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August 31, 2005

Motorola RAZR V3c

MobileBurn has a review on a pre release version of the Motorola RAZR V3c and writes - 'While I am not going to go into details, since this is an early version of the device, I can say that...
Posted by Darren at 04:58 PM

LG P7200

MobileBurn has information on a new LG camera phone - the LG-P7200 - which incorporates a 2 megapixel camera with a flip style RAZR like design. The Tri-band LG 7200 has a 262,000 color TFT LCD (internal - 176...
Posted by Darren at 04:52 PM

Nokia 6170 cell phone Review - PC Magazine

PC Mag reviews the Nokia 6170 cell phone and gives it a rating of 'good'. They describe the 6170's performance as:'A solid, midrange phone that does little to distinguish itself, the Nokia 6170 will appeal to flip-phone fans who like...
Posted by Darren at 04:10 PM

August 30, 2005

LG VX5200

The LG VX5200 is a new phone that will be picked up in the US by Verizon Wireless. It has a VGA camera and a flip style design. The LG VX5200 also features 65,000 color 128 x 160 pixel...
Posted by Darren at 03:01 PM

Sony Ericsson W800i review - infoSync World

Infosync World has posted a full review of the very Orange 2.0 megapixel Sony Ericsson W800i which they've given a very high rating of 93%. In the review they write: 'Despite an advanced feature set which includes a high quality...
Posted by Darren at 02:54 PM

Sharp Brings 3-Megapixel Camera to Mobile Phones

'Sharp Corporation has developed two new 3-megapixel CCD camera modules intended for use in camera-equipped mobile phones. The two camera modules feature a built-in autofocus function and the new LZ0P3758 features, in addition, an all-internal optical zoom lens that...
Posted by Darren at 02:49 PM

Nokia 6682 Review - Bargain PDA

Bargain PDA has a user review of the Nokia 6682 and writes - 'After several weeks with the 6682 as my primary phone and sometimes PDA, I enjoy it. It's small enough to be pocketable, but has enough functionality to...
Posted by Darren at 12:18 PM

Camera Phones Create Digital Camera Users

There is another interesting spin on the Digital Camera vs Camera phone debate today with an IDC survey arguing that camera phones are a 'gateway' product which create rather than eliminate digital camera users. The study finds that 30%...
Posted by Darren at 10:02 AM

August 29, 2005

Camera Phone Thief Accidentally Posts Photos and Sex Video on Internet

We just stumbled upon this car forum where a member posts about having his camera phone stolen but having the thief accidentally post his and his girlfriend's picture (and a sex video) onto the internet. The forum member writes: 'My...
Posted by Darren at 01:55 PM

Nokia N90 Review - infoSync World

InfoSync World reviews the Nokia N90 camera phone and gives it a rating of 90%. They write - 'An epitomy of compromise, the N90 shows that Nokia is still capable of delivering products with cutting edge features that can't be...
Posted by Darren at 01:20 PM

August 28, 2005

Nokia 6682 Review - Phone Scoop

Phone Scoop reviews the Nokia 6682 the and writes - 'Considering its great battery life, reception, camera and features, there are few for whom the 6682 would not be a great phone. Like all smartphones, the 6682 has a steeper...
Posted by Darren at 08:13 PM

Sony Ericsson W800i Review - PC Magazine

PC Magazine reviews the very popular Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman cell phone and writes - 'The cute, powerful Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman is the best regular phone we've ever seen, but despite its Walkman branding, this is no iPod-killer. So...
Posted by Darren at 06:28 PM

Mio A701 Communicator

InfoSync World has news of the Mio A701 Communicator and writes - 'Based on an Intel PXA270 processor running at 520 MHz, the device will feature a 2.7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. A...
Posted by Darren at 05:40 PM

Getting Your Photos Online from Your Camera Phone Is Now a Snap

Life just got easier for 158 million of America's camera phone users. Now, just about any cell phone user can easily and instantly send their camera phone photos directly to an online photo account, to share, print, save, and...
Posted by Darren at 05:30 PM

August 26, 2005

Sony Ericsson W800i Review - Pocket lint

Pocket-lint reviews the Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone and writes - 'Overall, the addition of a larger memory card to an already excellent handset can only ever be a good thing. The features and function make it a very...
Posted by Darren at 09:07 AM

Samsung SCH-B250

The Samsung SCH-B250 is a 2 megapixel camera phone with in built photo editing which features built in MP3 Player, TV screen (for DMB), 128 megabytes of internal memory, file viewer for reading MS Office or PDF files. Expect...
Posted by Darren at 08:57 AM

