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The Silence is Deathening

28 February, 2003 8:32 AM

shhh.jpgWhile we are talking about issues that the Church (and the world at large) has been a little too silent on...

The UN on Wednesday released a revision of its forecasted population figures. The good news is that they have revised the forecasted population in 2050 from 9.3billion to 8.9billion. Population growth is slowing which is good as far as overcrowding issues goes.

But wait - lets dig into the report a little deeper and find out WHY we have such results. I urge you to not skim over these findings, allow them to sit with you for a while today.

'About half of the 0.4 billion difference in these projected populations results from an increase in the number of projected deaths, the majority stemming from higher projected levels of HIV prevalence.'

' Over the current decade, the number of excess deaths because of AIDS among the 53 most affected countries (largely African and Asian countries) is estimated at 46 million and that figure is projected to ascend to 278 million by 2050.'

I was stunned when I read these figures on page 7, in a little and probably largely unnoticed article, in yesterdays paper.

278,000,000 people to lose their life in the next 47 years, within my lifetime, from one cause and its page 7 news! What kind of twisted priorities do we have? Why don't we hear these types of reports mentioned in church? Why is there not some major response coming from the Body of Christ? Yes efforts are being made and they are valuable - but largely they come from individuals or organisations who we give our loose change to to 'fix it'.

I wonder what the response from Church, World and Media would be if 278,000,000 people were projected to die in the West in the next 50 years?

Didn't he say something like - 'Love your neighbour as your self'....and 'Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me'?



Perhaps these figures indicate that the church should talk and confront MORE on the topic of sex! Obviously the problem stems from these morons having too much of it with too many people.

AIDS is Gods punishment on humanity for getting off track.

What would you have the Church do in response buddy?

Greg » 1 March, 2003 11:36 AM

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