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The Rise of Digital Photography

7 December, 2003 11:34 AM

I usually blog all my Digital Photography thoughts at Visually Speaking but I found this great article today that gives a whole heap of predictions about developments in photography in 2004. Its an interesting read if you're into photography.

The basic premise of it is that Digital is slowly (actually its rather quick) pushing film out. The predictions include:

- 'it should be easy to see that film will continue downwards while the impact of digital continues to increase.'
- Eight new DSLRs from Nikon (3), Canon (3) and Fuji (2). The third from Nikon will shake up the industry - the F6 - which will 'be like a medium format camera in 35mm size'.
- Nikon drops compact 35mm development.
- $299 is the new digital compact camera price point.
- At least two traditional camera companies fold (perhaps they get acquired instead).
- Agfa (and perhaps Konica) closes or sells their film plants.
- High profile camera dealers/labs start folding.
- Phones kill the low-end digital compact camera.
- Some films and cameras will disappear from the market - so stock up!



That's amazing. Will film faint away to near oblivion? I doubt it. It still has its place, just as photography found a place for black and white film when colour film came on the market. Even so, the changes that are about to happen in the photographic industry are pretty huge. Just a couple of months back I bought the Canon 10D ... will that be out of date 12 months from now? It looks like it will be.

Brisbane, Australia

Darryl » 8 December, 2003 8:51 AM

The newspaper I work for has phased out film... our photographers have gone totally digital. Maybe that's an indication of things to come?

irene » 8 December, 2003 2:57 PM

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