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Kurt Wins World Idol

2 January, 2004 10:56 AM

Kurt Nilson from Norway today took out World Idol. Early in the competition the bookies had him as second last favourite. His presentation of U2's 'Beautiful Day' not only captured the attention of the judges who installed him as a 'dark horse' but also the voting public from virtually every voting country.

He muscled out Kelly Clarkson who has had a world publicity tour and millions of dollars of marketing to win convincingly. Third was Peter Evrard from Belgium.

World Idol chat room and discussion boards have come alive since the results were aired with fans debating the results. Many are excited about Kurt's rise from underdog status to beat Clarkson while others continue to push their case for their own countries favourite.

Australian fans are among the more vocal and many angrily dispute the result which saw their Guy Sebastian placed midfield despite being praised almost unanimously by judges. Many Will Young fans also are also up in arms after he placed 5th.

All in all the show will never please everyone. Contestants are given just a few minutes to convince viewers of their worth in comparison to months of performances in the local shows. A lot comes down to song choice, the editing of the WI producers (they had 4 hours of footage to cut down to 90 minutes) and relationships between countries. Whilst Kurt, Kelly and Peter all consistently polled well other contestants votes between countries was quite inconsistent pointing to either a poor voting turnout or voting along country allegiances (which is an accusation that Eurovision always suffers from).

Television networks are probably the biggest winners from World Idol with record ratings being recorded in many countries.

Leave your respectful comments on the competition, its results and your favourites below.

World Idol Latest News

7 December, 2003 11:47 AM

I'll be posting the latest News reports on World Idol here as they come in:

Update - Congratulations to Kirt Nilson from Norway on winning World Idol.

* He's rarely Kurt out

* Norwegian beats Sebastian to 'World Pop Idol' crown

* Norway's Kirt Nilson wins World Idol

* Sebastian misses World Idol Title


* World Idol Rates well around the globe.

* Kelly and Will are still favourites.

* Will Wil Young Win World Idol?

* An Australian view on World Idol

* World Idol gets top Christmas ratings in Australia

* Canada's Idol Judged Luke Warm

* Guy considered dark horse to win

* SA idol lashes out at judges

* Will Insulted by World Idol Judges - Will Young told to get singing lessons

* It's Canada vs. USA in World Idol Showdown

* 'World Idol' hopefuls strut stuff

* Report from Recording of Show - Abusive judges upstage Idols

Excerpts: 'The pre-recorded contest was reduced to a farcical slanging match between judges who ran their own competition for the nastiest diatribe....idol executives admitted after the recording there would be "heavy editing" to ensure the show did not offend viewers. It seemed the show's producers had plucked the "nasty" judge from every territory and put them all on World Idol.'

* Elton to perform at World Idol Results show - Similarly - World Idol to feature celebrity guests?

* US judge slams Guy as a `donkey'

* This is apparently a review of the show (recorded last night) from a studio audience member who gives a contestant by contestant description.

* Official World Idol Website Launched

0,1658,309264,00.jpg* World Idols Get Together. (pictured right)

* Heinz takes on the World

* World Idol to be recorded tonight - Guy hits London Also Guys Album hits top spot in Aus after only a week

*Kelly Clarkson named Favourite to win World Idol

* Guy In Tears for Fan and Cancels Tour.

* Ryan Malcolm releases debut album Home, preps for World Idol

* Latest Betting Odds. I just found another article with betting odds (a bit different to the first one).

* Guy Sebastian to Sing 'Climb Every Mountain' @ World Idol (although he's said otherwise on radio interviews).

* Guy Sebastian released his debut album Just as I Am Big crowds turned out in Sydney for the launch.

* Get bios, pictures, betting odds from World Idols Competitors here.

* Canadian Idol - Ryan Malcolm - is in demand with next Tuesdays release of his debut album 'Home'. 'Malcolm can't talk about the song he'll perform (at World Idol) -- his handlers, sitting at the next table, would probably break his legs. But he does admit he doesn't have a clue about his fellow competitors. Ignorance, as the old saying goes, is bliss.... "I've seen the German Idol and he's good looking," says Malcolm. "So, with my luck, he's an even better singer. I don't want to see that. I'm hoping he's just a pretty face." '

* Australia Idol - Guy Sebastian - also is releasing his album 'Just as I am'. Record launches have been cancelled due to fears of riots. Excerpt: 'On Saturday, he flies to London to compete in the final of World Idol, pending the results of a compulsory medical examination ordered by Idol producers.... Sebastian wants to show a different side of Australia when he competes for the World Idol crown. "Australians are not all like the crocodile hunter," the 21-year-old with the Afro hairstyle said. "Australians are balanced people, so it will be cool to represent the other side as opposed to just the ocker." '

* Entertainment Africa reports: 'The results show of World Idol has been brought forward to Thursday, January 1 and will not be broadcast on January 7 as was initially advertised.