August 25, 2005

2 Megapixel Camera Phones Compared

Infosync World has a good comparison of a range of 2 Megapixel phones if you're in the market for one. The phones they point to include (links are to our pages with reviews and specifications). Nokia N90 Sony Ericsson...
Posted by Darren at 10:48 PM

Flickr User Shames Flasher with Camera Phone

A Flickr user has got her own back at a man who exposed himself to her on a train recently by taking a picture of him and posting it to to her Flickr account to shame him. 'I was...
Posted by Darren at 10:31 PM

Pantech PG-1400

DigiBuzz has news of the Pantech PG-1400 - a slim and stylish looking VGA camera phone. The PG-1400 has a bar shape design and weighs 75grams. It measures 103 x 42.5 x 12.8mm and features an FM radio, MP3...
Posted by Darren at 02:38 PM

Camera Phone Tour of Europe

DP Expert has a great post on an Australian photographer (Laurie Davis) who recently toured Europe with his Sony Ericsson K750i and K700i. He took some stunning shots while away and used his phones almost like a diary -...
Posted by Darren at 10:22 AM

August 24, 2005

Motorola Q Review - CNET Reviews

CNET Reviews has a review of the Motorola Q and writes - 'The Motorola Q has a full QWERTY keyboard, but unlike similarly eqiupped devices, the Q is superthin at 0.4 inch. A full-fledged enterprise device, the Motorola Q will...
Posted by Darren at 11:29 PM

Samsung SCH-i730 Review - MobileBurn

MobileBurn has a review of the Samsung SCH-i730 and writes - 'While the Samsung SCH-i730, with its Bluetooth, WiFi, and EV-DO data support, makes a damn versatile connected PDA device, it just is completely inadequate for most people as a...
Posted by Darren at 11:26 PM

Sony Ericsson P950 - P1000

There are lots of names floating around about the phone in this picture. Some are calling it the Sony Ericsson P950/P1000 others are using the name Sony Ericsson Hermione P910i and others are just calling it the Sony Ericsson...
Posted by Darren at 03:10 PM

August 22, 2005

Toshiba TS 912

Pocket Lint reviews the Toshiba TS 912 and is NOT impressed. They write - 'Its early days for Toshiba in the phone market in the UK and unfortunately you can see it clearly from the TS 912. Like NEC...
Posted by Darren at 11:40 AM

Panasonic X800 Review

MobileBurn reviews the Panasonic X800 and writes - 'The X800 is a good looking effort by Panasonic, but its UI leaves a lot to be desired. The absence of shortcut allocation to the D-Pad and side button, and poor...
Posted by Darren at 11:27 AM

August 20, 2005

Samsung Cancel SCH-i645 Camera Phone

Phone scoop reports that Samsung have cancelled the SCH-i645 handset. They write - 'A Samsung spokesperson today confirmed that the company no longer plans to release the i645 CDMA smartphone. The i645 was to be the first Windows Mobile Smartphone...
Posted by Darren at 01:57 PM

August 19, 2005

Sony Ericsson K750i Cameraphone Review

DPexpert (a digital camera site) has a first look review of the Sony Ericssion K750i 2 megapixel camera phone and writes -'So far we are impressed with the K750i. Images are reasonably well exposed with decent colour rendition. They...
Posted by Darren at 12:48 PM

August 18, 2005

Sharp 903SH Review -

Pocket-lint reviews the Sharp 903SH 3G mobile phone and they loved it. They write - 'To say we were impressed with this phone would be an understatement. We recently looked at Sony Ericssons K750i and we were very...
Posted by Darren at 10:49 PM

LG B2250

The LG B2250 is a VGA Cameraphone unit that is just 15mm thin and features: GSM 900/1800/1900 128x160 pixels, 262,000 colors TFT Screen WAP Li-Ion battery 79mAh Java MMS/SMS/EMS 3.5 hours talk time and 250 hours standby time No...
Posted by Darren at 10:31 PM

Armed robbery 'filmed on phones'

'Police say armed robbers who broke into a sports shop with chainsaws and pickaxes may have been filmed by members of the public on mobile phones. The gang broke through security shutters at MBO Sports on Bury New Road...
Posted by Darren at 12:31 PM

Samsung P207 Review - MobileTracker

Jon at Mobile Tracker has a comprehensive review of the Samsung P207 where he recommends - 'In the end I enjoyed this handset, but would not purchase it for myself. Bluetooth is a dealbreaker for me, especially when there...
Posted by Darren at 12:31 PM

