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Australian Idol - The Winner is....

9 November, 2003 8:45 PM

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Tonight was the last night of competition in the Australian Idol series. Shannon and Guy sang three songs each. One for both was the 'winners single' that will be released when the winner is announced.

The past few months have been really interesting to watch. Controversy, Some great new artists identified and the Australian public whipped into a bit of a frenzy. Today out shopping I heard the show talked about as I walked by people four times! I'm still surprised by the passion of some watchers of the show.

Anyway - here is my blow by blow account of tonight's show. (written as I watch and in a rush, sorry for the grammar!)

Song 1 — Guy opened the show with his version of the single 'Angels Brought me Here'. The song is not really his style but he did pretty well. It has been reported that this week Guy has been sick with the flu — you could tell a little during this song especially in his lower and higher register. Not the spine tingling song we've come to expect from Mr Sebastian.

Song 2 — Shannon started with 'Please Forgive Me' (made famous by Brian Adams). Shannon has been criticised for not knowing how to move — he is improving but he still doesn't seem to know what to do with his left hand. Shannon might have had the flu this week too by the sound of some of his high nights. I wish he'd open his mouth a little more. He kind of looks a bit depressed tonight. I can't stand the song — but it suits his voice - he sang it better than Brian Adams (which isn't hard in my humble opinion). He got the crowd going.

Song 3 - Guy came out second with 'I'll be there' — (originally by the Jackson Five). This song is much more his style. As usual you can see his talent not only in the singing but in the arrangement of the song. The crowd loves this guy — although its not quite the heights that we've seen before. His voice is edgey but he controls it well. I would have thought these two would have picked more powerful songs than these for their last show. Still - Guy is fantastic in this song which shows off his voice nicely.

Song 4 - Shannon picked a song by Aussie artist Jimmy Barnes — 'Working Class Man'. Ever sing I first heard him sing I thought he should sing this song as he's got a very Barnsy like voice — raspy. Shannon came out this time wearing a white muscle top...hmmmm. It got the girls screaming. He's definitely getting better at getting the audience involved in his performances. The last part of his song really lifted — the crowd went wild again.

Song 5 - Guy's last song of the competition is 'Crazy in Love' (by Beyonce). This is more like the Guy we're used to — well it sort of looks like him — he's wearing a fur coat, sunglasses and nose ring! He's attempting to rev up the crowd and its working. I have to say its not a song that really is showing off his voice to well. It is modern and should get the younger crowd on side I guess. I'm a little confused by his song choice, this is his last chance to leave an impression. It's a bit of a gamble. His talent does shine through though — what a voice!

Song 6 - Shannon's turn for the single 'Angels Brought me Here'. He starts off seated (has anyone done that before?) His lower and higher registers are a bit shaky when he sings softly. I think this song is quite challenging for both of them tonight. Having said that he did pretty well and made it his own — almost as good as Guy sang it apart from a few dodgy notes. He ended with a tear in his eye — I'm touched.

Judges comments didn't really say much about tonight's performances — it was more of a 'mutual admiration society'.

So who will win? Guy or Shannon? In the lead up to this show I think Guy has been the most outstanding performer out of the whole final 12. I've always thought Shannon has been a little 'wooden'.

But on tonight's performance I'd have to say that the tables turned a little and Guy came back to the field. His voice was obviously affected by his flu and Shannon did better than normal.

Guy chose songs that will appeal to both young and old - Shannon picked two 'classics' that will probably appeal to an older demographic. Which will pay off?

I'd say its neck and neck. I guess it depends if people are voting on tonight's performance or on the series as a whole. If I vote it will probably be for Guy who has consistently been brilliant — til tonight.

I wonder if Guy and Shannon have been pushed too hard this week doing recording, video clips, promotional tours etc? Seems like song choice might have been a little rushed — rehearsal time pushed aside and health let to slip.

Anyway its not up to me. Australia — who is your Idol? I guess we'll find out Wednesday 19th November. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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