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Writing Prayers

7 October, 2004 6:50 PM

Last night at LivingRoom we spent the night writing prayers. Up until this point we've been a group that has very rarely read or written prayers - our prayer has been much more of a meditative/contemplative or free flowing spoken nature. I guess growing up I reacted against the few experiences of liturgy or written prayers that I experienced and have rarely gone back to it until recently when I've begun to hang out with and be impacted by communities that have a very rich experience of God through it.

Anyway - last night we spent some time as individuals writing prayers on a variety of topics. At the end of the time we came back together and some of us shared what we'd written. I was quite amazed by the diversity of themes and styles of prayers written. It was quite a moving experience for some of us to hear what had been written, knowing the roads that people have and are traveling. We're going to collect the prayers that we write and begin a prayer scrap book so that we can look back on them and at times pray them again. I suspect prayer writing nights will become a more regular part of what we do from time to time.

update: Writing Prayers is a helpful resource for those wanting to explore the topic. I used the article in introducing the exercise last night.



that's a really good idea. I know that when I write my prayers instead of just praying them out loud or quietly, it keeps me on track a lot more. My mind often wanders, but when I write my thoughts down, I stay focused.

jess » 18 October, 2004 7:52 AM

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