May 20, 2004

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May 12, 2004

Athens Olympic Games News Resources

Athens Olympic Games News has a great collection of online resources dedicated to reporting news from the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens.

I'm sure the web will be flooded with Olympic Games information so this site will be useful in helping to find quality news.

Its sister page Athens 2004 Olympic Games has an amazing array of links and resources for anyone wanting to visit the Athens Olympic Games or anyone wanting to watch from home.

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May 09, 2004

Athens Olympics Archery Events and Results

archery.gifArchery at the Athens Olympics runs between 15-21 August.

Keep in touch with the latest Olympics Archery News.

Archery is being held at the Panathinaiko Stadium and consists of four events - two individual Archery Gold Medals and two team Archery Gold Medals will be awarded.

South Korea won men's and women's team competitions in 2000, and swept the podium in women's individual. Italy boasts some top men's archers. Jennifer Nichols is the top U.S. woman, while 2000 silver medalist Vic Wunderle is back for the U.S. men.

Archery Events

Click the follow links for the latest Archery Results and Medals. Men's Individual Archery
Women's Individual Archery

Men's Team Archery
Women's Team Archery


Australian Archer, Simon Fairweather, is the defending Gold Medalist from Sydney and is tipped to be hard to beat. David Barnes and Tim Cuddihy look set to challenge however and are defiantly in contention for a medal.

Korea will be difficult to beat in each of the other Archery events having won Gold Medals in both team competitions and the Women's individual event in Sydney.

Partial Athens Olympics Archery Schedule

Saturday, August 21 8:30 AM Men's Team 1/8 Eliminations

10:30 AM
Men's Team

3:45 PM
Men's Team

4:44 PM
Men's Team
Bronze Medal Match

5:14 PM
Men's Team
Gold Medal Match

Friday, August 20
8:30 AM
Women's Team
1/8 Eliminations

10:30 AM
Women's Team

3:45 PM
Women's Team

4:44 PM
Women's Team
Bronze Medal Match

5:14 PM
Women's Team
Gold Medal Match

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May 08, 2004

Athens Olympics Hockey Events and Results

Athens Olympics Hockey

hockey.gifHockey at the Athens Olympic will take place between 14th - 17th August at the Olympic Hockey Centre at the Helliniko Olympic Complex.

Keep up to date with the latest Olympic Hockey News in our Hockey News Archives.

12 Men's teams and 10 Women's teams will compete at the Athens Olympics for Gold. In Men's competition India, Pakistan, The Netherlands, Korea and Australia are tipped to compete for Medals whilst in the Women's draw Australia will defend it's Gold Medal from Sydney against improving teams from Spain, Germany and Japan.

All the Results and Medals will be reported at:
Men's Hockey
Women's Hockey

In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Olympic Hockey News in our Hockey News Archives.

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Athens Olympic Hockey Schedule

Saturday, August 14 12:00 AM Women'sPreliminaries

Sunday, August 15
12:00 AM
Men's Preliminaries

Monday, August 16
12:00 AM
Women's Preliminaries

Tuesday, August 17
12:00 AM
Men's Preliminaries

Wednesday, August 18
12:00 AM
Women's Preliminaries

Thursday, August 19
12:00 AM
Men's Preliminaries

Friday, August 20
12:00 AM
Women's Preliminaries

Saturday, August 21
12:00 AM
Men's Preliminaries

Sunday, August 22
12:00 AM

Monday, August 23
12:00 AM
Men's Preliminaries

The Netherlands, which won the men's gold medal in Sydney, is one of the top teams in Pool B, along with eight-time gold medalist India and Australia, which won bronze in 2000. Germany is a power in men's Pool A, along with three-time gold medalist Pakistan. On the women's side, Australia won gold at the last two Olympics. The United States did not qualify.

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Athens Olympics Football (Soccer) Events and Results

Athens Olympic Football

football.gifFootball at the Athens Olympics begins two days before the opening ceremony on the 11th of August and progresses almost to the end of the Olympics on the 28th August. Football competition will take place at a number of stadiums around Greece in the cities of Athens, Volos, Heraklio, Thessaloniki, Patras.

One Gold Medal is up for grabs for Men and another for Women. Click of the following links for all the latest Football Results and Medals - live as they happen:
- Men's Football
- Women's Football

Keep up to date with the latest Olympics Football/Soccer news at our Football News Archives.

This year's Men's competition is wide open with Cameroon (Sydney's Gold Medal winner) and Brazil not qualifying. Korea could be a chance.

In the Women's competition the US and China are tipped to compete with previous Gold Medal winner, Norway and could feature in the Medals.

Soccer Drills and Practice Plans

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Athens Olympic Football Draw

Men's Olympic football tournament Group A Greece South Korea Mali Mexico

Group B

Group C

Group D
Costa Rica

Women's Olympic football tournament
Group A

Group B

Group C

None of the top four men's teams from 2000, including gold medalist Cameroon and the fourth-place U.S. team, qualified. Four-time world under-20 champion Argentina is left as the favorite in the 16-team field, although the Olympic tournament is tough to gauge because rules restrict teams to players under 23, with three exemptions. 2003 World Cup winner Germany and the United States are favorites in women's event; defending champion Norway failed to qualify. Women's tournament consists of 10 teams split unevenly into three groups. Greece, as the host nation, earned an automatic bid to both fields.

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Athens Olympics Fencing Events and Results

Athens Olympic Fencing

fencing.gifFencing events at the Athens Olympics will take place between 14th - 22nd August at the Indoor Arena (HEL) & Fencing Hall.

