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January 31, 2005

Sanyo SCP-5600

Mobile Tracker points to an approval by the FCC of the new Sanyo SCP-5600 - a phone that is expected to ship in the upcoming few months that is known to feature: CDMA MiniSD card slot Megapixel digital camera...
Posted by Darren at 12:14 PM

The power of the citizen paparazzi

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the growing trend of citizen paparazzi which is being powered largely by the rise in popularity of the camera phone. 'Everyone will soon have the ability to take sneaky snaps, writes Steve Dow....
Posted by Darren at 11:19 AM

Samsung to Tempt Chinese With Advanced Camera Phone

Samsung are looking to release its 3.34 megapixel (with 3x Optical Zoom) SCH-M339 camera phone into the Chinese market place. 'Targeting the premium mobile phone market in the world's most populous country, the SCH-M339 model sports a 3.34 megapixel...
Posted by Darren at 11:15 AM

January 29, 2005

2 Billion Mobile Phone Owners Worldwide in 2005

Deloitte Research predict that about 2 billion people will own a mobile phone in 2005. Yes you heard me right - 2 Billion! Their predictions for 2005 also include: 'Electronic viruses will run rampant in PCs, cellphones, PDAs and...
Posted by Darren at 12:27 AM

Siemens CX70

infoSync World reviews the Siemens CX70 camera phone and writes - 'The number of mobile phones supporting Push To Talk functionality is increasing, and the CX70 is Siemens' first model to offer it. As Push To Talk is network...
Posted by Darren at 12:09 AM

January 28, 2005

Motorola Black RAZR V3

Motorola have released pictures of a new Black version of their Motorola RAZR V3. it was announced this morning by the CEO of Motorola who was on CNBC saying that this phone would be given to every Oscar nominee...
Posted by Darren at 05:51 PM

Blogging and Camera phones 'a paedophile's dream'

The BBC has a disturbing report with their recent article - Blogging 'a paedophile's dream which looks at the new technologies of blogging and camera phones and their role in a seedy community: 'Online journals and camera phones are...
Posted by Darren at 05:45 PM

Panasonic X300 Review - InfoSync World

infoSync World reviews the Panasonic X300 and writes - The Panasonic X300 is an odd little phone. It's compact, measuring 92 x 49 x 21 mm, and weighs 87 g, which is fairly standard. Yet in the hand it...
Posted by Darren at 05:43 PM

20% of U.S. Internet Users Now Own Camera Phones

A recent study found that just under 20% of US internet users currently own a phone iwth a camera in it in comparison to just 3% a year ago. 'In addition, 27% of consumers who do not currently own...
Posted by Darren at 05:36 PM

January 27, 2005

Verizon Wireless Launches UTStarcom CDM8940 3G EV-DO Handset

'Verizon Wireless, the first wireless carrier to deliver widely available 3G EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) wireless broadband network, is now also the first to offer the CDM8940 handset, the only EV-DO phone to feature a built-in 1.3 mega pixel camera/camcorder...
Posted by Darren at 11:29 AM

HP Developing Picture Jamming Technology to Block Unwanted Photographs

'HP is developing a privacy technology that can jam still and video cameras and blur faces of people who dont want to have their picture taken. The company developed the idea following a slew of camera phone bans from...
Posted by Darren at 10:00 AM

DxO Aperture allows Camera Phone enhancements

DxO Aperture allows cameraphones to collect up to 4 times more light, extending shooting latitude to dim light environments and higher motion scenes A typical cameraphone usage powered by DxO Aperture: 4 times more light! Paris, France, January 25,...
Posted by Darren at 09:47 AM

January 26, 2005

Nokia 6230 Review - PC Magazine

PC World reviews the Nokia 6230 and writes - 'The Nokia 6230's plain-Jane exterior hides a wealth of features, including the best EDGE modem available in a handset. Pros: Best phone to use as an EDGE modem. Good Bluetooth implementation....
Posted by Darren at 04:46 PM

Sony Ericsson Z500a Review - PC Magazine

PC Mag reviews the Sony Ericsson Z500a review by PC Magazine and writes - 'A lousy case and keypad design doom the Sony Ericsson Z500a, an otherwise decent, affordable multimedia phone which can also be used as an unusually...
Posted by Darren at 04:37 PM

January 25, 2005

Motorola to release more Razr phones

Business Week breaks the news that Motorola is planning to expand the Razr series of phones - 'Now the industry is paying attention once again. Since the Razr V3 hit store shelves in November, Motorola has shipped an estimated...
Posted by Darren at 01:02 AM

Siemens SL65 Review - InfoSync World

InfoSync World reviews the Siemens SL65 and writes - 'What regards features and performance, the SL65 certainly performs better than your average handset. Its main draw, however, is the sliding mechanism and the resulting compact form factor - a...
Posted by Darren at 12:55 AM

