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Who's In - continued...

20 January, 2003 9:02 AM

Just checked the ongoing 'Have Your Say' conversation in the Who's In post. Was surprised to that the conversation continues there! Thanks for them - there is some really insightful thoughts and stories there - thanks to those who are using my 'Have your Say' section to share their own experiences - its a real privledge to hear your story. Check out, Laura, Paul, Richard, Johanna, Alan, Bene, Rachels etc comments in that post particularly - they are top quality!!! Debs last comment gives a bit of a feel for what has been said. She writes:

'wow - what an amazing story - my friend and I are viritually howling our eyes out here in our study. We both have had similar experiences of being cast out of churches - not because we did the unforgivable sin, but because we were broken people searching for a God who we thought accepted such people. Thank God we found a church that allowed us to be broken and in time find healing.'

It seems that my story of the woman who was ostrasized by her pastor was not such an extreme or isolated case! This saddens me and makes me all the more determined to help facilitate something that is different.

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