thelivingroom22.gifOur aim is to keep our gatherings simple, relaxed, accessible and culturally natural as possible. We don't want to be continually extracting people from 'real life' but rather see our meetings as launching pad into the rest of our week.

Wednesday Nights - LivingRoom meets in the homes of its members (mainly living between Northcote and North Fitzroy) over a vegetarian meal on Wednesday nights. The form of these gatherings is generally very different in 'feel' and 'content' to most Churches worship services � but they have the same intentions at their heart and aim to develop our Three Journeys. These times include periods of prayer and reflection, discussion, sharing and group learning. Darren wrote on his personal blog about our Wednesday night gatherings here.

It is our hope that these times do not have a purely inward focus but rather resource us for the rest of our lives. From time to time we also have met in cafes, galleries and other public spaces in our local community.

Micro Groups - LivingRoom participants also meet weekly in small 'micro groups'. These groups of two or three usually meet for an hour in a local cafe to talk about how faith and life are intersecting for group members. We use some set questions as a loose guide for these discussions but basically it's normal people meeting to listen to each other's stories, keep each other accountable to our core values over a beverage of choice.

Social Stuff - Lastly we also socialize together as any friends would. We've had a few parties where we let each other meet each others wider circle of friends, we occasionally go for picnics, dinners and to the movies. It is all pretty informal and natural. Occasionally we also go away for weekends which usually incorporate some 'retreat like activities' but are mainly about fun and food.