* Simon Cowell Will Judge "World Idol"

* Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, better known as Ant & Dec, will be hosting WORLD IDOL.

* Dicko to be Judge

* Get bios, pictures, betting odds from World Idols Competitors here.

World Idol - The Contestants

22 November, 2003 3:00 PM

Update - Congratulations to Kirt Nilson from Norway on winning World Idol.

World Idol was officially announced last week. The competition will be held over the Christmas - New Year holiday period.

Get up to date News from around the world news sources on WI here.

In preparation for the series I thought it might be fun to get to know the contestants a little. Here is a very short bio about each. Feel free to add your thoughts in comments - especially for those from non English speaking backgrounds who I had more trouble finding information for. Also let me know if you know of links to hear or see your favorites perform so we can get more of an idea of what they are like.

Here they are in the order of their current betting odds (favorite to least favorite) at My Betting:

kelly clarkson.jpgKelly Clarkson - USA - current odds 5/2. 21 year old Kelly (pictured left) was the original American Idol. She grew up in Texas. After winning Idol she released a double A side single Before Your Love/A Moment Like This which shot to number one. Since then she's released her debut album Thankful (review) and has been touring extensively world wide promoting her single Miss Independent. She is getting close to releasing her next single Trouble with Love is. Also check out Kelly Clarkson's official Site and a more detailed Biography. get samples of Kelly's music here

will-young.jpgWill Young - UK - current odds 3/1 The original 'Idol' from the UK series Pop Idols, Will Young (pictured right) is a 24 year old originally from Berkshire. Before Idol he studies Politics. His debut album was From Now On which has sold over 850,000 copies. He also holds the record for 2nd highest selling single in the UK for Evergreen / Anything Is Possible.
Will has had a bit longer than other contestants to establish himself as an Idol and is being promoted in the British press as being a hot favorite to take our World Idol. His other singles include Don't Let Me Down, Light My Fire / Ain't No Sunshine / Beyond the Sea and Friday's Child.

Will Young's official site is here and here is a more detailed Bio (and another here). Please let me know of any links to him performing.

guy sebastian.jpgGuy Sebastian - Australia - current odds 6/1 - Guy (pictured left) is the most recent Idol having just won Australian Idol. He's 21 years old and from Adelaide in South Australia. Guy was a music teacher before Idol. He's just released his debut single Guy's Single - Angels Brought Me Here this and his debut album Just as I Am. His trademark is his 'Afro'.

Check out Guy's new official site or the Australian Idol - Guy Page. Here him sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, What a Wonderful World and When Doves Cry. Get Guy's Single - Angels Brought Me Here

HEINZ WINCKLER .jpgHeinz Winckler - South Africa - current odds 8/1. 25 year old Heinz (pictured right) was a law student before his Idol journey began. After winning Idols he released his debut single, 'Once in a lifetime' and a debut album, 'One Step Closer'.

Heinz's Winckler's official site is here and a more detailed bio is here. Please let me know of any links to him performing.

Alexander Klaws.jpgAlexander Klaws - Germany - current odds 8/1 - Alexander (pictured left) is 20 years old. He has released a number of singles since winning Idol including Take Me Tonight, "Stay With ME" and "Free Like The wind". He's also released an album - "Take Your Chance".

Also check out Alexander Klaws Official Site. Please let me know of any links to him performing.

ryan Malcolm.jpgRyan Malcolm - Canada - current odds 10/1 Ryan is 24 years old and is from Kingston Ontario. Ryan is about to release his debut album Home on 9 December after the success of his single 'Something More'.

Check out Ryan's official site. Ryan has a fair bit of web presence - for example here is an interview with Ryan. Also download three of Ryan's songs here. (thanks Katya for the link).

jamai.jpgJamai Loman - Netherlands - current odds 10/1 - Jamai was only 16 years old when he won pop idol, he's now 17 and very popular in his home country. Since winning Idol his debut single Step Right Up went straight to number one and stayed there for 7 weeks. It was the fastest and biggest selling single since the 70's. His first album is 'Jamai'. (thanks to my new Dutch friends and ZlatkoT for the information!)

Jamai's official site can be found here - follow the 'pics/clips' link to audio and video of Jamai performing. Also listen to his Number 1 song from the finals here and listen to him sing Elton John's Your Song here.