Samsung SPH-A920

The Samsung SPH-A920 has just had information posted onto the FCC website. It's a flip design phone that is heavily focused upon music if the MP3 player controlling buttons on the front cover have anything to do with it....
Posted by Darren at 12:26 PM

August 17, 2005

Urine powered battery could charge CameraPhones and other devices

New Scientist has an article reporting on a new Pee-powered battery that could one day be used to power devices like camera phones! 'The first urine-powered paper battery has been created by physicists in Singapore. The credit-card sized unit...
Posted by Darren at 12:41 PM

Qtek 8300 and 8310

Qtek have announced two new phones - the Qtek 8300 (picturedand the 8310 - phones that will be made by HTC and based upon the HTC Hurricane. The 8310 and 8300 will feature 1.3 megapixel cameras, mini SD, Music...
Posted by Darren at 12:37 PM

Sky IM8500

Akihabara has news on a new camera phone from Sky - the Sky IM8500 which at this stage looks like being a Korea only phone. The IM8500 is a 2 megapixel cameraphone with central scroll wheel (alah iPod), MP3...
Posted by Darren at 11:57 AM

August 16, 2005

Nokia N90 wins European Media Phone of the Year

The Nokia N90 has been awarded the European Media Phone of the year. The Nokia N90 is - a camera phone with Carl Zeiss optics, 2 megapixel sensor, 20x digital zoom, integrated flash, PictBridge printing, Bluetooth, 32 megabytes of...
Posted by Darren at 11:20 PM

August 14, 2005

Digital Cameras Remain Primary Picture Taking Device over CameraPhones

CEA Research Finds Digital Cameras Remain Primary Picture Taking Device Survey Underscores Need for Industry Involvement in Consumer Archiving Awareness Arlington, Virginia 8/12/2005 - Even as they increase in popularity, camera phones are not likely to replace digital cameras...
Posted by Darren at 10:09 PM

August 13, 2005

Camera Phone Pics Lead Cops To Money, Drugs

'The pictures on Zachary Hicks' missing cell phone cam are more than embarrassing -- they've led to his arrest. Police in Woodland say someone turned in Hicks' lost cell phone. Investigators reported they found digital snapshots stored in the...
Posted by Darren at 01:46 PM

Will Camera Phones replace Digital Cameras?

In response to the recent articles that Camera Phones to Steal Low-End Digital Camera Market within Two Years Lets Go Digital has today posted a piece on Why Camera Phones WON'T replace digital cameras. They write: 'Even as they...
Posted by Darren at 12:41 PM

August 12, 2005

Siemens CC75

Siemens CC75 Promotional Information - Many mobile phone users just want one thing: simple telephone functions, but without compromising in any way on the quality or design of their mobile phone. The question they ask is: Why bother with...
Posted by Darren at 11:36 PM

Sharp 903SH

The Sharp 903SH has been announced to be released as part of Vodaphone's 3G line up in mid August. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera and 2x Optical Zoom. Pocket-lint reviews the Sharp 903SH 3G mobile phone ? and...
Posted by Darren at 09:11 PM

How will the Nokia N90 be received?

Tech Digest has a post in anticipation of the release of the Nokia N90 camera phone that wonders if it will be received as well as all the publicity its received might suggest: 'Analyst Mako Analysis thinks not and...
Posted by Darren at 08:51 PM

Video Phone Allegedly Used To Take Pictures Up Skirts

'A man accused of using his cell phone to secretly take pictures up women's skirts now faces charges. Surveillance video taken Aug. 1 from a Cargo Largo store in Independence shows a man sneaking up behind a woman and...
Posted by Darren at 08:32 PM

Xcute DV2

Global Sources Telecom has news of a new GSM camera phone - the 6 megapixel DV2 from Xcute 'Xcute Mobile Corp. offers the DV2, a 6-megapixel camera phone that has video recording function at VGA 30fps. It features a...
Posted by Darren at 07:22 PM

Sony Ericsson W800 Review - MobileBurn

Mobileburn reviews the Sony Ericsson W800 and writes - 'Like the K750 that it shares so much with, the W800 is simply a fantastic phone. It has a great camera and user interface, managed over 10.5 hours of talk time...
Posted by Darren at 06:29 PM

Palm Treo 700

Mobile Whack has news of what could be the new Palm Treo 700 PDA which features (if indeed it is true): 1.3mp camera with digital zoom capability of 8X EVDO for Sprint and Verizon users A...
Posted by Darren at 06:21 PM