Nokia 6670 Review - InfoSync World

InfoSync World reviews the Nokia 6670 and writes - 'Nokia have nearly perfected the Series 60 format. In terms of hardware, the good-looking 6670 has a great screen and camera, good reception and battery life, and usable buttons. On the...
Posted by Darren at 12:48 AM

January 23, 2005

Schools Ban Camera Phones Amid 'Happy Slapping' Craze

'Head teachers have banned children from using video phones to stop them slapping other pupils in the face and recording the attacks on their mobiles. The violent new craze among teenagers dubbed happy slapping has been plaguing...
Posted by Darren at 04:00 AM

January 22, 2005

Camera phones debut in inaugural coverage

'ABC News Now aired Sprint "Video Mail" clips captured from the cell phones of nearly two dozen participants along the inaugural parade route. Some of the Sprint folks sent video clips from aboard parade floats and in marching units.'...
Posted by Darren at 10:00 PM

January 19, 2005

Cameraphone Survey Displays Results

'Today, Snapfish released the results of a new national survey of 500 Americans who own or intend to buy a camera phone in the next 12 months. The independently conducted national survey, reveals dozens of key findings on the...
Posted by Darren at 09:14 AM

January 18, 2005

Siemens mobile arm for sale or closure

'Siemens will close its mobile handset division unless it can find a last minute buyer, according to the Sunday Telegraph. Siemens is the fourth largest handset maker by market share it has struggled to make a profit. In the...
Posted by Darren at 09:07 AM

January 16, 2005

How I joined the paparazzi with just my mobile phone

'IT WASNT an intrusive, long-lens photo that embroiled Prince Harry in an international furore, but a seemingly innocent snapshot proof that, these days, anyone with a camera phone can become an instant paparazzo. How easy is it to...
Posted by Darren at 09:57 PM

Carphone Warehouse says digital camera is dead - Camera Phones to take over

'The Carphone Warehouse's UK Chief Executive, Andrew Harrison, today cautioned the future success of digital cameras. Cameraphones now make up over 70% of mobile phone sales, with 2 megapixel cameraphones due to hit the market later this year. The...
Posted by Darren at 10:25 AM

January 14, 2005

Samsung Profit Slumps

'amsung Electronics Co. Ltd. reported a 42 percent drop in quarterly operating profit on a slide in mobile phone margins and falling flat-screen prices, but its shares rose 6 percent as it predicted a turnaround. A price war raging...
Posted by Darren at 11:49 PM

January 13, 2005

Mobile phone snappers face jail

'Two women who tried to photograph a prisoner in the dock with their mobile phones are facing prison sentences. The women, one aged 17, were spotted using the phones just feet away from the prisoner at Manchester Crown Court....'...
Posted by Darren at 09:59 PM

LG VX8000 Preview - InfoSync World

InfoSync World previews the LG VX8000 and writes - 'The VX8000 also does well when it comes to multimedia content creation. Housing a very adjustable 1.3 megapixel camera, the VX8000 can take still photos and record short video clips alike....
Posted by Darren at 09:21 AM

January 12, 2005

Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium Publishes Initial Guidelines for Consumer Printing of Camera Phone Images

Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium Press Release Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium Publishes Initial Guidelines for Consumer Printing of Camera Phone Images The Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium (MIPC), an industry group developing solutions and implementation guidelines for printing...
Posted by Darren at 10:13 PM

January 11, 2005

Should Cell Phone Cams Come with Alarms?

'The New Jersey Assembly is considering a controversial new law restricting the use of cell phone cameras. It would require all of them to be equipped with sound or light signals. Supporters say it would warn subjects their photos...
Posted by Darren at 11:34 PM

Study Projects Nearly 900 Million Camera Phone Shipments Worldwide by 2009

'InfoTrends/CAP Ventures projects that worldwide camera phone shipments will grow from 178 million units in 2004 to over 860 million units in 2009. By 2009, camera phones are expected to account for 89% of all mobile phone handsets shipped....
Posted by Darren at 06:04 PM

Samsung P207

InfoSync World previews the Samsung P207 and writes - 'Outside of the speech to text capabilities, the P207 still has a few tricks up its sleeve. For one, it is one of the first Samsung phones to support EDGE high-speed...
Posted by Darren at 05:49 PM

January 10, 2005

Momentum Is Gaining for Cellphones as Credit Cards

'People already use their cellphones to read e-mail messages, take pictures and play video games. Before long, they may use them in place of their wallets. By embedding in the cellphone a computer chip or other type of memory...
Posted by Darren at 05:28 PM

Samsung Electronics Develops World's First Eight-Die Multi-Chip Package Technology for Multimedia Cell Phones

