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The Prince of Peace - The God Of War - Documentary

17 July, 2006 9:06 AM

John Campea has released the trailer for his upcoming documentary - The Prince Of Peace - The God Of War.

It looks like it'll be a pretty interesting piece and one that I think could cause a stir in some circles.



Christianity has always been an integral part of the western imperialist misadventure. And it still is. That was the INEVITABLE outcome when Christianity was coopted by Constantine to form the "holy" Romam empire. A "holy" empire being the ultimate oxymoron.

This Open Letter provides a very sobering picture of the state of the world.

1. www.dabase.net/openlett.htm

Plus 2 related essays on the origins & consequences of the universal insanity

2. www.dabase.net/coop+tol.htm
3. www.dabase.net/spacetim.htm

Plus 3 references on Real God

4. www.dabase.net/dht7.htm
5. www.dabase.net/noface.htm
6. www.dabase.net/rgcbpobk.htm

John Kyneton Victoria » 26 July, 2006 10:03 AM

Whoa. Thanks so much for turning me on to that. I still have chills from seeing that trailer. I also don't feel so alone now.

Michelle » 16 March, 2007 4:19 AM

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