athens Games team.

Hoy, 45, is one of five riders named in the eventing team, in which Australia won gold in Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney. Among Australians, only Dawn Fraser and Hoy have won gold in the same event in three consecutive Olympics.

Source - Equestrian - Hoy gets chance to win fourth Olympic gold

Posted by Regan at 08:47 AM | Comments (4)

June 29, 2004

Experienced team named for Olympics eventing

New Zealand have named an Olympics eventing team chockful of experience that includes 1996 individual gold medal winners Blyth Tait and Ready Teddy.

Source - Equestrian - Experienced team named for Olympics eventing

Posted by Regan at 11:44 AM | Comments (1)

June 21, 2004

Dover Qualifies for Dressage

'Three-time Olympic medalist Robert Dover won the freestyle segment Sunday to sweep the U.S. Olympic dressage trials.

Aboard FBW Kennedy, Dover scored 81.700 percent, bringing his total over two weekends to an overall weighted average of 78.478 percent for his four victories.' Source - Dover Earns 6th Olympic Trip in Dressage

Posted by Darren at 01:46 PM | Comments (1)

May 08, 2004

Athens Olympics Equestrian Events and Results

Athens Olympic Equestrian Events

equestrian.gifThe Equestrian events at Athens will be held between 15th - 27th August at the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre.

Equestrian Events cover the three disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. We will be posting results in all Equestrian events on the pages listed below as soon as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with all the latest Equestrian news in our Equestrian News Archives.

Olympic Equestrian Results and Medals

- Individual Dressage
- Team Dressage
- Individual Jumping
- Team Jumping
- Individual Eventing
- Team Eventing

Dressage Events

Dressage is a competition in which judges award points for the performance of the horse and rider in a series of movements testing the rider's control and the horse's training. The two Dressage Events to be held at the Athens Olympics are:

Dressage Individual
Dressage Team


Jumping is an event in which the horse must clear a number of obstacles on a set course within a specified time. The Jumping events to be held at the Athens Olympics are:

Jumping Individual
Jumping Team


Eventing is a combination of Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping events. In Athens it will take place in the two following forms:

3 Day Event Individual
3 day Event Team

Related Olympics Equestrian Links

- ESPN - Olympic Equestrian
- NBC - Olympic Equestrian
- BBC - Athens Olympics - Equestrian
- Horse Sport
- Begninners Guide to 3 Day Eventing

Athens Olympic Games - Equestrian Schedule

Sunday, August 15
10:00 AM
Individual Dressage

Monday, August 16
10:00 AM
Individual Dressage

Tuesday, August 17
9:00 AM
Individual Dressage
Cross Country

Wednesday, August 18
3:30 PM
Individual Dressage

8:45 PM
Individual Dressage

Sunday, August 15

10:00 AM
Team Dressage

Monday, August 16
10:00 AM
Team Dressage

Wednesday, August 18
3:30 PM
Team Eventing Jumping

8:45 PM
Individual Eventing Jumping

Friday, August 20
8:30 AM
Individual Dressage
Grand Prix

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Australian Idol
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