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What Blogger do you aspire to be like?

1 October, 2004 3:53 PM

Rachel at Cre8d Design asks the question Which Blog or Blogger do you Aspire to be Like?

'Im looking for a list of blogs youd like your blog to be like - what is it about these blogs that makes you say this? Their hits, creativity, ideas, humour, interesting stories, breaking news, community of commenters?'

Head over and answer the question there.



I don't want to be like any other blog.

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of blogs that are amazing and I visit them regularly. However, as a newbee in the blogosphere, I noticed that one can rapidly fall into "blog preassure".

I see many ppl browsing from blog to blog. Lots of tips on how to get hits grow. One of the tips is to get hooked with "important guys", and create a network. However, when we comment into other's blogs just to get networked and get attention, aren't we just feeding our ego and also using ppl? Make friends instead! Email them personally to show them you are interested on their struggles!

If you're linking to many ppl so you get seen sooner by Google... think twice. Don't link to too many blogs, just to those that you truly know and read.

Be yourself. Don't try to impress anyone. Blogging gives you an opportunity to be completely yourself. Don't ruin it by trying to imitate others around!

Use it as a spiritual journal. What a privilege! You can actually share your spiritual struggles and joys as a powerful internet evangelism tool. You better realize that ppl's lives can be touched by your posts.

Make Jesus the webmaster of your blog. Put it in his hands and enjoy it!

Josue » 2 October, 2004 7:38 AM

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