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The wisest man I know

4 January, 2003 12:54 PM

Last night we had the privledge of having possibly the wisest man that I know stay over at our house. He is 20 years old, about 4.5 feet tall, he hardly ever stops smiling and his name is Andy.

We look after Andy once a month for 24 hours to give his parents (two remarkable people) some respite from caring for him. You see Andy has Downs Syndrome and his parents appreciate a night together and alone every now and again. So Andy, V and I paint the town beige for a Friday night and Saturday once a month! Heres a pic of V, Andy and me at our wedding.

For me to be honest it was something that made me feel a little uncomfy - don't really know why in hindsight - but my wonderful wife V is the most caring compassionate person I know so I thought I'd tag along with her - do a 'good deed'!

I soon found that it was not I doing the 'good deed' but Andy who gives more than I ever could. Every time I spend time with him I feel I've had a personal visit from God - all 4.5 feet of him is quite divine! His love for people and life seems to know no limits. His patience and kindness to us big, complicated sods astounds me. His ability to talk to just about anyone makes me envious. His childlikeness is amazing. (today he decided to do the chicken dance in the middle of the crowded market where we visited) And his gratefulness for every small thing I do for him makes me feel guilty for the hundreds of times each day I grumble about the smallest hardship.

In addition to all this he has the most amazing faith I've encountered. Sure its simple - but every time I see it I wonder if thats the way it should be for all of us. Last visit he had a sore stomach - he was actually in considerable pain but didn't want to let on that he was suffering. Eventually he asked me to come sit with him in our little back yard on an old park bench we have. As we sat there he rested his little head on my chest and stammered out the words 'D, would you pray for my sore stomach? It will make it feel better.' Then he took my hand in his and placed it on his tummy while I prayed. I didn't really have too many words to add to his incredible demonstration of faith - what could one say?

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