Italy's Valentina Vezzali has three golds and one silver in individual and team women's foil in the past two Olympics, and should add to her total in Athens. The Americans, who have not won a medal in fencing since 1984, have their best chance in women's saber, where sisters Sada and Emily Jacobson, and Mariel Zagunis are all ranked in the top 10. The single-elimination format can produce unforeseen medalists in individual competition.

Fencing Results and Medals will be added below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with all the latest Olympic Fencing News in our Fencing News Archives

Men's Fencing Events

Click the following links for the latest results and medal winners in the following events. - Men's Foil - Men's Epee - Men's Sabre - Men's Foil Team - Men's Epee Team - Men's Sabre Team

- Women's Foil
- Women's Epee
- Women's Sabre
- Women's Epee Team

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Athens Olympic Fencing Links

Saturday, August 21 10:00 AM Men's Team Foil Preliminaries

11:15 AM
Men's Team Foil

12:30 PM
Men's Team Foil

12:30 PM
Men's Team Foil

6:30 PM
Men's Team Foil
Bronze Medal Match

7:45 PM
Men's Team Foil
Gold Medal Match

Tuesday, August 17
10:00 AM
Women's Individual Sabre

11:30 AM
Women's Individual Sabre

6:30 PM
Women's Individual Sabre

8:25 PM
Women's Individual Sabre
Bronze Medal Match

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Athens Olympics Wrestling Events and Results

Athens Olympic Wrestling

wrestling.gifWrestling at the Athens Olympics will take place between 22nd - 28th of August at the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall.

Can Rulon Gardner do it again, without having to beat Russian super wrestler Alexander Karelin? Gardner has had a series of mishaps and calamities since pulling off his "miracle on the mat" upset of Karelin in Sydney, but now looks to be healthy and a gold medal contender again. Otherwise, U.S. freestyle and Greco-Roman teams don't look especially strong, but Americans could get a medal count boost from a talented four-member women's team. Armen Nazarien (132 pounds, 60 kg) of Bulgaria tries for a third gold and Russian star Bouvaisa Saitiev (163 pounds, 74 kg) looks to rebound from an upset in Sydney to American gold medalist Brandon Slay; it was Saitiev's only loss in major international competition since 1995.

There are two types of Wrestling at the Olympics, Greco-roman (men only) and Free style (men and women). Over both types of wrestling there are 18 Gold medals up for grabs. Medal winners and all results will be updated to this page as they happen (click on the links listed below) - in the mean time read all the latest Wrestling News in our Olympic Wrestling News Archives.

Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling Events

-Men's 55kg Greco-Roman - Men's 60kg Greco-Roman - Men's 66kg Greco-Roman - Men's 74kg Greco-Roman - Men's 84kg Greco-Roman - Men's 96kg Greco-Roman - Men's 120kg Greco-Roman

Men's Freestyle Wrestling Events

- Men's 55kg Freestyle - Men's 60kg Freestyle - Men's 66kg Freestyle - Men's 74kg Freestyle - Men's 84kg Freestyle - Men's 96kg Freestyle - Men's 120kg Freestyle

Women's Freestyle Wrestling Events

- Women's 48kg Freestyle - Women's 55kg Freestyle - Women's 63kg Freestyle - Women's 72kg Freestyle
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Athens Olympics Weightlifting Events and Results

Athens Olympics Weightlifting

weightlifting.gifWeightlifting at the Athens Olympics will take place between 14th - 25th August at the Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall.

Most of Greece will likely be watching when countrymen Pyrros Dimas (187 pounds) and Kakhi Kakiasvilis (207 pounds) try to become four-time Olympic champions. Only three Olympic athletes have won four golds in the same event. Neither is a favorite; Dimas is 32, Kakiasvilis is 35, and neither won a medal in the European championships last spring. The big story might again come from one of the smallest competitors - two-time gold medalist Halil Mutlu of Turkey is only 4-11 but can lift more than 400 pounds. Women's weightlifting returns after debuting in Sydney, and American Tara Cunningham (105 pounds, 48 kg) goes for a second gold after a surprise win in 2000.

There will be 15 Gold Medals up for grabs in Olympic Weightlifting in Athens, 8 in Men's events and 7 in Women's events. Results and Medal Winners will be updated below as they happen (click on the links listed for the latest results) - in the mean time keep up with the latest Weightlifting news in our Olympic Weightlifting Archives.

Women's Weightlifting Archives

- Women's 48kg - Women's 53kg - Women's 58kg - Women's 63kg - Women's 69kg - Women's 75kg - Woman's +75kg

Men's Weightlifting Archives

- Men's 56kg - Men's 62kg - Men's 69kg - Men's 77kg - Men's 85kg - Men's 94kg - Men's 105kg - Men's +105kg

Favorites - Iran, China, Turkey, Australia and Russia should do well and even Armenia could pick up a few medals.

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Athens Olympics Tennis Events and Results

Athens Olympic Tennis

tennis.gifTennis will be played between 15th - 22nd August at the Olympic Tennis Stadium. Get the latest Tennis News in our Olympic Tennis News Archives.

Who will will Gold Medals in Tennis?

Andy Roddick, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters head a high-quality field, with ATP and WTA ranking points at stake. The hard courts are the same as those used at the U.S. Open, which starts Aug. 30, so that favors Roddick and his 140-150 mph serves. The heat might not be too much of a factor for the men, who'll play three-set matches until the singles final.

Four Gold medals will be awarded in Olympic Tennis in the following events (click for latest results and medal winners):
- Men's Singles
- Men's Doubles
- Women's Singles
- Women's Doubles

Results (Gold, Silver and Bronze medals) will be listed in links above when they become available. In the mean time get the latest Tennis News in our Olympic Tennis News Archives.

