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Whole life 'Mudcake Spirituality'

14 May, 2003 11:35 AM

How does faith become a whole life thing?

This Sunday morning I'm guest speaking at Wattle Park Chapel. The topic I'm working on is to challenge people take the step away from 'Sunday faith' and towards 'whole life faith'. I'm going to talk about Mudcake Spirituality and explore the idea that Jesus calls us to this type of passion not only for those special times of worship where we gather together 'at church' but in the day to day of life.

Two passages have been ringing in my ears the last two weeks. Firstly Matthew 10 and secondly Romans 12. In the first Jesus calls his disciple to a new radical life of following and serving him. Its a life that calls for sacrifice, interaction with their world, significant investment in others, travelling light, danger, persecution and giving up virtually everything. Of course coupled with the sacrifice and hardship is the reality of a God who knows the numbers of hairs on your head who will provide everything you need on the journey and who will speak in your defence in times of trial. Jesus calls his followers to a radical life that impacts every aspect of life.

In the second passage (Rom 12) we read a similar call to 'offer your bodies to God as a living and holy sacrifice'. What a powerful call. The rest of the chapter (and those that follow) flesh this call out. Such a life is one of humility, where gifts are exercised, where love and serving others is grappled with, where others are honoured and where prayer and hospitality are central to life.

Sometimes I look at my life and I wonder if it resembles Jesus call at all. In a world of compartmentalisation its so easy to slip in and out of 'spiritual life'. In a world where consumerism promises fulfilment and identity its so easy to tie oneself down by the weight of what we accumulate. In a world where 'I' is central it is so easy to ignore the call to community and serving the other. In a world Reality TV, 24 hour sport and lifestyle programs its so easy end up living vicariously through others, becoming numb to ones own life and loosing the child like spark that we're called to enter into life with.

I feel like I'm constantly shaking myself out of my apathetic state to remind myself of his call. How do you go about making faith a 24/7 thing?

Update: Here is a series I've written about Holistic Spirituality which presents a framework (or model) for thinking it through. Holistic Spirituality - Part 1



I know they're quite twee, but the letters on the wristbands that some of my piano pupils wear (in the UK) with WWJD ('What would Jesus Do?') have remained with me. In tough situations I try to at least ask myself the question. Then I sometimes have the courage to follow it up!

Day to day, I try to commit the day to Jesus and keep him in mind when I'm going about everyday life. Thanking him for all the cool stuff going on each day is one way I've found to take him with me!

In our church we've been talking about this for nearly 3 years with teaching on Sermon on the Mount. The aim for us is, eventually, to not have to THINK about what Jesus would do, but to just DO IT - to become people whose gut reaction is that of Christ's. A high calling!!

Penny » 15 May, 2003 6:54 AM

I agree, WWJD? is a powerful stop and think reminder sometimes. And don't forget FROG and PUSH either!


alice » 16 May, 2003 7:44 AM

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