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May 01, 2008

Samsung Instinct

samsung-instinct The Samsung Instinct touchscreen phone offering a 2 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and camcorder.

* localized haptic feedback
* three hard navigation key
* EV-DO Rev A
* Sprint Music Store, Navigation, TV, Visual Voicemail
* full HTML web browser
* customizable homescreen
* stereo Bluetooth with audible caller ID
* expandable memory up to 8 GB
* 3.1" TFT display (240 x 432 pixels and 262K vibrant colors)

Via Gizmodo.

Samsung Instinct Reviews

Wired does a hands-on review of the Samsung Instinct and writes, "...The 2-megapixel camera is, well, a 2-megapixel camera. The few images we snapped had decent image quality with true colors. It's not remotely close to super camera phones like the LG Viewty in terms of image quality. We'll have a little more on that particular phone in an upcoming post though."

MobileTechReview has a review of the Samsung Instinct and writes, "The Samsung Instinct has a 2 megapixel camera with a fixed focus lens. There's a self portrait mirror but no flash. The camera uses the entire screen as the viewfinder and there are very few settings-- a cue Samsung shouldn't have taken from the iPhone. The phone takes images at max resolution, 1600 x 1200, and resizes them down if you send them as MMS (Picture Mail). There are no settings for white balance, effects or anything else. Likewise the camcorder has no settings other than a button to switch between MMS length (2 minutes or less) or for saving locally (length limited by available storage)."

NetworkWorld reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "This isn’t an enterprise-class phone — the e-mail application and lack of a VPN client prove this — but it could be considered at small or midsize businesses. I don’t think iPhone users will switch to the Instinct (especially with the iPhone 3G now available), but Sprint loyalists who’ve had iPhone envy for the last year can finally have a multimedia phone that matches the iPhone in several categories. If the iPhone is an A+, then the Instinct is a solid A-."

Yahoo! Tech does a hands on review of the Samsung Instinct and writes, "Moving on ... the Instinct comes with GPS and turn-by-turn directions powered by TeleNav, which makes for a pretty slick experience. Meanwhile, the 2MP camera takes decent, if not awe-inspiring images (about on a par with the iPhone), but the Instinct also records video clips—still a (sore) missing iPhone feature. Once you're done shooting, you can send photos and clips via e-mail or MMS, or you can upload them to MySpace."

CNET reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "The Instinct has a 2.0-megapixel camera, but we were surprised by its lack of options. You can't adjust the resolution, quality, brightness, or any of the other settings you'd find on any basic camera phone. We're not sure what Samsung was going for here. Perhaps they're trying to make the Instinct easy to use, but we were disappointed at the lack of options. Sure, those options don't always make a big difference in photo quality, but it's still nice to have them. As we said earlier there is a self-portrait mirror but the Instinct doesn't have a flash. However, we did like the handy photometer and the "fuzzy picture" warning when you're about to take a bad photo. Photo quality was decent, though not spectacular. Objects were distinct and colors were natural but there was too much light in most cases...On the other hand, we liked the Instinct's photo-viewing feature. Similar to the iPhone, you can move between photos by swiping your finger across the screen. It makes for a fun experience and we like that fluid motion. Alternatively, you can view photos in a filmstrip mode. Shortcut options are plentiful as well. You can send your photos via Bluetooth, upload them to an online account, save them as a contact's photo ID, or zap them to a friend in a multimedia message. There's also a 2x digital zoom."

InfoSync reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "This is a sort of kick in the pants as we finish this review. For all the great features, including the cool camera panning on the Web browser, Samsung still seems to be skimping on camera lenses, at least for their American phones. The pictures we took with the Samsung Instinct's 2-megapixel sensor were pitiful. They looked washed out with jagged edges and fuzzy details all around. We wish photography was taken more seriously, with touch sensitive focal points and real autofocus, but this isn't the case."

Wired reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "With its buttonless face and black monolithic look, the all-touchscreen Instinct is immediately familiar: It's virtually the same weight and size as the iPhone, only about two-tenths of an inch narrower. Most of the expected specs for any 2008 handset are here: 3G, GPS, 2-megapixel camera (with video recording), and full e-mail and web browsing features. But the Instinct doesn't stop there; it tries to stake a claim on new ground by adding features its arch rival (even the upcoming version) skips: Haptic feedback buzzes below your fingertip when you work the touchscreen, and voice control lets you do certain tasks sans typing."

Digital Trends reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "The camera app is accessible via the Camera button, but only if you're in the phone's main menu. Our test still images (1600 x 1200 pixels) looked okay on the phone, but when we transferred them to our laptop, we could see how grainy and soft the pictures were. Colors were fairly accurate, and the exposure wasn't bad though a bit dark."

MobileBurn reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "A key feature for any media phone these days it the camera. Even business phones are shipping with capable cameras built-in. This is why I find the Samsung Instinct's relatively low end 2 megapixel, fixed focus camera with no flash to be so odd. It's not that it doesn't take reasonable photos, because it does. As long as the subject is a few feet away or more, the photos look quite good. It's just that this should have been one feature where the Instinct blew away Apple's two iPhone models. The Instinct's camera can shoot both stills and videos, but offers no user settings at all - none. Video quality is pretty poor in general, looking very rough. It does come with a very nice photo viewer, however, and it has the easiest to use Bluetooth transfer tool that I have yet to come across on a phone. Users simply press the Bluetooth button, select photos by tapping on them, and tap on the send button to find a device and send over the entire batch of photos."

Miami Herald reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "The camera doesn't have auto focus, so I ended up with photos that were fuzzy...This is a well-designed phone, and the fast-responding touch screen. Considering what this phone can do and the large display, it's a good deal at $130 and worth getting if you've comfortable using a touch screen."

PC World reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "The 2-megapixel camera captured decent images in good light, but was prone to fuzzy-picture alerts in low-light conditions. The device has no flash. You can capture video, too, as much of it as your storage card can hold--but you can upload only as much as 2MB over the air. The phone can upload directly to a MySpace or Photobucket account."

Geek reviews the Samsung Instinct and writes, "It actually takes decent pictures (via its 2 megapixel camera) and offers up video recording, too. You can also browse your photos and literally flick through them, like you can on the iPhone."

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Posted by BJ at May 1, 2008 12:44 PM