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July 14, 2006

13 Tips for Improving Your Camera Phone Photos

Digital Photography School has an article on improving your camera phone photos which outlines the following 13 tips 1. Well-lit subjects 2. Get close 3. Keep it still 4. Edit images later. 5. Don't throw away "mistakes" 6. Avoid using...
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April 05, 2006

Samsung SGH-ZX10 Review - Mobiledia

Mobiledia reviews the Samsung SGH-ZX10, and finds that it's a good phone for those who like a clamshell design. About the phone's camera: "Pushing the ZX10 up a notch are its bundled filters and effects. In addition to standard settings...
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December 16, 2005

2 Megapixel Camera Phone vs. Digital Camera

Ever wonder how pictures taken with a 2-megapixel camera phone might compare to ones taken with those taken with a digital camera? AvecMobile has an interesting article comparing the two: "Camera phones with high quality Carl Zeiss lenses make many...
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November 08, 2005

Forward Your Gmail To Your Cellphone

Geektronica has tips on forwarding your gmail messages to your cellphone. "I tested it just now with my Cingular phone, and a very short message (800 or so characters) took about 8 SMS messages to go through. If you’re paying...
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October 30, 2005

Tips for Improving Your Camera Phone Pics

Kevin Ebi has an article on five ways to improve your camera phone pictures. As most of us know, pictures from a camera phone aren't likely to beat pictures taken from a fully loaded digital camera, but how many of...
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June 17, 2005

Take Better Pictures With Your Camera Phone

Camera phones are pretty handy to have for taking quick, often unexpected pictures, but are there ways to improve the quality of the pictures you take with your camera phone? PCWorld has an article which shows you five ways you...
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April 19, 2005

Get the Big Picture with a Little Camera Phone

Digital Photography Hacks has a good tip on how to take panoramic pictures with your camera phone: 'Some digital cameras provide on-screen tools to help you line up stitched images as you're shooting them. Camera phones, however, do not...
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January 16, 2005

How I joined the paparazzi with just my mobile phone

'IT WASNT an intrusive, long-lens photo that embroiled Prince Harry in an international furore, but a seemingly innocent snapshot proof that, these days, anyone with a camera phone can become an instant paparazzo. How easy is it to...
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December 31, 2004

Fixing photos taken on camera phones : Tutorial

Adobe have put together this basic tutorial on Fixing photos taken on camera phones that many camera phone users will no doubt find helpful: 'Camera-enabled wireless phones are a great way to capture memories on the fly. Unfortunately, because...
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December 16, 2004

Camera Phone Tips - Taking Great Photos with your Camera Phone

As Camera Phones are becoming more and more popular the internet is being flooded with pictures from the every day life of millions of camera phone users. Unfortunately many of the images that are taken using camera phones are poor...
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December 06, 2004

Cell Phone Cameras

By Jakob Jelling A lot of myths exist regarding as to whether the cell phone cameras are any good or not. The fact that people require to admit that these cameras are also digital cameras and they exhibit...
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November 17, 2004

Camera Phone Conduct

Engadget link up to a PDF file on Camera Phone Conduct from the Consumer Electronics Association. Nothing radical in it and I'm not sure who is going to take any notice - but their first two rules are: '1. Camera...
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October 18, 2004

How to take amazingly good pictures with a camera phone

'Oftentimes, finished photos don't look like what we remember seeing when we took the pictures. The camera's lens just isn't as good as our own two eyes for capturing the wide field of view or the depth of a...
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October 04, 2004

Be sure to pick the right carrier, plan

"Most cell-phone companies don't offer the type of detailed coverage maps now available from Cingular and T-Mobile. That means consumers need to do more footwork when picking a carrier. The stakes are higher than you might think when buying...
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September 17, 2004

Camera Phone Tips

Photoblogs and Moblogs are becoming more and more popular with the release of many new models of camera phones. The internet is being flooded with pictures from the every day life of millions of camera phone users, but unfortunately...
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September 16, 2004

Buying a Camera Phone - Tips

Choosing a camera phone is a short article with tips on how to buy a camera phone. Here are their top tips. � Shop around for a phone that's easy to use: You should be able to shoot, add text...
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Introduction to Photoblogs and MoBlogs

Photoblogs and MoBlogs are continuing to grow in popularity. I've had a number of emails in the past week asking for information on how to start your own photoblog or moblog so I thought I'd put together a central...
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Camera Phone Photos Workflow

Derrick Story at O'Reilly Network describes his camera phone photo workflow in an interesting article titled Don't Lose Your Camera Phone Photos. He relies heavily upon bluetooth, his PDA, iTreo (an iPhoto-like application that reads the images downloaded from a...
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