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Time Lines

25 March, 2003 10:01 PM

Last night at our Living Room gathering we did an interesting exercise to help us think through our core values/DNA. Its one I've taken groups through many times before but it was still worth while.

I asked the group to draw a time line of their lives marking on them their key experiences, relationships, decisions and events that have brought them to the point where they currently are in their spiritual journey. Out of our time lines we each looked at the themes and influences that have shaped us. We talked a little about the values we've taken on from from key individuals and organisations and also those that we've reacted against and rejected.

It was also great just to hear each others stories - I was astounded by some of the depth of the sharing from a group who've largely only met one another once before!

Next week we'll continue and extend the conversation as we begin to see how our values connect. Should be fun.



sounds like a great idea - do you mind if I borrow it?

shelby » 26 March, 2003 2:10 PM

Did this at college once. Quite enlightening and not just for those listening.

Jan » 26 March, 2003 7:17 PM

We did this in one of our Bible studies once - it was an awesome experience. Its neat too because when you actually sit down and put all the little stepping stones of faith you have it is awesome to see how one leads to the next, some huge steps and some baby steps.

Heather Field » 27 March, 2003 8:31 AM

As I was there I can testify that it rocked. I was thinking about this stage of living room and for me I see key tension. That tension is between leading the process such that the DNA is sufficiently radical (but risks a lack of group ownership) and allowing the process to evolve out of the group (which carries the risk of us just rehashing our experiences, reacting against the past or stating our consumerist desires for a church that meets my needs).

Any thoughts? I'd be interesting in hearing any insights.

Rob » 28 March, 2003 12:39 PM

yes...I have been feeling the same tension especially over this DNA stuff. Its tempting to lay it out and say this is how it will be.....but of course as you say that is risky in that it could alienate the group.....hmmm....wrestling heaps with this one...

Darren » 1 April, 2003 4:12 PM

Time Lines - I was born in the West Country, my husband comes from Essex - what were the chances of us meeting whilst he was working in Wiltshire and me still in the West Country, us marrying and having a daughter. When our parents met for the first time we discovered that our maternal families had lived on the same street in Manchester when they were children and actually went to the same school - they had spoken briefly on many occasions - are we in charged of our own
destiny or are there greater forces at work here?

Dorothy-Anne » 27 July, 2003 6:10 AM

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