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March 06, 2006

Sony Ericsson K790/K800 Review - Mobile-Net

Sony Ericsson K800Mobile-Net reviews the Sony Ericsson K790/K800 and has an extensive page on the phone's photographic capabilities. Overall, the review concludes: "The quality in this model is acceptable, photos taken outdoors in high resolution during sunny day can be used as wallpapers for laptops, sent to friends and so on. The photos look very decent on the phone’s screen in most cases, same can be said when they are viewed at desktop pc. Considering the fact that this model should be based on photographic constituent, it has improved version of the gallery, but we shall speak about this in the 4th part of the review. One of the clear disadvantages for this model is video recording, the possibilities are poor, in case this function is your number one priority it’s better to look for some other product instead. This model will not have any direct competitors in its form-factor by camera quality in the nearest 8-11 months after it will be released."

Read more about the Sony Ericsson K790 and Sony Ericsson K800.

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