Other Relevant Olympic Tennis Resources

- Sports Illustrated has an interesting Tennis factbox for Athens 2004 which gives a history of Olympic tennis as well as a run down on the competition in Athens. - Olympics 2004: Tennis - NBC - Olympics Tennis - CBC - Olympic Tennis - International Tennis Federation - Olympic Tennis - Stars to Watch
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Athens Olympics Taekwondo Events and Results

Athens Olympics Taekwondo

taekwondo.gifTaekwondo at the Athens Olympics will take place between 26th - 29th August in the Sports Pavilion.

American Steven Lopez, who won gold in 68kg in Sydney, will try for another medal in the 80kg weight class. Greece's Michalis Mouroutsos will try to defend his 2000 gold medal in 58kg on his home turf.

Eight Gold Medals will be awarded in Taekwondo events. Results and Medalists for Taekwondo will be posted below as they come to hand (click on links for latest results/medals) . In the mean time get the latest Taekwondo news at our Olympic Taekwondo News Archives.

Men's Taekwondo Events

- Men's Under 58kg - Men's Under 68kg - Men's Under 80kg - Men's Over 80kg

Women's Taekwondo Events

- Women's Under 49kg - Women's Under 57kg - Women's Under 67kg - Women's Over 67kg

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Athens Olympics Volleyball Events and Results

At the Athens Olympics Volleyball will be competed in between 14th - 29th August at the Peace and Friendship Stadium and Beach will be held between the 14th - 25th August at the Olympic Beach Centre.

The U.S. women, now ranked second in the world, have a good chance to capture their first gold but face a tough pool that includes top-ranked China, three-time defending gold medalist Cuba and 2000 silver medalist Russia. On the men's side, Serbia-Montenegro is back to defend its gold from 2000. Brazil and Italy headline Pool B, in which the sixth-ranked Americans are hoping to make up for a disappointing showing in Sydney.

Click links below for the latest Volleyball results and medal winners.

Men's Events

- Men's Volleyball - Men's Beach Volleyball

Women's Events

- Women's Volleyball - Women's Beach Volleyball

Results (gold, silver and bronze) will be updated above as they happen. In the mean time keep up with the latest news in our Olympic News Archives.

Favorites - Brazil are hot favorites to win the Gold medal in both men's and women's beach as well as in men's indoors. China, the US, Brazil and Italy will definitely be in contention in the women's indoors .

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Athens Olympics Triathlon Events and Results


triathlon.gifTriathlon at the Athens Olympics on 25th - 26th August in the area of the Municipality of Vouliagmeni.

' The swimming will take place at one of the most famous beaches, Oceanida. The water quality is excellent and the beach has all the necessary facilities. The start will take place from a floating pontoon.
The cycling and running will be held on the �mountainous� side of the municipality, in scenery where the mountains and sea alternate along the whole route.'

After being shut out in Sydney, U.S. team appears poised to medal in 2004 - Barb Lindquist and Sheila Taormina were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the world. Australia's Loretta Harrop, second to Taormina at the world championships in May, should also contend. In men's race, New Zealand's Bevan Docherty will look to repeat his first-place finish at worlds. American Hunter Kemper has risen to No. 5 in the world rankings.

One Gold will be up for grabs in a Men's event and another Gold Medal in the Women's. Get the latest results and medal winner in Triathlon at Men's Triathlon and Women's Triathlon. In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Triathlon News in our Triathlon News Archives.

Favorites - Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and the US are all in contention for medals in the Triathlon.

Other Related Triathlon Links

- If you're interested in following Triathlon in Athens check out Sports Illustrated's Triathlon factbox for Athens 2004 which includes a short history into Olympic Triathlon and details of the events in Athens. -
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Athens Olympics Table Tennis Events and Results

Athens Olympic Table Tennis

table-tennis.gifTable Tennis takes place between the 14th - 23rd August at the Galatsi Olympic Hall.

Chinese have dominated since the sport was added to the Olympics in 1988 - they won every available gold medal in 1996 and 2000. The top three men and top five women in the world are all Chinese. American Gao Jun, who won a women's doubles silver medal in 1992 while competing for China, represents the United States' best hope for its first medal. Last year, she became the first American since 1959 to reach the quarterfinals at the world championships.

There are four Gold Medals up for grabs in Table Tennis - the events are Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles. Results and Medals will be announced at the following pages as they come to hand - in the mean time keep up to date with the latest table tennis news in our Olympic Table Tennis News Archives.

Olympic Table Tennis Medals and Results
- Men's Singles Table Tennis
- Men's Doubles Table Tennis
- Women's Singles Table Tennis
- Women's Doubles Table Tennis

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Athens Olympics Softball Events and Results

Athens Olympic Softball

softball.gifSoftball at the Athens Olympics will take place between 14th - 23rd at the Olympic Softball Stadium.

The U.S. team will again be prohibitive favorite to win third straight gold. Led by three-time Olympian Lisa Fernandez, the biggest challenge for the Americans could come from themselves. The U.S. team took a 110-game winning streak to Sydney before losing three straight and nearly missing the medal round. The Americans recovered to win gold. The U.S. team's pitching staff of Fernandez, Jennie Finch, Lori Harrigan and Cat Osterman is unmatched. Australia, China and Canada will also be in the medal hunt. This competition is crucial for the future of women's softball as an Olympic sport. The IOC has only guaranteed it a spot through the 2008 Beijing Games and will make another review later this summer.

Softball is a Women's only event with just one Gold Medal up for grabs. Medal favorites this year include the US, Japan and Australia. The Results and Medalists will be posted at Women's
">Athens Olympic Softball Results as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up with the latest Softball news at our Olympic Softball News Archive.

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Athens Olympics Shooting Events and Results

Athens Olympic Shooting

shooting.gifShooting events at the Athens Olympics will take place between the 14th - 22nd August at the Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre where a total of 390 athletes will compete for Gold.

