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What will it look like?A

29 November, 2002 9:50 AM

What will it look like?
A full and clear picture of what the Living Room (TLR) will look like will emerge when the core team begins to meet to pray, explore and dream. However three themes have emerged from initial thinking and conversations that may form the foundations of the new community. These themes all take on the idea of 'journeying' and have been based loosely upon observations of the 'Church of the Saviour' in Washington DC. Each is expanded upon below with 'possible explorations' included illustrating potential directions TLR may investigate.

� Each 'journey' is of equal importance to the life and mission of TLR and will need substantial time, energy and resources dedicated to their growth.
� 'Journeys' are interdependent and overlap and sustain one another.
� Each 'journey' will evolve and need to remain fluid as it seeks to be relevant and life giving within the subcultures TLR operates in.

The Inward Journey � a commitment to developing the spiritual formation of members. Through culturally relevant forms of prayer, reflection, learning and worship TLR seeks to create an environment where people grow in their relationship with God. Possible explorations include:

� Vespers - prayer gatherings � Develop own liturgy
� Instillation worship and teaching � Spiritual direction
� Shared learning activities/workshops � Alternative worship
� Films/Galleries/Arts based gatherings � Individual Disciplines

The Outward Journey � a commitment to encourage and resource members on an outward journey of service and mission to others. TLR seeks to both provide opportunities for corporate mission and to support individuals in their own mission activities. Possible explorations include:

� Mission groups (COS style) � Housing Commission � breakfast program
� Book/Movie Clubs � Spirituality Seminars � caf� based
� Caf� culture � Arts Culture � gallery/studio space
� Primary school � Student Accommodation

The Communal Journey � a commitment to inward and outward journeys within community. TLR seeks to develop community through shared common life, disciplines and intentional involvement in one another's lives. Possible explorations include:

� Common Disciplines � Practicing Hospitality
� Common Social activities � Mentor/Spiritual Directors within community
� Meal focus gatherings � Shared living � Common life
� Emphasis on common learning/prayer � Accountability circles

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