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The New Age of Me Me Me!

4 May, 2003 2:01 PM

Interesting article in the Age's Sunday magazine today on the New Age. (sorry no link to article) In particular it focuses on the 'self-obsession' of it all. One person interviewed said:

"I've spent hours and weekend doing courses on kinesiology and working on positive affirmations, but I feel like I still need to work on myself a lot more."

The article examines the growing numbers of people who are willing to pay increasingly large sums of money to 'find themselves'. One of Australia's fastest growing festivals is the 'Mind Body Spirit' festival which tours nationally, the Psychic association estimate that they did over 1,000,000 readings last year and people are paying big bucks to get in on the action.

I reacted in two ways to the article. Firstly I'm amazed and encouraged by the spiritual openness of people today. The article confirms a lot of what I've been noticing in conversations with people I've met locally, people are more than happy to talk about spirituality and explore what it all means. There is a huge opportunity for us as followers of Jesus to be a part of this growing conversation.

Secondly at times in the article I felt like I was reading something about Christianity. This week I was in a local Christian bookstore and was amazed by the vast numbers of 'Christian Self Help' type books on the shelves. So much of what was available for purchase was about personal spirituality, improving oneself and reaching our potential. Of course in a dark back corner of the shop I found a small section of books about mission and making an impact upon our world, but the predominate focus was SELF. Of course, like with the New Age, people are obviously spending big bucks on Christian Self Improvement too!



You're right Darren. Faith has come to be seen by many as another branch of therapy, judged by how it makes me feel. That discipleship involves "taking up a cross" is rarely mentioned.

Richard Hall » 4 May, 2003 4:20 PM

Too true my friend. Any chance of posting me a copy of the article? Unfortunately "Kiwi" 'Christian' bookshops are no better.......

Paul » 5 May, 2003 8:14 AM

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