Nearly 400 men and women will compete. Women's shooting disciplines were introduced in 1984. Matt Emmons will compete in air rifle, prone rifle and three-position rifle. He is the first American to qualify in three disciplines since 1960.

17 Gold medals will be awarded in Shooting competition with 10 in Men's and 7 in Women's competitions. Shooting Results and Medalists will be updated on thepages listed below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up with the latest Shooting News in our Olympic Shooting News Archives.

Women's Shooting Results/Medals

- Women's 10m Air pistol - Women's 10m Air Rifle - Women's 25m Pistol - Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions - Women's Double Trap - Women's Skeet - Women's Trap

Men's Shooting Results/Medals

- Men's 10m Air Pistol - Men's 10m Rifle - Men's 10m Running Target - Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol - Men's 50m Pistol - Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions - Men's 50m Rifle Prone - Men's Double Trap - Men's Skeet
- Men's Trap

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Athens Olympics Sailing Events and Results

Athens Olympic Sailing

sailing.gifSailing at the Athens Olympics will be held between the 14th - 28th August at the Agios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Centre.

American Paul Cayard, one of the world's best sailors, will compete in his first Olympics at age 45 in the Star Class after beating Mark Reynolds, the defending gold medalist and a four-time Olympian, at trials. The high-performance 49er, with retractable wings and the crew hiked out in trapezes, made a splashy debut at Sydney in 2000 and is sure to be one of the most interesting classes again. The Yngling - pronounced "ING-ling" - makes its Olympic debut 37 years after being designed by a Norwegian. Finn Class will include an intramural scrum among three members of Team New Zealand's America's Cup crew - skipper Dean Barker, a native Kiwi; navigator Kevin Hall, an American; and Ben Ainslie of Great Britain. Ainslie won the Laser Class gold in 2000 and silver in 1996.

There is a total of eleven Gold Medals up for grabs in Olympic Sailing competition - four in Men's competition, four in women's and three in Open (mixed) competition. Results and Medal Winners will be added to the pages listed below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up with the latest Sailing news in our Sailing News Archives.

Open Sailing Results and Medals

- Open Multihull - Open Double Handed Dinghy - Open Single Handed Dinghy

Men's Sailing Results and Medals

- Men's Keelboat - Men's Double Handed Dinghy - Men's Single Handed Dinghy - Men's Mistral

Women's Sailing Results and Medals

- Women's Keelboat - Women's Double Handed Dinghy - Women's Mistral - Women's Single Handed Dinghy

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Athens Olympics Rowing Events and Results

Athens Olympic Rowing

rowing.gifRowing competition in Athens will be held between 14th - 22nd August at the Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre.

U.S. women's eight comes in having won its last two World Cup events. Great Britain is defending Olympic champion in men's four and eight. In women's single sculls, Ekaterina Karsten of Belarus looks to repeat her gold medal performance from Sydney. The United States failed to qualify boats for men's single sculls and women's double sculls. The U.S. rowing team has 15 members with Olympic experience, but none with medals.

'In Olympic rowing 14 different boat classes are raced, eight sculling events in which two oars are used, one in each hand and six sweep-oared events in which the rower uses one oar with both hands. The sculling boat classes are the single, the double and the quadruple sculls with crews of one, two or four athletes respectively, as well as the lightweight double. The sweep row categories include the pair, the four, the lightweight four (for men only) and the eight with coxswain, which is perhaps the most spectacular rowing event of all.' Source

A total of 14 Gold medals will be up for grabs in Olympic Rowing competition with 8 in Men's competition and 6 in Women's. Rowing Results and Medal Winners will be posted on the pages listed below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Rowing news in our Rowing News Archives.

Men's Rowing Results and Medals

- Men's Single Sculls - Men's Double Sculls - Men's Lightweight Double Sculls - Men's Quadruple Sculls - Men's Pair - Men's Four - Men's Lightweight Four - Men's Eight with Coxswain

Women's Rowing Results and Medals

- Women's Single Sculls - Women's Double Sculls - Women's Lightweight Double Sculls - Women's Quadruple Sculls - Women's Pair - Women's Eight with Coxswain

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Athens Olympics Equestrian Events and Results

Athens Olympic Equestrian Events

equestrian.gifThe Equestrian events at Athens will be held between 15th - 27th August at the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre.

Equestrian Events cover the three disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. We will be posting results in all Equestrian events on the pages listed below as soon as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with all the latest Equestrian news in our Equestrian News Archives.

Olympic Equestrian Results and Medals

- Individual Dressage - Team Dressage - Individual Jumping - Team Jumping - Individual Eventing - Team Eventing

Dressage Events

Dressage is a competition in which judges award points for the performance of the horse and rider in a series of movements testing the rider's control and the horse's training. The two Dressage Events to be held at the Athens Olympics are:

Dressage Individual
Dressage Team


Jumping is an event in which the horse must clear a number of obstacles on a set course within a specified time. The Jumping events to be held at the Athens Olympics are:

Jumping Individual
Jumping Team


Eventing is a combination of Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping events. In Athens it will take place in the two following forms:

3 Day Event Individual
3 day Event Team

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Athens Olympic Games - Equestrian Schedule

Sunday, August 15 10:00 AM Individual Dressage

Monday, August 16
10:00 AM
Individual Dressage

Tuesday, August 17
9:00 AM
Individual Dressage
Cross Country

Wednesday, August 18
3:30 PM
Individual Dressage

8:45 PM
Individual Dressage

Sunday, August 15

10:00 AM
Team Dressage

Monday, August 16
10:00 AM
Team Dressage

Wednesday, August 18
3:30 PM
Team Eventing Jumping

8:45 PM
Individual Eventing Jumping

Friday, August 20
8:30 AM
Individual Dressage
Grand Prix

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Athens Olympics Canoeing - Kayaking Events and Results

Athens Olympic Canoeing/Kayaking

canoe_flatwater.gif canoe_slalom.gifThe Canoeing/Kayaking events in Athens take place in two main disciplines.

