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The quiet re-emergence of the church

16 October, 2003 12:05 AM

Melbourne Newspaper The Age today had an interesting article entitled The quiet re-emergence of the church. Its about some of the changes that are happening here in Melbourne in the church.

I was excited to hear about it (thanks for the email Rob) but was a little surprised by the content - it didn't really go into much detail or give any specific examples of communities that were 'emerging'. Maybe it wasn't the place for examples but I found it a very general and not very grounded.

Whilst I'm glad it is on the agenda, I'm somewhat disappointed by the article and wonder what the point of it really was.

Update: Signposts already has commented on it - similar sentiments to mine, yet more eloquently expressed.



I think it's funny that the article refers to the Uniting Church and the Anglican church as conservatives.

Justin Baeder » 16 October, 2003 1:43 PM

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