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Week 3 in the Living Room

2 April, 2003 11:00 AM

LR met for the third time last night - I'm really enjoying our Tuesday night meals together. Great food, great company and great discussion.

Our discussion last night focused in on Core Values again - we basically each shared the important aspects of what Church means for us with one another.

As with last week there were some interesting common themes that emerged and from my perspective some real potential for connection between us all.

Our homework this week is to each take the list of our collective thoughts away to spend some time praying with, discerning and looking for the central themes. Its our hope that we'll be able to refine it into something that will give us a framework to move forward as a community of faith.

As we prayed together last night I got a strong sense that as we do this exercise we need to continue to not only look at 'our' core values - but really focus in on seeking what God values. I am going to spend a bit of time this week taking another look at some of Jesus teaching on the Kingdom of God - I am continually challenged by it and strongly believe that it should inform the way we do church. Afterall Jesus didn't really talk much about church - rather the Kingdom was central to his preaching.



sounds like you guys are building community in the midst of trying to build community. thanks for blogging and letting other join in the conversation, watch the chapters unfold.

good book on the kingdom of God is dallas willard's *divine conspiracy*. really stretched boundaries for me, re-thinking of matt 5-7 sermon on the mount.

rick » 2 April, 2003 9:15 PM

It all sounds exciting! Another good book is 'The Upside-Down Kingdom'by Donald B Kraybill. It looks at how Jesus turned his society's culture the other way up!

We've been looking at why we believe what we believe - are our reasons good or a bit shaky? It's been helpful, as when you discover you believe certain things only because your mum/friends/pastor say they're true, it then motivates you to do your own research and make a more well-informed decision.

Anyway, hope things continue well for you guys.

Penny » 3 April, 2003 6:08 AM

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