August 11, 2005

Orange SPV M500 Smartphone Review -

Pocket-lint reviews the Orange SPV M500 Smartphone and writes - 'Overall, If youre after something small, nifty, pretty and practical and you have a love affair with Bill Gatess empire then the M500 is a good product. If on the...
Posted by Darren at 10:06 PM

Qtek 9100 Pocket PC Phone

QTEK 9100 Reviews: reviewed the QTEK 9100/I-mate K-JAM, and concluded, "I have been playing with the QTEK 9100/I-mate K-JAM for over a week, and I believe this is THE BEST Phone Edition device I have ever used. It...
Posted by Darren at 10:50 AM

Orange SPV M500 Smartphone Review - Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews has a review of the Orange SPV M500 smartphone and writes - 'In use the SPV M500 works much like a PDA with phone functionality strapped on to it. This is really the only flaw of the...
Posted by Darren at 10:27 AM

Camera Phones to Steal Low-End Digital Camera Market within Two Years

'Within two years, low-end camera phones will take much of the market share now held by low-end standalone digital cameras. ABI Research principal analyst of global wireless operator research Kenneth Hyers says, We believe that within the next two...
Posted by Darren at 01:28 AM

Samsung Sued Over SPG-V4400 False Claims

'Consumers groups have for the first time launched a legal challenge against Samsung over what they say are the companys exaggerated claims for its mobile phones. Two groups called V4400 Consumers' Power and Tipsters for the Public Good filed...
Posted by Darren at 12:11 AM

August 09, 2005

Kyocera KX16 Camera Phone

'Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless phones and devices, today announced the Kyocera Candid KX16 CDMA wireless handset. Candid KX16 will bring an affordably priced color clamshell camera phone with external caller ID to the...
Posted by Darren at 09:48 PM

August 08, 2005

Nokia N91 Review - infoSync World

InfoSync World reviews the Nokia N91 and writes - 'Who would have thought: after dragging its feet for several years, Nokia is finally making a jump to the forefront of mobile technology again. Part of the maker's new N series...
Posted by Darren at 10:10 PM

Sony Ericsson W550 Walkman Phone

The Sony Ericsson W550 Walman Phone is a triple band 1.3 megapixel camera phone with horizontal camera user interface, 4x digital zoom, gaming console, 2 stereo speakers, 176 x 220 pixel 262k color display plus loads more. Sony Ericsson...
Posted by Darren at 05:53 PM

Orange SPV C550 Review - Cool Smart Phone

Cool SmartPhone reviews the Orange SPV C550 and writes - 'The phone itself is fairly nippy and operates well. Whilst it's slightly heavier and slightly larger than the C500 it's not really noticeable. The screen blanking out - when you...
Posted by Darren at 09:51 AM

August 07, 2005

Samsung M600 Smartphone

Smartphone Thoughts has news of the Samsung M600 - a CDMA2000 EV-DO smartphone for Korea that will be released later this month. The Samsung M600 will feature Windows Mobile 2003 a 2 megapixel camera (with flash) and dual speakers....
Posted by Darren at 10:53 PM

Palm Treo 670

Howard Forums has news of the as of yet unannounced Palm Treo 670 - a phone with bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, EV-DO and Windows Media 5.0 (2005). They also link to two short videos of the Palm Treo 670....
Posted by Darren at 10:47 PM

Students Arrested for Filming Student Hazing on Camera Phone

'Two students of a college in Central Delhi were booked for allegedly forcing their juniors to perform obscene acts, filming these using their camera phones and circulating them as MMS, police sources said today. The students of Tibia College...
Posted by Darren at 10:39 PM

Man Films His Suicide Live On Phone

'A man filmed himself jumping to his death on his mobile video phone and beamed the live images to his horrified girlfriend, an inquest heard. Lee Morgan, 20, jumped from the Humber Bridge after a New Year's Eve row...
Posted by Darren at 10:38 PM

Scoopt - Camera Phone Photographer Agency

The BBC has an article featuring an agency for camera phone photographers - Scoopt: 'Kyle MacRae, whose agency Scoopt represents mobile snappers so they get paid for their work, said there are serious ethical issues at stake. Following the...
Posted by Darren at 10:37 PM

August 06, 2005

Samsung MM-A800 Review - Cameratown

Cameratown reviews the Samsung MM-A800 Camera phone and writes - For those who want a very competent phone with very good signal strength, audio quality and features such as video and still capture, Samsung's MM-A800 Multimedia Phone is a...
Posted by Darren at 02:20 PM

Nokia 3230 Review - Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews has a review of the Nokia 3230 and writes - 'If you ignore the Smartphone tag, the 3230 impresses as a fun 2.5G phone with reasonable battery life and a wealth of features. On that basis its worth...
Posted by Darren at 02:13 PM

