LivingRoom >> A space for Life Talking Emerging Church, Blogging, Faith and General Silliness from South of the Equator en-us 2008-12-08T15:01:26+10:00 One Year On From Leaving LivingRoom - a Personal Update Today I realized that it's been just over 12 months since our little family moved on from LivingRoom. As a result I thought perhaps it was a time to do a little reflecting upon the last year as we've transitioned... Faithorama Darren 2008-12-08T15:01:26+10:00 Christian SMS Spam? A few weeks ago I started receiving SMS text messages from an unidentified phone number urging me to pray for different 'issues' in Australia. The first was to pray 'against' polygamy (there was a news story that day that a... Darren 2008-07-07T15:33:45+10:00 I Wrote a Book One of the things that I've been doing over the last 12 months is writing. "Writing? Don't you mean Blogging" you say... No, actually writing in a non blogging form - writing a book. Bouncing off my blog ProBlogger (a... Darren 2008-04-10T16:43:29+10:00 Exploring 'Christian Blogs' Tim Challies just published an Interviewing with Me that explores some of the themes of my last few years of blogging where I've transitioned both in thinking and action from seeing myself as a 'Christian Blogger' to being a... Faithorama Darren 2007-10-11T21:11:24+10:00 Does the Church Need to Rethink Leadership? In my last post I spoke about the transition time that we're going through as a community at LivingRoom with V and I moving on from the community at the end of this year (it's looking like we'll finish... Emerging Church Darren 2007-09-24T17:47:50+10:00 A Time of Transition at Livingroom Time for an update on LivingRoom - well overdue I know. Over the last month we've moved into a transition period at LivingRoom as we consider our future as a community in a time of change. At the beginning... Living Room Darren 2007-09-01T00:19:22+10:00 LivingRoom and The Trouble With Paris One of the things that LivingRoom has been focussing upon in the last few months is a great new resource produced by three mates of mine here in Melbourne titled The Trouble with Paris. This DVD based resource is... Living Room Darren 2007-06-21T17:20:10+10:00 Megachurch Website Launch May 21, 6pm Those in Melbourne might be interested in coming along to the launch of a new website here in Australia called Megachurch Watch. It's on at 6pm on Monday 21 May (next week). I'll be one of a number of... Linkage Darren 2007-05-16T14:30:38+10:00 Forge National Summit - 2007 Forge is running it's second annual 'Dangerous Stories' National Summit which looks like it's shaping up to be a great event - Australia's Emerging Church Summit. It's on between 9-11 March in Melbourne and if it's half as good... Emerging Church Cookbook Darren 2007-01-21T22:29:37+10:00 A Christmas Reflection for Advent On Sunday at LivingRoom our group had a BYO worship time with the topic of Christmas (it seemed appropriate). We had a range of reflections and activities brought to us. Mine was the following two visual presentations which I simply... Living Room Darren 2006-12-13T13:07:50+10:00 Pornography Addiction Resource I'd like to introduce readers to a great new resource called The Fight - a DVD based resource for guys struggling with pornography addiction. The resource has been produced by my brother Adrian over the last year or two... Faithorama Darren 2006-11-29T13:14:08+10:00 Socks and Everyday Spirituality LivingRoom has had some great gatherings of late. I've been a little (or a lot) lax in keeping up to date with reporting on what we've done. So I'll try to do a little catch up and describe a... Living Room Darren 2006-11-19T14:45:04+10:00 On Being Darren - Or What I've been Up To A few people have been asking me for a bit of an update on life (mine) recently so I thought I'd take a little time to reflect upon what has been a busy few months. For starters - I'm... Getting Personal Darren 2006-11-17T14:40:56+10:00 Helping Pastors Blog Cory is running a great series of posts over at Church Communications Pro on Pastors blogging in which he's written some good posts and is interviewing some 'believer bloggers'. Check it out here.... Blogosphere Darren 2006-10-12T19:20:18+10:00 LivingRoom Multiplying Again LivingRoom is now three groups again. We've been through a number of versions over the past 3.5 years: We started as a small group of 7 (including 1 child) in February 2003 (our goal was always to multiply rather... Living Room Darren 2006-09-14T08:55:29+10:00