Canoe / kayak flatwater racing is made up of speed races in calm water. The main features of this sport are power and speed. Canoe / kayak flatwater incorporate speed races for nine individual competitors (?1, C1) or nine crews (K2 , K4, C2) per course. A course consists of nine lanes, each 9 m wide. It will be held between 16th - 20th August is the Canoe / kayak slalom racing competition to be held at the Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre.

Canoe/kayak slalom racing takes place on a natural (a river, for instance) or artificial competition course. Competitors complete distances of 250 to 400 meters, passing through a series of 18 to 25 'gates' without touching them with their paddle, boat, head or body. In Athens competition will be held between 23rd - 28th August at the Olympic Canoe / Kayak Slalom Centre.

The manmade Helliniko venue pumps in water from the nearby Mediterranean Sea, making it the first Olympic whitewater course to use saltwater. That makes the boats more buoyant and causes more eye irritation from splashing; also creates more foam, making it more difficult for paddlers to judge water surface.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Results in the following Canoe and Kayak events will be posted below as they come to hand. In the mean time get the latest Canoeing and Kayaking Olympic News in our Canoe/Kayak News Archives.

Men's Canoe/Kayak Flatwater Results and Medals

- Men's K1 500m - Men's K1 1000m - Men's K2 500m - Men's K2 1,000m - Men's K4 500m - Men's K4 1,000m - Men's C1 500m - Men's C1 1,000m - Men's C2 500m - Men's C2 1,000m

Men's Canoe/Kayak Slalom Results and Medals

Kayak Singles Canoe Singles Canoe Doubles

Women's Canoe/Kayak Flatwater Results and Medals

- Women's K1 500m - Women's K2 500m - Women's K4 500m

Women's Canoe/Kayak Slalom Results and Medals

Kayak Singles

Related Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking Links

- BBC - Olympic Canoeing - NBC - Olympic Canoe/Kayak - ESPN - Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking - International Canoeing/Kayaking Federation - Begninners Guide to Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking

Athens Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking Schedule


Monday, August 23

2:40 AM
Men's K2 1000m

1:30 AM
Men's K1 1000m

2:00 AM
Men's C1 1000m

2:20 AM
Women's K4 500m

3:10 AM
Men's C2 1000m

3:40 AM
Men's K4 1000m

Tuesday, August 24

1:30 AM
Men's K1 500m

2:00 AM
Men's C1 500m

2:20 AM
Women's K1 500m

2:50 AM
Men's K2 500m

Full Schedule

* All Times ET

Tuesday, August 17

3:00 AM
Men's C1 Canoe Single
Heats - 1st Run

3:50 AM
Women's K1 Kayak Single
Heats - 1st Run

5:00 AM
Men's C1 Canoe Single
Heats - 2nd Run

5:50 AM
Women's K1 Kayak Single
Heats - 2nd Run

Wednesday, August 18

3:00 AM
Men's C1 Canoe Single

3:40 AM
Women's K1 Kayak Single

4:50 AM
Men's C1 Canoe Single

5:20 AM
Men's K1 Kayak Single

6:15 AM
Men's C1 Canoe Single
Medal Ceremony

Thursday, August 19

3:00 AM
Men's C2 Canoe Double
Heats - 1st Run

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Athens Olympics Boxing Events and Results


Athens Olympic Boxing

Boxing at the Athens Olympics will run for 15 days, from the 14th - 29th August at the Peristeri Olympic Boxing Hall.

Cuba has dominated Olympic boxing in recent years, and will bring another strong team that includes defending 119-pound gold medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux and 132-pound gold medalist Mario Kindelan. Missing from the Sydney team that won four gold medals and two bronzes is three-time heavyweight gold medalist Felix Savon, who retired and is helping coach the team. Cuba is in danger, however, of losing the medal race to Russia, which won two gold, three silver and two bronze medals in Sydney, then topped Cuba in the 2003 world championships. The United States is sending nine boxers to Athens, trying to rebound from a disappointing 2000 Olympics where no American boxers won gold medals for the first time in 52 years. Middleweight Andre Dirrell is perhaps the most talented of the Americans, who lack vital international experience. Light heavyweight Andre Ward, a two-time U.S. champion, hasn't lost since 1998 and figures to be a medal contender.

Gold Medal Results in each Olympic Boxing division will be added to the pages below as they come to hand. In the mean time read the latest Olympic Boxing News in our Boxing News Archives

Athens Olympics Boxing Medals and Results

- Light flyweight (48kg) - Flyweight (51kg) - Bantamweight (54kg) - Featherweight (57kg) - Lightweight (60kg) - Light welterweight (64kg) - Welterweight (69kg) - Middleweight (75kg) - Light heavyweight (81kg) - Heavyweight (91kg) - Super heavyweight (+91kg)

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Athens Olympic Boxing Finals Schedule

Saturday, August 14 6:30 AM Men's Middle Weight (75kg) Preliminaries

8:01 AM
Men's Light Heavy Weight (81kg)

Saturday, August 28
12:30 PM
Men's Fly Weight (51kg)

1:06 PM
Men's Feather Weight (57kg)

1:41 PM
Men's Light Welter Weight (64kg)

2:16 PM
Men's Middle Weight (75kg)

2:51 PM
Men's Heavy Weight (91kg)

Sunday, August 29
6:30 AM
Men's Light Fly Weight (48kg)

7:06 AM
Men's Bantam Weight (54kg)

7:41 AM
Men's Light Weight (60kg)

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Athens Olympics Basketball Events and Results


Athens Olympic Basketball

Basketball at the Athens Olympics will be held over 11 days from the 14th - 24th August. It will be held in two venues - beginning in the Indoor Stadium for preliminary games and then moving to the Olympic Indoor Hall for finals.

