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September 30, 2004

Motorola E365

motorola_E365.jpg The Motorola E365, 'the affordable photo messaging mobile phone, with a large 128 x 160 display, MMS and integrated camera, all in a compact size. Your messaging will never be the same.' CNET reviews the Motorola E365 writes - ' The E365 is a phone quite unlike the ones that have defined Motorola in the past. You won't find slick, swiveling flips or thin, sexy frames here. Instead, this handset comes with a somewhat blocky outline and a 100g weight, perhaps a sign of Motorola's new focus on quality features at mass market prices.... In general, the E365's onboard digicam is quite nicely implemented. A button on the left of the device activates the camera instantly, while a second press snaps a picture. Photographs of up to 640 x 480-pixel resolution are supported, and you'll be able to store up to 32 of these in the phones memory. When viewed on the desktop, these pictures offered good color reproduction, but seemed out of focus with subjects farther than 1m away.' Star Tech Central reviews the Motorola E365 and writes - ' Overall the E365 is a decent first try by Motorola in the camera phone arena because its implementation is pretty solid and it comes at a rather affordable price too. However, the phone's lack of certain features such as Bluetooth, infrared and tri-band GSM support, may leave it with too much to do to gain ground on its more feature-rich competitors.' Mobile Review reviews the Motorola E365 and writes - 'The Motorola E365 can be compared to Siemens ST55 but is a lot cheaper, even cheaper than Siemens MC60. And the last touch is a wide variation of available games. The only disadvantage would be the long wait for it to start up, getting a reaction from the screen after a second or two. A possible reason could be that during standby mode the phone usually turns off almost all processes in a hibernating state. However, I don�t think that this will (nor should) stop you from buying this phone. Currently it�s the best phone for your money�s worth.'

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Posted by Darren at September 30, 2004 02:35 PM