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Where Would Jesus Go? - Revisited

17 October, 2003 1:49 PM

Michelle (I'm trying to get her to start a blog - it'd be great) has been dropping by my blog for a little while now and last night left a great comment on an old post (Where Would Jesus Go? - which at the time created a bit of debate). I thought it was a pity to leave a good comment like this lurking in the archives where no one will stumble on it. This is what she wrote:

Just gotta throw this into the mix, even though it's an "old" discussion. Here in Cape Town, South Africa, there's a church for prositutes - begun simply because there are those trapped in a lifestyle they can't see out of, but feel they need a place to meet God and that they'd be shunned if they turned up on an ordinary church doorstep. Pretty spot-on re the last one I suspect. Anyway, this church is providing a place for the street ladies to meet God and out of that has come some life-changing stuff.

Yes, we DO need to get out into the world to be able to see and change it. We need to be able to relate to how people "out there" perceive things in order to minister in a relevant way to them. There are many folk who simply won't come to us.

I don't feel we should hate the sinner. God requires us to love each other as Christians, to show His unconditional love. I believe that a conviction of "sin" in one's life comes into focus the closer you get to God - pretty soon you'll know you can't keep it up and still be completely God's.

And yes, if Jesus were here today we'd find him hanging out at the places folk need him most. Whether it's the member keeping up apperances in the back pew at church or the drunk passed out in the alley outside the bar. See this article on Next-Wave for inspiration!

Thanks Michelle.



I agree with you 100% that Michelle needs to start a blog. This is good stuff. I will head over to the "old discussion" that originated this as I am sure it is a gold mine.

James Mills » 18 October, 2003 6:42 AM

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