At the Sydney Olympics the US took out both Men's and Women's Basketball Gold Medals and it is tipped that they will do so again in Athens. In the women's basketball competition pressure will come from Australia and Brazil whilst in men's competition it is likely to come from teams including Lithuania, France, Russia, China and Yugoslavia.

We will publish Gold, Silver and Bronze medal results in both Men's and Women's Basketball events at Men's Basketball Medals and Results and Women's Basketball Medals and Results as they come to hand. In the mean time get the latest Olympic Basketball News in our Basketball News Archives

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Athens Olympics Baseball Events and Results


Athens Olympics Baseball

The Baseball competition at the Athens Olympics will be held between 15th -25th August at the Olympic Baseball Centre.

The US team won this event at the 2000 games in Sydney but surprisingly did not qualify for competition this year. Cuba is tipped at the Olympics Baseball Gold Medal this year in the absence of the US team. China and Chinese Taipei will represent the Asian region as will Japan. Other teams competing include Australia, Greece, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands.

Professionals were first allowed to participate in the 2000 Sydney Games, which the United States won, but major league baseball does not allow players on 40-man major league rosters to participate, causing the IOC to periodically say it will review baseball's status as an Olympic sport. The U.S. team was eliminated by Mexico with a 2-1 loss in the semifinals of regional qualifying last Nov. 7. Japan and Cuba are the favorites.

We'll update our Baseball Medal and Results page as they come to hand - in the mean time check out all our Olympic Baseball News in our Baseball News Archives

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Athens Olympics Badminton Events and Results


Athens Olympics Badminton

Badminton events at the Athens Olympics will take place between 14th- 21st August at the Goudi Olympic Complex.

In a sport dominated by Asian athletes, Denmark and the Netherlands also have some medal hopes. China has three of the world's top five men (as of late June), the top three women in the singles competition and the two top-ranked women's doubles pairs. Denmark has the top men's doubles team. The United States will be represented by one men's doubles pair, Howard Bach and Kevin Han.

In Athens five Gold Medals will be on offer in Badminton Competition. Results will be added to this site as they happen through links below. In the mean time read all the latest badminton news in our Badminton News Archive.

Badminton Events

- Men's Badminton Singles - Men's Badminton Doubles - Women's Badminton Singles - Women's Badminton Doubles - Mixed doubles

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Athens Olympics Athletics (Track and Field) Events and Results

Athens Olympics Athletics

athletics.gifAthletics (Track and Field) events at the Athens Olympics will be held between 18 August and 29th August mainly at the Athens Olympic Stadium.

In Athletics there is a total of 46 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals up for grabs - 24 of each in men's competition and 22 in women's competition.

Marion Jones was the darling of the 2000 Olympics after winning five medals. This time around, she qualified only in the long jump at the U.S. trials, where doping stories dominated the headlines. Though the United States has a young team, it will battle Russia in the medal count. Allen Johnson goes for another gold in the 110-meter hurdles but faces tough competition against China's Liu Xiang. Gail Devers made her fifth Olympic team, but is going for her first gold medal in the 100 hurdles. The women's pole vault could provide the best competition, with former world record holder Stacy Dragila going against top Russians Yelena Isinbayeva and Svetlana Feofanova - current record holder and the first woman to vault over 16 feet. Felix Sanchez has not lost in the 400 hurdles in two years, while the latest Ethiopian sensation, Kenenisa Bekele, tries for a double in the 5,000 and 10,000.

Results will be added to this site as they happen - you will find links to each event's results page below as they are added to the site. In the mean time get all the latest Track and Field news in our Athletics News Archives.

Men's Athletics Results and Medals

Men's 100m
Men's 200m
Men's 400m
Men's 800m
Men's 1500m
Men's 5000m
Men's 10000m
Men's 110m Hurdles
Men's 400m Hurdles
Men's 3,000m Steeplechase
Men's 4 x 100m Relay
Men's 4 x 400m Relay
Men's High Jump
Men's Pole Vault
Men's Long Jump
Men's Triple Jump
Men's Shot Put
Men's Discus
Men's Hammer
Men's Javelin
Men's Decathlon
Men's Marathon
Men's 20km Walk
Men's 50km Road Walk

Women's Athletics Results and Medals

Women's 100m
Women's 200m
Women's 400m
Women's 800m
Women's 1,500m
Women's 5,000m
Women's 10,000m
Women's 100m Hurdles
Women's 400m Hurdles
Women's 4 x 100m Relay
Women's 4 x 400m Relay
Women's High Jump
Women's Pole Vault
Women's Long Jump
Women's Triple Jump
Women's Shot Put
Women's Discus
Women's Hammer
Women's Javelin
Women's Heptathlon
Womans Marathon Womans 20km Road Walk

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Athens Olympics Modern Pentathalon Events and Results

Athens Olympics Modern Pentathalon

pentathlon.gifModern Pentathalon at the Athens Olympics will be held on 26th - 27th August at the Goudi Olympic Complex.

Modern Pentathalon is an individual event that combines the five demanding disciplines of ; Shooting, Fencing, Swimming, Riding, and Cross-country running.

One Gold Medal will be awarded for Men and another for Women. Results will be posted at Men's Pentathlon Results and Medals and Women's Pentathlon Results and Medals as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Olympic Pentathlon news in our Modern Pentathlon Archives.

