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The Living Room lives!After months

27 November, 2002 11:40 AM

The Living Room lives!

After months - years even - of dreaming, prayer, conversation and writing this new community last night took a large step towards coming into being.

Last night Paul and I spent 45 minutes with the BUV Exec explaining our proposal and seeking their support. I suspect they had not seen a proposal like it before - not because my ideas are completely new or original - but rather because of its fuzziness.

How does one describe what a baby will look like before it is born? The Living Room is still in embryonic form and therefore any attempt at describing what it will look like will only be a guess.

Rather last night we sought to talk about the influential 'adults' in this babes life and the principles that they seek to bring to it as it grows.

I'm scared - I'm excited - I'm overwhelmed

The response from my news (mass email this morning) has been great. Email from around the globe is coming in as people hear the news. I'm not sure anyone is surprised - I guess its been bursting out of me for some time now.

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