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December 20, 2007

Palm Treo 500v Review - Palm Infocenter

Palm Treo 500v Palm Infocenter reviews the Palm Treo 500v and writes, "Finally, a Treo camera that keeps up with the Joneses! While the 500v’s 2-megapixel camera isn’t going to make you throw out your SLR anytime soon, it’s a massive step up in quality from the decidedly sub-par 1.3 & 0.3 megapixel cams Palm has given us in the past. The biggest problem with those past cams – the blurring of fine detail – has been mostly corrected, and pictures are even more bright ‘n colourful. But there are two new issues with this one: first, the slightest motion will result in a hideously blurred picture (I realise this is a problem with most camera-phones, but the 500v seemed particularly susceptible). Second, the shutter speed is criminally slow; there’s a near 2-second delay between the time you press the button and the picture actually being taken, which will often lead to blurred pictures (because you’ve moved the camera, thinking the picture has already been taken, when it hasn’t) and doesn’t lend itself well to action shots. Overall, however, it’s a much-needed improvement and makes the camera far more useful, in that you actually want to use it."

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Posted by BJ at December 20, 2007 10:13 AM