Modern Pentathlon Resources

International Modern Pentathlon Union Athens New Agency: Modern Pentathlon BBC: Modern Pentathlon NBC: Modern Pentathlon CBC: Modern Pentathlon History of Modern Pentathlon Beginners Guide to Modern Pentathlon

The five-sport discipline created by modern Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin was introduced in 1912. Women competed for the first time in 2000. Athletes compete in shooting, fencing, swimming, horseback riding and finish with a cross-country run. Eastern European men have won all individual medals past three Olympics.

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Athens Olympics Judo Events and Results

Athens Olympic Judo

judo.gifJudo competition at the Athens Olympics will be held between 14th - 20th August at the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall.

Each day one weight class in Men's and Women's competition will be completed with preliminary competitions in the mornings and finals in the evenings. There are a total of 14 Gold medals up for grabs across both Men's and Women's competition.

Introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964; no country has dominated but the Japanese are always strong. This year will be no exception with six-time world champion Ryoko Tani returning to defend her gold medal in the 48 kg weight class. Jimmy Pedro, whose bronze in 1996 was the last American medal, qualified in 73 kg; he retired in 2000 but returned in 2003.

BBC have a good Stars to Watch in Judo article and also a good Beginners Guide to Judo

Olympic Judo Results and Medals will be posted below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Olympic Judo news in our Judo News Archives

Athens Olympic Men's Judo Results and Medals

- Men's -60kg - Men's -66kg - Men's -73kg - Men's -81kg - Men's -90kg - Men's -100kg - Men's +100kg

Athens Olympic Women's Judo Results and Medals

- Women's -48kg - Women's -52kg - Women's -57kg - Women's -63kg - Women's -70kg - Women's -78kg - Women's +78kg

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Athens Olympics Handball Events and Results

Athens Olympic Handball

handball.gifHandball competition at the Athens Olympics will be held between 14th - 29th August at the Faliro Sports Pavilion and the Helliniko Indoor Arena.

There are two Gold Medals up for grabs in the Olympic Handball competition - one in Men's and the other in Women's Competition.

Croatia will be the team to beat in Men's competition - they are the current world champtions and won the Gold medal in Atlanta. Denmark won the women's Gold medal in Sydney and will be hard to beat. Russia are also tipped to do well in both competitions.

Results and Medals for the Athens Olympics competition will be posted at Women's Handball Results and Medals and Men's Handball Results and Medals as soon as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Olympic Handball News in our Handball News Archives

Handball Resources

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Athens Olympics Gymnastics Events and Results

Athens Olympics Gymnastics

artistic_gymnastics.gif rhythmic_Gymnastics.gif trampoline.gifGymnastics at the Athens Olympics will run from 14th - 29th August at two venues, the Olympic Indoor Hall (Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline) and the Galatsi Olympic Hall (Rhythmic Gymnastics).

Olympic Gymnastics comprises of three disciplines - Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline.

Medal Hopes: 'Russia's Svetlana Khorkina will be a favourite in artistic gymnastics, but Ukraine's Alina Kozich upset her at the European championships. Romania's Catalina Ponor looks another winner, while China and the US will also scrap for the major medals. Romania's Marian Dragulescu looks set to be the male star after four European golds.' Source: Fox Sports: Gymnastics Interactive

Results and Medals will be posted on the pages listed below as they come to hand during competition. In the mean time keep up to date with all the latest Gymnastics News in our Gymnastics News Archives

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Medals and Results

- Men's Team Competition
- Men's Individual All-Round - Men's Floor Exercises -Men's Pommel Horse - Men's Rings - Men's Vault - Men's Parallel Bars - Men's Horizontal Bar

Men's Trampoline Medals and Results

Men's Trampoline

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Medals and Results

- Women's Group Rhythmic All-Round - Women's Individual Rhythmic All-Round - Women's Floor Exercises - Women's Beam - Women's Vault - Women's Uneven Bars

Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics Medals and Results

- Women's Individual All-Round - Women's Team Competition

Women's Trampoline Medals and Results

- Women's Trampoline

Olympic Gymnastics Links

BBC - Introduction to Olympic Gymnasics NBC - Gymnastics: Inside the Sport BBC: Olympic Gymnastics Athens News Agency: Gymnastics NBC: Olympics Gymnastics CBC: Rhythmic Gymnastics Fox Sports: Gymnastics

For the first time at Olympics, men's and women's teams must select three of their six athletes to compete on each event in finals, and all three scores will count, leaving no room for error. In the past, five or six athletes would go and the lowest score would be dropped. U.S. women won gold at world championships last year, and men won silver. Both are expected to be in the medal hunt again. China, Japan, Russia and Romania have strong men's and women's teams. Women's all-around should be the highlight of the individual competitions. Russian Svetlana Khorkina will be one to watch in her final major international competition.

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May 05, 2004

Athens Olympics Cycling Events and Results

Athens Olympic Cycling

cycling.gifCycling at the Athens Olympics covers a broad range of events and disciplines including Mountain Bike, Road Cycling and Track Cycling.

Germany, Italy, Australia and Britain all look to have strong teams this Olympics and should feature in the Medal Tally for Cycling.

All Olympics Cycling Events Results will be updated below as they come to hand. In the mean time keep up to date with the latest Cycling news in our Cycling News Archives.

Track Cycling Events

Olympic Track Cycling events will be held at the Olympic Velodrome between 20th - 25th August.