Alicja Janosz.jpgAlicja Janosz - Poland - current odds 14/1 My Polish is non existent so all I can really gather at this point is that Alicja (pictured right) is 18 years of age and born in Pszczynie Poland.

Also check out Alicia's Bio and her official site. (All in Polish) Apparently there are some downloadable snippets of Alicjas songs here and also here.

peter.jpgPeter Evrard - Belgium - current odds 14/1 - Peter (pictured left) is one of the older World Idol competitors at 29 years of age. He's been singing with bands for years including a heavy Metal band Disobedient. His Debut single after idol was 'For You'.

Peter's official site is here. Peter Evard MP3s are here.

kurt nilson.jpgKurt Nilsen - Norway - current odds 20/1 Kurt (pictured right) is 25 years old. From what I can put together he has two children. Kurt has a band called Fenrik Lane which are very popular in Norway.

I can't find an official site for him but Kurt's Fan Club is site is here. Let me know if you find his official site. Check out some of Kurt Nilson's Mp3's here

Diana Karazon.jpgDiana Karazon - Lebanon - current odds 20/1 - 19 year old Diana (pictured left) won the Arab version of Idol - Superstar earlier in 2003. Diana is from Jordon and since winning Superstar has released a self titled Album.

Check out Diana Karazon's Official site. (its a good one - required Flash) You can listen to some of Diana's songs here.

Who do you think will win World Idol? What more can you add to these bios? Please refrain from personally attacking contestants or one another in comments - personal attacks and flaming will not be tolerated.

Get up to date News from around the world news sources on WI here.

Check out this site for more information on each competitor. Also check out this similar review of the idols and their lead up to World Idol.

UPDATE: Hi all - I'd like to thank you for your contributions to this topic. However having just read through the comments that have been left I have decided to disable the commenting features on this post indefinitely.

My reasons for doing this are these;
1. First and foremost I have been a little disturbed by some (its a minority) of the comments. Despite me asking for things to be kept civil in the comments you leave there have been a number of you who have been abusive in what you have written. The purpose of this article was to highlight the positive things about each of the competitors. Each have made it to the final on their own merits and in my books deserve some respect. This respect has not been shown by a number of comments here. I'm ashamed that it has been largely Australians and Guy supporters who have taken this approach. Can I suggest that you do Australia and Guy himself a disservice by being arrogant and abusive in writing of your support for him.

2. I can not keep up with the large amount of comments that this post is generating. Each comment ends up in my email inbox so that I can moderate it. I am a busy person.

3. The more comments the more my hosting costs. This site is not my job, it cost me more than it makes to keep it running. If someone wants to donate some money to me to cover it I'd be happy to set up a blog/forum specifically for this topic to be discussed. If you feel so moved to donate to help me cover some costs do so at this paypal button

I hope that I do not offend anyone by suspending comments, if you would like to talk to me about this or have any suggestions for information you'd like to see added to this post please feel free to email me. Thanks to those who have been sending me info and links - especially ZlatkoT, keep sending your ideas to me at darren AT

World Idol Announced

16 November, 2003 11:29 PM

Meet the Contestants for World Idol

Get the Latest World Idol News Here

World Idol will be held and televised around Christmas time this year.

There have been rumors floating around for a while about world idol but now it seems to be a reality.

Australian Newspapers announced World Idol earlier this week. They announced:

'In the show, British winner Will Young will take on American Idol Kelly Clarkson and another nine winners.

The two-part special is to be staged in London and broadcast around the world, the first part going out "in late December".

Viewers in each country will choose the winner through a phone vote with the results broadcast over New Year.'

This takes 'Reality TV' to a whole new Global level.

There are a whole heap of articles springing up about it including:

- 'World Idol' airdates set
- World Idol Smackdown Coming Christmas Day
- Clarkson favourite for 'World Idol' win
- "Idol" worship in Christmas Day
- World Idol is Definitely a Go
- Will Young to take on international Idol winners
- The World's a stage for Idol
- World Idol Coming During the Holiday Season

- Get ready for 'World Idols'
- Will limbers up for World Idol
- Kelly Clarkson To Vie For Title Of 'World Idol'
- Will v The World as Pop Idol goes global
- Canadian champ to compete for World Idol titl
- Pop Idols tackle global showdown

- World Idol show airs on holidays
- Heinz eyes the global stage
- World Idol May Air in December
- 'World Idol' competition planned for holiday season, with eleven 'Idols' and world-wide voting
- Idols take on the World

Meet the Contestants for World Idol - includes photos and short bios