Samsung Press Release: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has developed the world's first eight-die multi-chip package (MCP) technology, designed for use in high-capacity mobile devices such as 3G handsets...
Posted by Darren at 05:22 PM

Local Handset Firms May Unveil 7-Megapixel Camera Phones This Year

'South Korean handset makers such as Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. will probably sell 7-megapixel camera phones within this year, a market source said Monday. The move comes as a 5-megapixel camera phone model, which was introduced...
Posted by Darren at 05:19 PM

January 09, 2005


The LG SD350 is a 3.24 megapixel camera phone that is sure to be popular. It features a CCD module, MP3 player, high speed 3D games, 64 polyphony 3D stereo ring tones and 128MB memory (plus a miniSD slot). LG...
Posted by Darren at 09:17 AM

January 08, 2005

Varioptic Unveils First Liquid Cell Phone Camera Lens

'A small French company has not only successfully solved the problem of designing a functioning variable-focus liquid lens, but is already delivering them by the thousands to partners like SEMCO (a subsidiary of Samsung), meaning they could be showing...
Posted by Darren at 05:58 PM

SCH-S250 going to the US in 2005

Engadget plays with the 3.2 megapixel Samsung SCH-S230 cameraphone and writes that its big brother, the 5 megapixel SCH-S250 will be heading to the US sometime in the fourth quarter of 2005. The Samsung SCH-S230 not only has a...
Posted by Darren at 12:29 PM

January 07, 2005

Jail and Lashes for 3 in Camera Phone Sex Assault

'Two young Saudis have been sentenced by the high court here to prison terms and flogging for orchestrating and filming a Nigerian driver sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, with a camera phone.... The scandal, which shocked the conservative Saudi...
Posted by Darren at 05:31 PM

Hop-On - The Blade Camera Phone

Hop On today announced a new slimline camera phone, 'the blade'. The Blad is a dual band 900/180MHz phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera and 262k TFT display. The Blade weighs just 73g and measures only 103 x 42...
Posted by Darren at 11:58 AM

Samsung Mobile, Motorola and China's Amoi Mobile Select SanDisk's TransFlash Memory Module for Feature Phones

Sandisk News Release: World's Smallest Semi-Removable Flash Storage Module Enables Consumers To Store Photos, Video Clips, Music and Other Data On Ultra-Compact Handsets SanDisk(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:SNDK) today announced that SanDisk TransFlash(TM), a fingernail-sized flash storage module, will provide expanded...
Posted by Darren at 09:11 AM

LG Showcases Mobile Phones at CES

LG PRESS RELEASE: LG MOBILE PHONES SHOWCASES A GALLERY OF NEW WIRELESS HANDSET TECHNOLOGIES AT THE 2005 INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW LG Steals the Show Highlighting New Mobile Handset Technologies Including EVDO, Megapixel Integrated Cameras and Bluetooth Capabilities LG...
Posted by Darren at 12:52 AM

LG VX8000 EVDO Camera Phone

VX8000 EVDO Mobile Phone: The VX8000 EVDO handset is the pinnacle of a visual entertainment handset, enhanced by the high-speed data capabilities of EVDO technology. The VX8000 features Video and Music on Demand for streaming, downloading and playing video and...
Posted by Darren at 12:51 AM

January 06, 2005

Motorola V635 Officially Announced

'The Motorola V600 has morphed into the V635, delivering a 1.2 megapixel camera, video capture and playback, expandable memory and EDGE technology. With enhanced imaging features and the faster speeds that come with EDGE, the model V635 becomes a powerful...
Posted by Darren at 08:33 PM

Motorola E815

The Motorola E815 is designed to further on-the-go multimedia functionality. The EVDO powered Motorola E815 enables consumers to reach high speed on the device they always have with them. This sleek, fully packed handset delivers video-on-demand* for replaying sports highlights...
Posted by Darren at 08:30 PM

Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone

Motorola News Release: Motorola Ojo(TM) Personal Videophone Changes the Face of Personal Communication Ushering in a New Era of Video Telephony for the 'Connected Home,' the Highly-Anticipated Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone Makes Its Debut at the 2005 International CES...
Posted by Darren at 07:43 PM

Top 10 cell phones -

CNET have announced their top 10 Cell Phones of the year. They are: - Best Cell Phone - Nokia 6820 - Best ultraportable phone - Siemens CF62T - Best value phone - Sony Ericsson T637 - Best phone for...
Posted by Darren at 05:48 PM

LG MM-535 Camera Phone

LG will announce their new LG MM-535 Camera phone this week at CES. The MM-535 slider style phone will feature a 1.3 megapixel camera, full color LCD screen, speaker phone, stereo sound and external storage for downloaded media and...
Posted by Darren at 11:44 AM