Men's Track Cycling Events
- Men's 1km Individual Time Trial
- Men's Sprint
- Men's Individual Pursuit
- Men's Team Pursuit
- Men's Point Race - Men's Madison
- Men's Keirin
- Men's Team Sprint
- Men's Individual Time Trial

Women's Track Cycling Events
- Women's Sprint
- Women's Individual Pursuit
- Women's 500m Individual Time Trial
- Women's Point Race
- Women's Individual Time Trial

Road Race Cycling Events

Olympic Road Racing will take place between 14th - 18th August in two events. The Road Race is to be held in the historical centre of Athens and the Individual Time Trial will be held at the Vouliagmeni Olympic Centre. Each event will be held with both men and women with a total of four Gold Medals up for Grabs in Road Racing. Get results and medals at Women's Individual Road Race Results and Medals and Men's Individual Road Race Results and Medals.

Mountain Bike Events

Mountain Biking events in Athens will take place on 27th - 28th August at the Parnitha Olympic Mountain Bike Venue. It is a cross country ride with a Gold Medal up for grabs in both Men's Cross Country and Women's Cross Country Competition.

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Mountain - Belgium's Filip Meirhaeghe and Norway's Gunn-Rita Dahle will be heavily favored to win individual medals. Canada has probably the best depth top-to-bottom in the women's field. The United States is sending only one woman's rider to Athens. Road - American men's side will be without Lance Armstrong, who declined an invitation. Track - France, Britain and Australia each won five medals at this year's world championships. And the Russian women, led by Olga Slyusareva and Svetlana Grankovskaya, figure to be strong; 2000 sprint gold winner Marty Nothstein is the lone returning medalist for the United States.

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May 01, 2004

Athens Olympic Aquatics Events and Results

swimming.gif sync_Swimming.gif diving.gif water_polo.gif

Keep up to date with the latest Athens Swimming - Diving - Synchronized Swimming - Water Polo News.

In Aquatics at the Athens Olympics there are four disciplines - Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo - (Get the latest Olympic News on Each of these disciplines by clicking on these links).

These events will be held between August 14 to 29 at the Olympic Aquatic Centre.

There are 23 Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals on offer in Men's Events and 24 Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals on offer in Women's Events. Results will be added to this site as they happen - you will find links to each event's results page below as they are added to the site.

Swimming Results and Medals

Men's 50m Freestyle Men's 100m Freestyle Men's 200m Freestyle Men's 400m Freestyle Women's 800m Freestyle Men's 1500m Freestyle Women's 50m Freestyle Women's 100m Freestyle Women's 200m Freestyle Women's 400m Freestyle Men's 100m Backstroke Men's 200m Backstroke Women's 100m Backstroke Women's 200m Backstroke Men's 100m Breaststroke Men's 200m Breaststroke Women's 100m Breaststroke Women's 200m Breaststroke Men's 100m Butterfly Men's 200m Butterfly Women's 100m Butterfly Women's 200m Butterfly 200m Individual Medley Men's 400m Individual Medley Women's 200m Individual Medley Women's 400m Individual Medley Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Men's 4 x 100m Medley Relay Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay Women's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Women's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay Women's 4 x 100m Medley Relay

All eyes will be on American Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe of Australia. Phelps hopes to take a run at Mark Spitz's record of seven gold medals at 1972 Munich Games. The teenager will be in five individual events and hopes to swim all three relays, as well. Thorpe won three golds and two silvers in Sydney, but nearly missed the 400m freestyle - his signature event - after an embarrassing DQ in Australian trials. A teammate gave up his spot so Thorpe could compete. Natalie Coughlin and Amanda Beard lead the American women, while 10-time medalist Jenny Thompson is back for her fourth - and final - Olympics. The Americans hope to do even better than their remarkable performance four years ago, when the United States won 14 golds - the most in a non-boycotted Olympics since 1972 - and 33 medals overall.

Water Polo Results and Medals

Men's Water Polo Women's Water Polo

The first team sport at the modern Olympics, water polo was introduced in 1900. Women competed for the first time in 2000. Hungary, the defending Olympic and world champion, has dominated the Olympic competition with seven gold medals. The men's competition comprises two groups of six nations, followed by quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The Hungarians are grouped with the United States, Serbia-Montenegro, 2000 silver medalist Russia, Croatia and Kazakhstan. Wolf Wigo, returning for a third Olympics, will captain the U.S. men's team. Australia won the first women's gold medal in Sydney, edging the United States 4-3 in the final. The Americans won the world championships in 2003 and have seven returning Olympians. The United States is in Group B with Russia, Hungary and Canada. In the other four-nation group, Australia plays against Greece, Italy and Kazakhstan.

Diving Medals and Results

Men's 10m Platform Women's 10m Platform Men's 3m Springboard Women's 3m Springboard Men's Synchronised 10m Platform Women's Synchronised 10m Platform Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard

The Chinese are the sport's dominant country, winning a record five gold medals in Sydney. The only non-Chinese winner was American Laura Wilkinson, who pulled off a stunning upset in platform and is back to defend her title. The top U.S. male is Troy Dumais, who will compete in springboard and team up with brother Justin in synchronized.

Synchronised Swimming Results and Medals

Women's Synchronised 3m Springboard Synchronized Swimming Duet

Russia swept both events in Sydney while Americans didn't win any medals for the first time since this often-maligned sport joined the Olympics in 1984. Sure to draw plenty of attention is Tammy Crow, allowed to compete by the U.S. Olympic Committee despite pleading no-contest to vehicular manslaughter charges in a crash that killed her boyfriend and a 12-year-old boy.

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Athens Olympic Games Information

The 2004 Athens Olympic Games is the XXVIIIth (28th) Olympiad. It will have 28 sports (37 disciplines) with a total of 301 events. 201 countries will send athletes to these Olympics.

The Athens Olympics will be opened by the Prime Minister of Greece, Kostas Karamanlis on August 13th 2004 and will run through until 29th August.

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