August 05, 2005

Samsung SGH-S800

The FCC has approved a new phone for Samsung - the Samsung SGH-S800. The SGH-S800 is another of an ever increasing array of music phones with music controls featuring on the front under a small LCD and camera (complete...
Posted by Darren at 07:42 PM

Sell Your Camera Phone Pictures

If you've been wondering how to put your camera phone shots to good use, there's a new photo agency that will act as a broker between you and possible licensing syndication deals for your camera phone photos. You retain copyright...
Posted by BJ at 02:11 AM

August 04, 2005

Camera Phones and Phlogging

Gazette Times has an article on some of the ways camera phones have been impacting wider culture - particularly the ease of their use in uploading photos to the web in moblogs and phlogs - 'When the first dim,...
Posted by Darren at 11:07 PM


The LG-SD290 is an ultra slim slider phone with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. It features a 262,000 color TFT display (176 x 220 pixels), T-Flash Card slot, USB port, Infrared, 64 chord polyphony and MP3 Player. The LG-SD290...
Posted by Darren at 10:10 PM

The LG9800

Engadget has a photo preview of the LG9800, a new fold out QWERTY keyboard phone from LG. The LG9800 features a 1.3 megapixel camera EV-DO, stereo speakers and they expect it to be picked up by Verizon in the...
Posted by Darren at 09:58 PM

2005 Mobile Imaging Summit(SM) North America

The line-up of sponsors for the fifth Mobile Imaging Summit to be held in Monterey, California was announced today: "Sponsors to date include the top imaging and wireless industry associations: photokina, MEF (Mobile Entertainment Forum and CTIA -- The...
Posted by BJ at 04:10 AM

LG-SV550 LG-KV5500 LG-LP5500

Akihabara News has information on a series of Korean camera phones - the LG-SV550/KV5500/LP5500. These phones feature a 5 megapixel camera and rotating (180 degrees) screens. The cameras are auto focus, shoot VGA video at 30 frames per second,...
Posted by Darren at 12:01 AM

August 03, 2005

English Towns Use Camera Phones to Report Graffiti

160 Characters Association is reporting two English towns that are using camera phones to help report and stamp out antisocial behavior like graffiti and tagging. 'Two towns in England are invited to report examples of anti-social behaviour using their...
Posted by Darren at 04:02 PM

Pantech PT-S130

The Pantech PT-S130 is a 2 megapixel camera phone that features: Rotating 2.4inch LCD screeen Bluetooh enabled digital mulitmedia broadcasting (DMB) MP3 Player 3D Stereo Speakers 1 gigabyte or 512 megabytes of memory ...
Posted by Darren at 09:32 AM

Samsung SCH-V670

The Samsung SCH-V670 phone is a Korean and Japanese release phone that features: MP3 player video 1.3 megapixel camera Downloads multimedia in EV-DO format GPS remote control for TVs/game consoles/air conditioners Moneta...
Posted by Darren at 08:54 AM

Filmmakers' Contest for Nokia Camera Phone Owners

Discovery Asia and Nokia have teamed up to offer a new contest for Nokia camera phone users: "The companies have partnered to launch the Mobile First Time Filmmakers Contest 2005, which will give consumers the opportunity to try their hand...
Posted by BJ at 08:26 AM

Camera Phones in Healthy Competition with Digital Cameras

Research and Markets has released a new report for the digital camera manufacutring and retail industry: " "Market demand for both digital-still cameras and camera phones is healthy at this point, with digital-still cameras pulling ahead slightly in the near...
Posted by BJ at 07:18 AM

August 02, 2005

Panasonic SC3 Review - MobileBurn

MobileBurn reviews the Panasonic SC3 camera phone and writes - 'The SC3 provides basic functionality, great call quality, good battery life, and most importantly, an affordable price tag. However, the SC3's keypad is where it fails terribly. The flushed set...
Posted by Darren at 11:30 PM

Motorola E790 iTunes Phone

Mobile Tracker points to a USA Today article that looks like it reveals the model number of the upcoming Motorola iTunes phone - the E790. The article writes: 'This year, mobile phone makers and carriers will roll out services...
Posted by Darren at 11:25 PM

August 01, 2005

Cameraphones become tourism tool

'A Hawke's Bay company is hoping a pilot project to use cellphones as a tourist tool will revolutionise the way holidaymakers get information in New Zealand. The trial, in Pukaha Mt Bruce wildlife centre in Wairarapa, uses technology developed...
Posted by Darren at 10:43 AM