Nokia 6822

The Nokia 6822 is a flip style designed camera phone with QWERTY keyboard. It is based on and replaces the Nokia 6820. The Nokia 6822's features include: - VGA camera - Bluetooth - Java MIDP 2.0 - 65,000 color...
Posted by Darren at 11:33 AM

UTStarcom CDM-180

Mobile Tracker announces the UTStarcom CDM-180 camera phone. The CDM-180 features include: - VGA camera - Java/Brew 2.0 (depending on carrier) - Landscape oriented main screen: 262K color 1.8 TFT - Outside display: 262K color 1.2 TFT PCMag reviews...
Posted by Darren at 11:25 AM

January 05, 2005

Camera phones grow up to be portable document scanners

'Scientists working at the Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) have developed new imaging technology that could turn mobile phones first into portable document scanners and eventually into devices you could use to acquire, store, read, print, and share documents....
Posted by Darren at 03:05 PM

Samsung Unveils SCH-a890 for US Market

Samsung have just unveiled the SCH-a890 high speed network camera phone for the US market. The Samsung SCH-a890 has a 1.3 megapixel camera, supports high speed 1x-EVDO networks and has video on demand. Get more details from Samsung's following...
Posted by Darren at 09:46 AM

Hop-On to Exhibit 1845 and 1846 Camera Phones at CES

Hop-On News Release, Inc. today announced that it will introduce a second camera phone, a dual band (900/1800 MHz) GSM/GPRS handset, at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, which runs from January 6 to 9, 2005 in Las Vegas....
Posted by Darren at 09:39 AM

Samsung Unveils Unprecedented Line Up of Mobile Phones for US

Samsung have unveiled a new range of handsets at the CES show in Las Vegas. The line up includes a speech to text dictation phone, a two and a five megapixel camera phone, video and music on demand devices...
Posted by Darren at 09:33 AM

January 04, 2005

LG unveils worlds first broadband multimedia phone - DMB Technology

'LG Electronics has unveiled the worlds first terrestrial digital multimedia broadcast receiving mobile (DMB) phone. The state-of-the-art mobile phone resolves problems surrounding the bulky terminal size and power consumption of previous terrestrial DMB terminals, which lacked mobile phone functions....
Posted by Darren at 10:09 PM

LG A7710

Mobile Tracker previews the LG A7710's specifications. The LG A7710 (can't any of these marketing types come up with a decent name for a phone?) is tipped to be announced at CES in Las Vegas later in the week...
Posted by Darren at 07:28 PM

Camphone Prices Drop by Half Much to the Delight of Customers

Prices of camera phones have plummeted in Saudi Arabia since the lift of their ban recently. Arab News reports that 'Customers are reportedly making a beeline for camera phones, especially Nokia 6600 and Nokia 7610 which are in great...
Posted by Darren at 07:21 PM

Samsung SGH-P777

Mobile Tracker announces that the slide style designed Samsung SGH-P777 is starting to have details of its features released (although nothing too official yet). They predict its release on Cingular Wireless sometime in the next two months. News of...
Posted by Darren at 05:25 PM

January 03, 2005

B-Bop: Samsung 2 Megapixel Concept Phone

We regret to inform readers that this post on the 'B-Bop Samsung Phone' has been removed at the request of Samsung who recently sent us the following email. 'It has come to our attention that information on a certain device,...
Posted by Darren at 10:07 PM

Samsung Thor - Concept Camera Phone

We regret to inform readers that this post on the 'Thor Samsung Phone' has been removed at the request of Samsung who recently sent us the following email. 'It has come to our attention that information on a certain device,...
Posted by Darren at 10:07 PM

Samsung Javelin - Concept Camera Phone

We regret to inform readers that this post on the 'Javelin Samsung Phone' has been removed at the request of Samsung who recently sent us the following email. 'It has come to our attention that information on a certain device,...
Posted by Darren at 10:07 PM

January 01, 2005

LGE to launch 20 handset models in 2005

Digitimes announces that LGE plan to launch 20 handset models in 2005. It is going to be a busy year here at Camera Phone Zone. 'LG Electronics Taiwan will introduce about 20 handset models, which include from two to...
Posted by Darren at 08:27 PM

Sharp V902sh

Vodafone are set to release their first 2 megapixel camera phone in the UK - the Sharp V902sh. Tech Digest: First 2-megapixel cameraphone for the UK takes up the story: 'Vodafone is fairly slim on the details when it...
Posted by Darren at 08:20 PM

ASUS P505 Pocket PC - Preview

PDA Buyers Guide have a hands on preview with the ASUS P505 Pocket PC and write - 'The P505 is a GSM phone, and we believe a version will support the 850MHz band used by Cingular and AT&T; Wireless in...
Posted by Darren at 08:02 PM