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Write a review and win a $100 Amazon Gift Voucher

5 October, 2004 1:55 PM

I'm running this competition on my other blogs and thought some of you might like to participate.

Do you own a digital camera, printer, scanner or camera phone? Would you like the chance to win a $100 (US) gift from Amazon simply by writing a short review of your experiences with it?

Digital Photography Blog, in conjunction with Camera Phone Zone and Printer Blog are giving you the chance to win a $100 gift voucher from Amazon for each review of a printer, scanner, digital camera, camera phone or photo editing software package. You get one chance in the draw for each review submitted in the next 30 days. Entries close on 5th November 2004. Please carefully read the following Conditions and Guidelines before submitting entries.

Entries should be submitted via email to Darren at:

darren at livingroom.org.au or by using this contact form (please ensure you leave a contact email address so that we can contact you regarding your prize if drawn on November 5).

Conditions of entry:

- Reviews will be published on one or more of the above mentioned blogs.
- Reviews must be at least 500 words in length and include a rating out of 10.
- Reviews must be your original work.
- We don't mind if your review has been previously published but we would like to know the URL of where it appears (we will publish a link to it).
- The prize is a $100 gift certificate from Amazon. You may spend it in any way you wish. We will purchase and forward the certificate via email within 14 days of the announcement of your winning the competition.
- If you would like to include a link back to your own blog in your review we would be happy to credit you in this way.
- You may submit as many reviews as you wish and will receive one entry into the competition for each entry. The more you submit the better your chances of winning the $100 gift.
- You may write the review in a format that suits you but we would strongly recommend that you include some or all of the following categories in your format.
- We reserve the right to reject any reviews that do not meet the above requirements or that we feel do not meet a reasonable standard - if we do this you will not receive an entry into the competition. Your reviews do not need to be super technical - but they do need to be reasonably written and show genuine knowledge of and experience with the product under review. We reserve the right to do some editing of the reviews for spelling, grammar and other reasons.

Suggested Review Format/Categories
- Introduction to the cameras features
- Your First Impressions
- Description/Comments on Layout and Design of Product
- Description/Comments on Quality of results (images, printing, scanning, phone) produced
- Description/Comments on Ease of Use/Usability
- Comments on Value for money
- General Comments/Recommendations
- Rating out of 10 and your reasoning for such a rating
- You may wish to provide 1 or two sample pictures with your review
- What you like/What you don't like
- Any relevant links/sources for your review

Once again - we're not after highly technical reviews (although if you're a techy person please submit them) - rather we want real comments about digital imaging products from real users. So be yourself - speak the truth about the product and send your reviews in.

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